My Faith in Frankie by Mike Carey

My Faith in Frankie

A digest-sized, black-and-white trade paperback reprinting the 4-issue Vertigo miniseries from writer Mike Carey (LUCIFER) and artists Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel, MY FAITH IN FRANKIE tells the story of a girl who discovers that having your own personal deity isn't all it's cracked up to be - particularly when you're trying to get a boyfriend and your god turns out to be jealous! But as Frankie moves precariously into adulthood and her god Jeriven...

Details My Faith in Frankie

TitleMy Faith in Frankie
Release DateNov 1st, 2004
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Comic Book, Young Adult

Reviews My Faith in Frankie

  • nemotron
    I am happy to confirm that this is still just as delightful as I remembered it being. :)Mike Carey has written many excellent comics/graphic novels/whatever-you-want-to-call-them, but My Faith in Frankie might just be my favourite one. Much praise goes to the art-team of Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel. The artwork complements the words perfectly, resulting in story that is funny, charming and deliciously over the top (in a very pleasing way).Original...
  • Molly
    A quick, fun read, this book was interesting and surprising. Once you get the tagline of 'girl has a personal god,' you have a few ideas of potential directions that it could take, but I loved the idea that the god is jealous of boyfriends. The artwork was wonderful as well.
  • Peacegal
    This was an enjoyable, quick read, even if the ending was rather strange. Frankie is a young woman with her own personal god who no one else can see. The deity is jealous, however, and continually interferes in her relationships, dooming them to failure. When she thinks she finds “The One,” she must choose between her god and her boyfriend—who just might not be what he seems. Don’t be fooled by the “Archie”-esque cover and shelve this...
  • HeavyReader
    This is a really cool comic about a girl (Frankie) who grows up with her own personal diety that she can see, hear, talk to, etc. The best part of the story is at the end...well, I shouldn't give away the ending. But let's just say it ends with polyamory and a group marriage type relationship. Totally cool!
  • Phoebe
    Although this book came very reccomended by people on this website, I found it lacking. In particular, the plot was hard to follow and I didn't really identify with the protag. as much as I think I was supposed to. I also found the conclusion to be a little too pat. Very creative, however.
  • Valissa
    Cute, non-threatening (in the secular way), well-paced.Good, but nothing to write home about.
  • Ted P
    I was going through my old comics when I found this from my days of spending all my food money at Comics for Collectors in Ithaca, NY. There were a ton of comics I didn't even know I owned. My faith in Frankie was one of them. Flipping through one of the issues, I was hooked and decided to read through it all. My Faith in Frankie is about a young god, Jeriven, with one worshipper, Frankie. They get along fine until she discovers boys. See turns o...
  • Kay
    Tiny, black & white, and wholly original. I really really enjoyed My Faith in Frankie. The storytelling by Kay, the little comics (also by Kay), and Jeriven and his devotion to Frankie... I thought the whole premise of a jealous god kind of super sweet.Two thumbs up!Heads up, I found the art to be super busy and the pages small (a lot is happening on each page!), so I had to read this one close-up. And, the only thing I didn't really love about t...
  • ah
    good book. I believe this book's underrated,even if there are some cheesy, early teen things. the freshness and the complexityand the plot tightly structured surpass that. I liked the concept. that was clever.
  • Darcy Roar
    What a weird little thing. Quite surprising, story wise, and fun! It's basically a fantasy religious exploring belief, faith, sex, and jealousy. Its got some steamy bits in it & an ending I did not expect at all. A fresh and goofy read.
  • Julia
    A humorous and enjoyable read about a girl, her jealous god, her best friend, and a guy.While I wish the demons as antagonists were better crafted, and that the ending had a bit more set up ( I felt that the romance came out of nowhere and needed a bit more backstory), I had a blast with the story.
  • Arminzerella
    Jeriven is the god of the Heart's Fires and he has a very small following - one worshipper, one sole soul who believes in him - Frankie. Because she's basically had her own personal god, she's been pretty lucky for most of her life. Until she hits puberty and gets interested in relationships with other men. Jeriven is a bit jealous. Also, he may be secretly in love with her. It's causing problems, and Frankie is getting a little desperate to lose...
