The Lucifer Gospel (Finn Ryan, #2) by Paul Christopher

The Lucifer Gospel (Finn Ryan, #2)

Young archaeologist Finn Ryan and charismatic pilot and photographer Virgil Hilts are scouring the Sahara for the long-lost tomb of an apostle. But they find something they weren’t looking for: signs of a decades-old murder, along with an ancient Roman medallion bearing the infamous name of a fallen archangel. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they’ve found a piece of a much bigger puzzle—and a trail of clues that could get th...

Details The Lucifer Gospel (Finn Ryan, #2)

TitleThe Lucifer Gospel (Finn Ryan, #2)
Release DateAug 1st, 2006
PublisherAn Onyx Book (NAL)
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense

Reviews The Lucifer Gospel (Finn Ryan, #2)

  • Heidi
    This book looked so promising and I enjoyed the first 3 pages of it. It's just a shame that it went on for another 354 pages after that.The story is not only far fetched, it's also full of political crap, has too many macho-like statements and damsel in distress stupidness all on top of the America's-the-promised-land undertone. Truly a waste of time!
  • Adi
    Definitely better than Michelangelo's Notebook. This really felt like an action novel. It was full of excitement, danger and drama. Of course it has flaws (especially the way the main characters tackled perilous situations), however it was a nice disengaging read.
  • Dean Kutzler
    This is my first Paul Christopher book, and just may be the last. The writing is spotty at times and by spotty I mean sometimes good sometimes poor. The book drones on with complication after complication, yet the complications are only chases. And unrealistic ones at times. As a writer, it pains me to give poor reviews: hence the three stars. In my opinion 3 stars is not a bad book. But, as another reviewer has said, maybe think about borrowing ...
  • Nemo Erehwon
    The Lucifer Gospel by Paul ChristopherAn archeological dig in the sands of Libya has unearthed a lost text, allegedly written at the time of Christ's death. A recently graduated archeological illustrtor is forced to team up with a photographer/pilot to delve the mystery, which includes a secretive millionaire who seems to have ulterior motives. Their quest will take them to Italy, France, the Bahamas, and East Butt-Rutt America.I really wanted to...
  • Marti
    I enjoyed this book but there were a number of questions never satisfactorily answered such as, "What really was Simpson's interest? His final goal?" And, "How did Adamson keep finding Finn and Hilts so quickly?" I really like Finn and Hilts; however, they are so knowledgeable that they seem like Superman and Supergirl in disguise! Excellent adventure writing; just needs a bit of tightening up.
  • Tory Wagner
    The Lucifer Gospel by Paul Christopher is the second in a series featuring Finn Ryan, an illustrator with an interest in archeology. When she is hired on an archeology dig to find a lost tomb of an apostle, she teams up with pilot/photographer Virgil Hilts in a grand adventure. Their quest takes them all over the globe and what they find might alter the history of the world.
  • Rosalyn
    Enjoyed this but was left wanting to know just what the lucifer gospel said. I appreciate that you can speculate and put your own twist on it but really to leave the main bit to your own imagination I was a tad disappointed but can see that others would love this
  • Wes Church
    Another series in the style of Steve Barry / Dan Brown. Have now read two of the books, and find them engaging. Putting an attractive young woman as the lead protagonist seems to work, and she seems to "save the day" at least as often as the supporting males. So far so good on the series!
  • Kate
    Interesting title and that's it. If you cut out the pages with archeology stuff, the book will have 3 pages to read. Then you have poor Jews and Americans - the best nation in the world. No more reading by this author.
  • Paul Boulton
    Great readGreat read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one in the series. Great writer with lots of thought in the research
  • John Wilkes
    Good, and she got through it without falling into bed with anyone, too.
  • George
    An easy read but again a terrible ending. I am giving up on this series
  • Heather
    2.5 stars. Not an amazing read, but quick and easy. The end was disappointing - wrapped up too neatly and quickly without really making any satisfying conclusions.
  • Mitzy
    Archeology mystery, I enjoyed it~
  • Julie
    A protagonist from Columbus, Ohio, is what caused someone to recommend this book. It's a quick, fun archaeological/religious mystery - but with a few too many far-fetched plot twists.
  • Speesh
    Close, but no cigar.The Lucifer Gospel really could have been good, but wasn't. It was like a Dan Brown wannabe-lite. I gave it every chance, but it failed to deliver and finally, I couldn't get Clive-bloody-Cussler out of my mind.(A Clive Cussler book has got to be one of the worst things ever to have wasted ink and paper and, more importantly, my time).The majority of the plot actually seems to do its best to avoid the front and back cover's...
  • Carl
    Not great nor not bad -- but a relatively easy and enjoyable read. "The Lucifer Gospel" is decently written and is a relatively fast paced novel with its settings stretching from Egypt to the deserts of Libya, throughout Europe and even to the Bahamas. Although a bit Dan Brownish with a hint of Indiana Jones mixed in, I found it a bit refreshing that Finn Ryan, the main character, was a female protagonist who gains a sidekick, Virgil Hilts, who i...
  • Bob
