The Best Way to Play by Bill Cosby

The Best Way to Play

[Scholastic Readers Level 3]This easy-to-read story about friendship by comedian and storyteller Bill Cosby is now a Scholastic Reader! Little Bill and his friends LOVE the TV show Space Explorers. And so when the new Space Explorers video game comes out, they each want a copy. But when Little Bill asks his parents to buy him the game, they say no. So Little Bill and his friends go to their friend Andrew's house to play the game. What they discov...

Details The Best Way to Play

TitleThe Best Way to Play
Release DateSep 1st, 1997
GenreChildrens, Fiction, Picture Books, Realistic Fiction

Reviews The Best Way to Play

  • XIS Grade 3
    I loved it because it is like a boy really in space. (Champion)
  • Mickey Reed
    No. This was ridiculous. Yes, it had a great moral, and I agree with the idea that it's better to use imagination and go outside to play with friends instead of sitting in a chair in front of a TV playing video games, but seriously. The white kid's family bought the video game! And they obviously wasted their money because the kids decided to play outside instead. Goodness. Glad I'm done with these now.
  • J.D. Holman
    My Banned Books Week read this year. The series has been challenged not because of their content, but because of allegations against the author. This book is about how much more fun it can be to play with friends, using your imagination, rather than video games. It's a nice message without being preachy.
  • Kevin
    I read this book because the local library is running a literacy incentive program that encourages readers to select books from a variety of categories. One of the categories this year is "banned books". I found this series on the ALA's list of "10 most challenged books of 2016"
  • Maki
    These are great conflict books for kids figuring out how to play with others. I always tell my students, don't ask if you can play, you are setting yourself up for someone to say no. Instead ask, "What are you playing and who is it?" and join in the fun!
  • Beverly
    An Oprah book club selection.
  • Sherry Thornberry
    I loved this book. Its about having a good imagination and also about the trap of video games. I argue all the time with my son about how video games are a money trap and how his time could be better spent. Bill Cosby managed to write a good story about that very topic that got the point across in a real way.
  • Dolly
    This is a wonderful tale about curiosity, imagination, and the lure of commercialism. I like that they discover that playing outside is much more fun than playing a video game. This is a great book to read aloud with children.
  • Rose Stubberfield
    I read this book and noticed that it applies to many children. They would rather be outdoors exploring plants, insects and animals than indoors watching television all day. This book builds a child's imagination as well as his/her want to go outside and explore their world.
  • Velinda Ivie
    I love Little Bill books. They teach lots of morals and values.
  • Rhandy
    this book is not as good as the other little bill books.i will reccomend this book to 3rd graders.
  • Glenn Banks
    Well I read this book but when I downloaded it I did not know it was for kids need to do a better job at screening. I agree with what he is trying to accomplish.
  • Jannon LaRue
    I loved this book! A good message and easy to understand.
  • Gale
    One kid gets something...every kid wants one
  • Theresa
    The Best Way to Play: A Little Bill BookCosby, Bill"a good picture book showing friendship and learning not related to the modern outlook of Bill Cosby"
  • Twyla
    They like playing space people with pretending. They pretend a piece of an old car a carpet and two baskets are a spaceship. My favorite part was when they all played a game. Auryn 7yo
  • Sherrie
    Good book. Wonderful pictures.