Changing of the Guard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #8) by Steve Perry

Changing of the Guard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #8)

Though the head of a major multinational corporation - and a key player in world affairs - Samuel Walker Cox is a past few people know about. But that group is about to get bigger. A new computer desk has fallen into the hands of Net Force, outing the powerful American businessman is a former Russian spy. Cox is willing to see the world in ruins to protect his name. It's lucky for the United States that Not Force is on the job - Inn out to prove ...

Details Changing of the Guard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #8)

TitleChanging of the Guard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #8)
Release DateDec 2nd, 2003
GenreFiction, Thriller, War, Military Fiction, Science Fiction, Action

Reviews Changing of the Guard (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #8)

  • Dane Sherry
    Good character development with some surprising twists. Unexpected ending that allows continuation of characters into future books.
  • Clay
    Currently I have read Tom Clancy's, Net Force: Changing of the Guard. This book Included lots of mystery and secrets of the old nations of Russia and of the United States. It also spoke in the futuristic writing about different technologies that we today are just learning how to use and/or create.This book starts off with a guy who is an american spy in Turkey. He is there meeting another man who was also a spy for the turkish government who infi...
  • An Odd1
    *** "Changing of the guard" is the 8th Net Force created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, but written by Steve Perry and Larry Segriff. All but whiz kid Jay are moving on. Par usual, the book opens with the death of a spy on 'our' American side, who dies to save a mysterious encoded list. Jay translates details for Soviet agents, but gets stuck when the location nears N.A. As usual, the evil billionaire sets his extreme fixer to prevent his own...
  • Rachel
    Indeed, this book begins with the retirement of the main characters, and the introduction of an entirely new suite of characters (except for the continuity of Jay Gridley, pretty much the defining character of the series). This book lives up to the snappier pace of the previous one, and romance, religion (of varied sorts), and violence immediately enter the lives of the new characters.In this book, Jay starts decoding a list of Russian spies, and...
  • Jim
    4 of 5 stars for the book Net Force #8: Changing of the Guard by Tom Clancy (Audio edition). Let's start with the fact that I am a big fan of Tom Clancy and a fan of the Net Force series. I have been reading the series in sequence as there are continuing characters and sub-story-lines. The main focus of this book is several of our Net Force staffers have decided to retire leaving the agency and introducing new replacements. Our techie Jay Gridley...
  • AndrewP
    Book 8 of this series takes a shift from the previous books. As the title says it's all change with the top personal at Net Force. Alex, Toni and General Howard are all moving on and new people are taking their places. That's the background and quite a bit of this book is spent introducing their replacements, each with quirky hobbies and interests. There is an espionage story here too, but this used a major plot point that was a repetition of som...
  • Michael Bates
    Pros: The setting is still here. The idea is still great. Some of the characters I love are still here for now. It's all great except....Cons: I'm not the biggest fans of the new guys. Even after the next book I still didn't quite like them as much. They don't seem quite as open. I don't know, it's kinda like changing characters of your favorite show in season 5. It's a bit off putting. It took a little bit out of my Net Force love but still a go...
  • Tony
    My first Net Force story from Clancy. Previously had only read "traditional" Clancy novels (Clear and Present Danger, etc). This is a different genre, although there are similarities with his earlier writing. The characters seem more two-dimensional in this book, and the story does not have the compexity of Clancy's 'traditional' work. Ending was a bit of a surprise. Still, I'd give another Net Force book chance, though I wouldn't buy it. I found...
  • Anthony
    I enjoyed the book the moment I started reading the first page. Already your taking part in the life of an agent. (view spoiler)[ Later you follow the clues that lead to America on a list of former Soviet Russia Agents who are hiding there and across the world including the suspected main antagonist. (hide spoiler)] Once back in America you then follow the lives of Net Force's agents who are tasked with protecting America from terrorist.
  • Geo Gosling
    It was good except there were a couple chapters all about fencing: the terminology, the maneuvers, the strategy, and on and on and on... at least it seemed like it. The chapters became excruciatingly long and I didn't feel they added a thing to the story - which was quite good - but actually took away from it. If I had even the slightest interest in fencing, I would have been stoked to read this book, but I don't.
  • Elyse
    Not my favorite of the Net Force series, though a fun read. My main critique is the character development. Tedious detail about guitar playing and/or sword fighting doesn't really develop character or plot, imo.That said, I thought the surfacing from coma for Jay was masterfully and creatively described. Four stars for that alone.
  • Anthony Messina
    Not as good as the others, new characters are ok, but don't really see a reason to get rid of the old ones.
  • Stephen Coleman
    Thought provoking. So long ago that I read this.
  • Joyce McKune
    Not my favorite. Junk about guitars & fencing that just cluttered up the story.
  • Marilyn
    tom Clancy's always great...and this one is no exception.
  • Martin
    Už to chtělo změnu a novou partu si asi oblíbím. Víc není co dodat, osmý díl série, pořád to samé, pořád dobré.
  • Herman G.
    Apparently next month will be a huge breakthrough in VR technology...
  • Steve
    Not written by Clancy, and I can tell. The topic is conceived by Clancy and written by Steve Perry. Moved slowly. I only kept reading because I was looking for a distraction.Stick with Clancy.