    An Indiana Jones type of book where Photographer Virgil Hits and archaeologist Finn Ryan find them selves searching for a lost gospel and dodging attempts to kill them by a millionaire who also wants the early manuscript. All in all a rather weak book trying to ride the coat tails of Dan Brown and other big sellers. Good for a filler when you need something to read, but nothing to go out of your way for.ISBN - 978-0-7394-7327-6, Suspense, Pages -...
  • Brad
    Another 30 cent find from Salvation Army. That's a great deal even for a book that's just ok. And for a title that seems sketchy at first glance, I can assure you that the Lucifer referenced has nothing to do with Satan. Instead, he was a Roman centurion who happened to have the same name.I was entertained while I read, and there was plenty of excitement, but it just didn't seem like all of the excitement mattered. I didn't really develop much at...
  • Matt
    It was another good Finn book, but it began to drag a little. Christopher does try to make it a little Brown-ish (and admits to it when his main characters call their adventure something from the pages of Dan Brown), but it does not have the same provocative nature. I am not skimming through websites to see IF what I read is based on fact or fiction.We get more of the action and racing across the globe with no real romance in this one. In fact, C...
  • Mark Muckerman
    $4 at a used bookstore. A fair price for a book you wouldn't mind leaving behind in the seat pocket on an airplane. Awful? No. Good? Not really. The plot (such as I could determine) has an okay premise that could have real potential with a better author. Character info is next to nil, and I felt like large chunks of backstory or plot development were either never written or were hacked out of the final draft. I found repeated instances of signifi...
  • Robert
    The first book I read by this author, "The Templar Code" was great. I devoured it and really thought this book would live up to it. This was not the case. The story was slow and hard to read. The characters were drab and not worth the time I used to read it. I felt like Mr Christopher had the right setting for the story but the execution was seriously lacking. I am glad I only bought it at a book sale for a dollar because if I had paid pull price...
  • Rick Bavera
    The best thing I can actually say about this book is that it kept me company during some time I would otherwise have been bored. Sometimes, as the characters were getting from A to C, I missed the connection of B. The story wasn't always making sense, and the events that Finn and Hilts got into, and the people that were chasing after them, didn't always logically follow for me. But the story kept me entertained, so for that reason, I give it 3 st...
  • Lori Whitwam
    It was alright. Very clearly a Da Vinci Code knock-off, but a faster read. Finn starts off working a well-funded archaeology dig, but she and Hilts discover something strange is going on. Once they find a long-missing controversial figure and some evidence, they are on the run, accused of murder, and being "helped" by another mysterious person who claims to have known Finn's father. Running all over Europe and then the Bahamas, escaping kidnapper...
  • Donna Eddy
    I did not care for this book nearly as much as his others. There is a lot of action, people chasing Finn and Hilts, and they learn a lot. Unfortunately, as far as I'm concerned the reader is left in the dark. I gather this is another theory that Jesus was not immortal; someone else died on the cross for him. For what was there the book was a good action book. But it left me out in the dark about The Lucifer Gospel. Finn might as well have thrown ...
  • Jennie
    I like this type of book, but I will remark that they get to be rather similar and that was part of my problem with this one. I also didn't find the mystery that amazing or engaging. All in all, I was a bit disappointed with the book. I didn't expect it to be amazing, but I did expect it to be an action/adventure novel with a big mystery that will CHANGE THE COURSE OF THE WORLD/CHRISTIANITY and I felt that the book lacked during the execution. Th...
  • Melissa
    Okay so I didn't like this one as much as "Michaelangelo's Notebook" BUT it doesn't mean I didn't like it. I'm loving the character development of Finn Ryan. Overall I gave it 4 stars because it was a nice easy flowing read. It did keep me on my toes however boucning around from place to place I had to pay good attention to what was going on and where. No complaints. Good job Paul Christopher yet again.
  • Paula Howard
    Finn is on a dig in the Sahara. Her sidekick on this adventure is Virgil. They become suspicious of the had of the dig as he keeps disappearing and goes to the exact same spot according to GPS. Finn and Virgil go to investigate and barely escape. They found a medallion that contains an inscription about a Gospel of Lucifer. The chase begins and they are barely keeping one step ahead of the enemy.
  • Kati
    for all that the main character was supposed to be a well educated archeology grad, she sure did say "I just don't understand, can you break that down for me into simple terms?" a lot. And, for a story based on this main character, she spent most of her time being rescued by men. In fact, not a single other significant character in the book was a female. Was rather a disappointing read altogether, though I gave it two stars because I COULD finish...
  • Stephen
    Finn is off on another adventure. She jets around the world following clues to an unlikely hiding spot. I really enjoy these books for a diversion. They aren't as hardcore as some novels, and yet extrememly entertaining and interesting. I love the way that Christopher can take a simple idea and twist and turn it in the wind. He assaults your senses like a hurricane and keeps you wondering where he'll go next.