The Treasure Hunt by Bill Cosby

The Treasure Hunt

[Reader Level 3]Little Bill reaches his room for his treasure. What he finds is a great surprise as he learns to value his own talents and treasure the people he loves.

Details The Treasure Hunt

TitleThe Treasure Hunt
Release DateSep 1st, 1997
GenreChildrens, Fiction

Reviews The Treasure Hunt

  • Nakim Johnson
    it was good
  • Dennis Graham
    Little Bill by Bill Cosby is an extraordinary children's book in cartoon form with colorful images to attract the eye of any child. The text is kept simple and is relatable to all children regardless of culture. It is an excellent book to start children off with leading them into reading novels. As an African-American it made it easy for me to relate to a black character. Little Bill had a wild imagination. Children may have learned that if you c...
  • Mickey Reed
    I hardly want to give this any stars because it's a child's book, but it was a cute one with a good lesson. Special things close, near, and dear to our hearts aren't always tangible. You just have to be grateful for what you do have. Cute story.
  • Aubrey
    I just remembered these, Naomi and I enjoyed them when she was about 4. I am going to have to re look them up for Ellie.
  • Rhandy
    What i like about the book is that is short and easy.i will recomend it too little kids.
  • Theresa
    The Treasure Hunt: A Little Bill Book for Beginning Readers, Level 3by Bill Cosbya short enthnographic story
  • Ginnie Grant
    Little bill is one of the most loveable, adorable little things! you just can't help but fall in love with him and his quirky but very solid and loving family. I kind of want them to adopt me
  • Amy
    Little Bill is bored on a rainy day. He sees that his family all own special collectables, but he doesn't. What does he collect? (Spoiler Alert: stories!)
  • Brooke
    THIS RAPIST WROTE A CHILDREN'S BOOK????!!!!!! (please excuse me while I vomit). Look, I can't accurately judge the content of the book because I can't see it through a child's eyes of curiosity and creativity, and I will never be able to because no little kid is touching the this with a nineteen-and-a-half foot pole on my watch!
  • Rosa Cline
    Little Bill is confused and bored. As he walks through his house looking for something to do he realizes everyone but him has something 'special' they enjoy or do. He tries to look through his things to find that 'something special' but when his great grandma Alice The Great comes into his room she helps him to find that special thing.
  • Kevin
    I read this book because the local library is running a literacy incentive program that encourages readers to select books from a variety of categories. One of the categories this year is "banned books". I found this series on the ALA's list of "10 most challenged books of 2016"
  • Sarah
    I appreciated that the book displayed interests of different individuals in a family. I felt like the female characters were limited in traditional roles and I felt like the ending was too quick and tidy to feel real.
  • Kaitlyn Kluesner
    This story is great for beginning readers that can read independently. Little Bill searches his room for his best treasure, and he finds a great big surprise. This is a great story that teaches children to use the abilities that they're good at and to also be thankful for what they have.
  • Amat Gaye
    This is good but not that good
  • Elizabeth Meadows
    I read this because it's on Oprah's Book Club list. It's a nice little children's book about discovering your own interests and talents.