  • Mersini
    I didn't know what to expect with this comic. The friend who lent it to me described it as a "girlie" comic, which really, could have meant anything. And I was surprised to find that "girlie" involved a crap tonne of swearing, a girl with a great sex drive, and a jealous god.Honestly, it caught me by surprise. But in the best possible way.The plot wasn't too intense; not too deep, not too dark, but enough to make it interesting. The characters di...
  • Miss Susan
    cute! i mean there's also the part of me that's like 'blasphemy! you can't date god! it doesn't work that way!' but then i remind myself that this is fiction and almost no one actually writes religion in a realistic way in american lit so. chill all your godly feelings childanyways this is story about a girl named frankie, her personal god jeriven and what happens when frankie hits the age to want to start dating. for jeriven is a jealous god and...
  • Emilia P
    Hm. I thought this was Minx, and then it had swears!Ummmmmm yeah I liked this pretty well. It was about a girl with her own personal god, and about how love is better than sex because sex will awake all of the fiery underworld demons you could ever imagine (I don't think that was actually the point). The pace was good and the story sufficiently complex, the illustrations were a little bit too cute, and the idea was just on the crazy side of weird...
  • Rose
    Another collaboration between Carey, Liew and Hempel - and just as fun. Where Re-Gifters existed firmly in reality, My Faith In Frankie is all about the impossible. The story revolves around Frankie, her best friend Kay, and her personal god Jeriven. Yes, god. (His official name is Jeriven, God of the Heart's Fires.) While generally benevolent and sweet, Jeriven doesn't like the boys Frankie tries to date and tries to thwart them in bizarre ways ...
  • alana
    This quirky book was surprisingly great! Since she was a little girl, Frankie has had her own personal god named Jerivan. Now, as she becomes a university student, her romantic life threatens to shake her faith in her little deity/bff. Matters are complicated by the involvement of her best friend Kay, long lost friend Dean, Jerivan's parents, and a few pesky demons. The drawing style is lovely! I wish there more Frankie stories.
  • Robert Gustavo
    It's a light, basically adorable book. Girl has her own, personal god who is a bit of a jealous/creepy stalker, but it all turns out well in the end with everyone learning an important lesson.This really should be completely insufferable, but the writer and the artists do an excellent job of taking what could be a completely mediocre story, and raising it to above average, purely through their craftsmanship.
  • James Schneider
    This is thematic work right in Carey's wheelhouse, but the storytelling and art styles are slightly different from what we're used to from Carey's work. I throughly enjoyed this relatively quick read.
  • Ryan
    Carey's a good enough writer, but the more of his stuff I read, the more that I end up thinking that it's just not for me. This one was a little 'chick-lit'ish than I had been expecting it to be. A quick, light, easy read about a girl and her god, and how they each need each other.
  • P.
    Nicely-drawn, quickly-paced and refreshingly self-contained. My only question is - why weren't more gods doing this? I mean, there are more plot holes/questions than that, but that's the one I care about.
  • Ashkin Ayub
    A jealous god, a dead boyfriend, a girlfriend and Frankie! Old school artwork...Quality humor...Well established characters...Good ending.. I mean, two girls and a god isn't even weird by California standards! ;) Story: 4/5Art: 3/5
  • Courtney
    Took me forever to find.I've enjoyed similar concepts of gods gaming strength from their followers. This was cute, I think it had a lot more potential, but still a fun read.
  • Ryan Treadwell
    You can see why Unwritten is so good after reading this.
  • Megan
    Just finished this graphic novel and I really loved it! Sacreligious with a quirky sense of humor, this one is a quick read but also nice for a fresh breath (of quite liberal) fresh air.
  • Natalie
    Cute story and art. Very enjoyable!
  • eHawk
    Definitely falls into the adorable, flights of deities, and love category. Not my normal fare, but I enjoyed.
  • Kristin El
    Boring. This is what we had before the awesome girlie comics of today written by women.