The Principles of Mathematics by Bertrand Russell

The Principles of Mathematics

His ideas have had a profound influence on twentieth-century work on logic and the foundations of mathematics.

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TitleThe Principles of Mathematics
Release DateFeb 17th, 1996
PublisherW. W. Norton Company
GenrePhilosophy, Science, Mathematics, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews The Principles of Mathematics

  • Keshav
    Despite its title, this is NOT a math book, at least in the conventional definition of the term. It is indeed true that the subject matter of the book is indeed mathematics, but it neither teaches the reader any math nor assumes that the reader knows much math. At first glance, it seems to explore the question "What is mathematical knowledge?". At a deeper level, however, this is a book about philosophy, specifically epistemology. What is knowled...
  • Justin Yeary
    My favorite part was where they took about 50 pages to prove that 1+1=2
  • G.R. Reader
    When I'm tired and depressed, I often spend half an hour flicking through this and underlining the mistakes. It never fails to cheer me up.
  • Eric Pecile
    One of the most comprehensive works on logic ever written. Synthesizes many key principles of classical logic and adds new ones that are extremely innovative and useful. Successfully demonstrates the logical nature of language and the universe and how it translates into the symbolic realm of mathematics. Very useful for humanities students looking to ensure soundness in their rhetoric and provides a good framework to critique arguments.
  • Moisés
    Bertrand Russell's greatest pieces of philosophical writing could probably be said to be "The Principles of Mathematics", "On Denoting" and with Alfred North Whitehead "Principia Mathematica". There is however one sense in which it could be said that the russellian magnum opus is The Principles of Mathematics, from here on TPM.TPM is, arguably, the culmination in print of a long process of thought and concern, philosophically speaking, of Russell...
  • Cayden
    Bertrand Russell has always given me a bit of a headache.
  • Eliaspallanzani