Springboard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #9) by Steve Perry

Springboard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #9)

When a top-secret Pentagon war-game is shut down, only Net Force has the expertise to track down the hacker. The Department of Defense decides to strike while the iron is hot - and takes over Net Force. Focusing on the Pentagon's problem, Net Force operatives track the attack to an officer in the People's Liberation Army of China. Based in Macao, General Wu would like to destroy the entire Internet if possible - and bring the West to its knees. A...

Details Springboard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #9)

TitleSpringboard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #9)
Release DateJan 4th, 2005
GenreFiction, Thriller, Spy Thriller, Espionage, Action, Adult, Adventure, Suspense, Computer Science, Computers, Science Fiction, Business, Management

Reviews Springboard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #9)

  • Wenzel Roessler
    The best book in the series so far. This net force book is more about the people and the antagonist and less on the techie side as other books have been. I see from other review is that I am in the vast minority on this book. I can see why people did not like it, there are definitely some editing issues it seems that key parts of the story were cut out and only referred to later. Despite that the story really held my interest and I found I could ...
  • Anthony Messina
  • Levent Mollamustafaoglu
    Tom Clancy has started this series - Net Force - but it has deteriorated into a series of incoherent books that do not show anything similar to what Mr. Clancy offered in the golden era of his career. I believe most books after the initial one were written by others. This one is about a lot of separate stories, but mostly about unknown hackers entering into highly protected military Virtual Reality software and crashing them. The Net Force goes a...
  • Rachel
    Okay, I'm giving this a four, but I happened to notice that it's got a 1 on Amazon. This book is probably best read if you've read the whole series, and have room for a lot of the soap opera aspects of the story. It finally catches up to modern times, more or less, with a scenario that includes Chinese hackers, and the effect that has on the US-Chinese relationship (only mildly discussed, but there). I liked it as much as I liked the others, but ...
  • Jeroen
    It had been a while since I reac a Net Force story, and it was relatively easy to pick up even with the few references to Net Force history. It's an interesting read especially considering the fact that the book was written as taking place in the near future but as I read it for me it took place in the recent past. The book is set in 2014, while it currently is 2016. Some of the 'future tech' is still that. It was a fun read.
  • Buddy Draper
    I've read a number of the NetForce books and at first I really liked them. At first I really enjoyed the vision of gadgets and technological gizmos in the future. But the scenarios have become tired. Since it had been a while since I'd read a NetForce novel there were a few new characters, but there were essentially copies of the characters they replaced.
  • Elyse
    Not my favorite of the Net Force series. Trying to get into the new immersion in minutiae about characters, without real character development. Narrative time could be better spent in really spinning the yarn, imo.Not sure I'll read Net Force again unless really desperate.
  • Joyce McKune
    Someone hacked a top secret Pentagon wargame and Cyber-Nations web site. Net Force was taken over by the Military to find the hacker.
  • Andrew
    I liked that this book had more of the web-walking that first intrigued me to the series.