The Chase (Isaac Bell, #1) by Clive Cussler

The Chase (Isaac Bell, #1)

For decades, Clive Cussler has been delighting readers with novels filled with suspense, action, and sheer audacity. Now he does it again, in one of the wildest, most entertaining historical thrillers in years. April 1950: The rusting hulk of a steam locomotive rises from the deep waters of a Montana lake. Inside is all that remains of three men who died forty-four years before. But it is not the engine or its grisly contents that interest the pe...

Details The Chase (Isaac Bell, #1)

TitleThe Chase (Isaac Bell, #1)
Release DateNov 6th, 2007
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreFiction, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Chase (Isaac Bell, #1)

  • Jason Koivu
    The Chase is part mystery, suspense, thriller, action, romance, historical fiction and detective story - an overflowing melting pot of genres, and unfortunately with all that going for it I still didn't find it as exciting as I expected, especially for all the hype I've heard about Clive Cussler. I'm not saying it was terrible or I was bored out of my mind, I did finish the book after all, but by the end I must say I felt let down. If you like te...
  • ✨Susan✨
    This was the first Clive Cussler book that I have read that was not about a NUMA adventure. This is the start of a series about a detective in the early 1900's and I did enjoy the history that was fit into the story, however, for me it was a little slow through the middle and I had a hard time relating to the main character. Not a bad story just not as interesting as his NUMA series.
  • Jenni
    Clive Cussler is a man who has an obvious love for cars, trains, and the possibilities of history. I say the possibilities becasue he always mixes fact and unknow to come up with new possibilities for history. In most books he has characters that live in the present but are effected by historical events. This book however does not follow his standard format. This book takes place before, during and a little after the great San Francisco earthquak...
  • Neil Hanson
    Many years ago I was a Dirk Pitt fan, but I've fallen away from Cussler a bit as he seems to have evolved into someone who runs a stable of writers, and they're just generally not as good as the old ones. (Plus, I have to admit I get a little tired of seeing Cussler's political leanings highlighted.)My son suggested The Chase to me, and I have to say that I think Cussler has a good one here with this author. (Again, I have no idea how much of thi...
  • Mahlon
    This is the first volume in Cussler's Isaac Bell series, Isaac is a young, cutting edge, tech savvy detective, based San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century. In this book he is on the trail of a diabolical serial bank robber known as The Butcher Bandit. Sure, the dialouge can appear to be juvenile and formulaic at times, and sure the villains can be so over-the-top that they sometimes have an almost cartoonish feel, but honestly, it's a dam...
  • Lisa Brown
    Probably my favorite Clive Cusstler book so far, it takes place at the turn of the century, back when automobiles were few and far between and people got to their destinations via the rail road. Isaac Bell, a detective, is bound and determined to catch the "butcher bandit" who had been robbing banks and murdering people all over the West, but disappearing without a trace. A fun and clean adventure, that was not only exciting, but gave you a uniqu...
  • Scott
    First time reader of the Cussler books, of which there are many. While I did finish the book, and wasn't completely turned off by this book, his writing is really pretty horrid. Excerpt, "Little did they know that one of them would not be alive tomorrow". I could go on, and on....on.For an airport book it did do the trick.
  • Bill
    This is my first experience with Clive Cussler and I enjoyed very much. A nice, well-paced historical thriller with car chases, train chases, bank robberies, all good stuff. I especially found the bit about the San Francisco earthquake interesting as I had read a book about those events last year and it reminded me of that excellent story. Isaac Bell is an interesting character, son of a rich banker who has chosen to fight crime and now chases a ...
  • Mark Boyd
    Clive Cussler, what can you say? Cussler is a master artist that can paint such a descriptive picture on the canvas of imagination that you are immediately brought into the story. In The Chase, the protagonist is a swarthy, wealthy, man's man. Dirk Pitt? Kurt Austin? No, it's Issac Bell with the Van Dorn Detective Agency, on the heels of the Butcher Bandit. Set in the early 1900's, Cussler's research of that era is flawless, even down to describi...
  • Heather
    This was a fun mystery. I listened to the audio version and it was well done. read by Scott Brick. The story is about a string of robberies all over the country in 1906. The robber leaves NO trace and has stumped all detectives. Finally Issac Bell is hired and he starts finding clues. It was fun to hear about what life was like in the 1906. They happen to be in San Francisco during the great quake. I had quite an appreciation for what it was like...
  • Jerome
    This is the first book in Clive Cussler's new Isaac Bell series, but the second that I've read. It's another solid character for him, but moves away from the sea and to trains as the travel mode of choice. It appears from the first two books of the series that he introduced a new plot format, wherein the story takes place for the most part in the early years of the 20th century, with foreshadowing in the introduction, and then the ending itself, ...
  • Brenda Brideau
    Great mystery novel
  • Carrie ♠
    My first Clive Cussler, but I have to say I was interested in reading a Cussler book after having watched the movie Sahara--and eventually, I'd like to read that book just to see all the differences between movie and book. From the get go, I was hooked since this was historical fiction. I tried not to read much description about the book so I could be surprised. I really enjoyed it all the way through. I read through some reviews after finishing,...
  • Jonathan
    I have been a lover of Clive Cussler's books for a long time. I have gotten used to his characters from Dirk Pitt to Kurt Austin to the members of the Oregon. When I heard this book was coming out and it didn't have any of his usual characters that I am used to I was kind of skeptical about whether or not it would be as good or great as his others.I have to say I was wrong. This book was, as tony the tiger would say, gggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrr...
  • Brett Tompkins
    A departure from Cussler's usual adventure novels, Isaac Bell is sort of a cross between James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. I liked it. I really like Isaac Bell and the other Van Dorn detectives he worked with. For those of you who thought this book was far fetched and cheesy, you are right. But if you don't like that, you need to be reading Stephen Ambrose, or a newspaper. I read Cussler's books because I like the farfetched hero story with the unl...
  • Eli Hornyak
    A decent detective story set in 1906, not as exciting as some of Clive Cusslers other novels. Enjoyable story but some of the later chapters got a little long.
  • David
    I used to love melodramatic fiction. The good guys were powerfully good and the bad guys were terribly bad. Both the hero and the villain were clever. The women were all beautiful. Amazing feats occured. This probably sounds a bit like the old Doc Savage or Avenger novels. This is exactly the type of fiction Cussler continues to put out, he just doesn't do it as well as he used to. Once upon a time, stuff like "Raise the Titanic" was fun. Chase i...
  • Twilight
    It started off with a bang, I was really digging this book. A lot of action, suspense and some romance. Sadly the ending went on a bit too long, details that were beyond my interest to me the book just tanked. I most likely will not be reading the others in the series.
  • Kathryn
    On our travels through the American West, we began listening to this unabridged audiobook as we drove south from Provo, Utah, and finished listening as we drove east from Albuquerque to Tucumcari. We found this appropriate for a thriller that ranges all over the West. (We enjoyed the book, and my special thanks go out to our friend Anita who works with us at the casino for lending this audiobook to us.)In 1950 a locomotive is raised from the deep...
  • Sara
    As a disclaimer, I'd like to note that I love my husband and he recommended this book, as he's read all of Cussler's books and loves them. However...Clive - dude - you have enough money to hire a really good editor, then do what he or she says. It's not a threat to your omnipotence. Really, it isn't. Do you fix your toilet yourself, or do you hire a plumber? Yes, you probably COULD fix your own toilet, but you WILL hire a plumber, because all he ...
  • April
    Started out as a funny pick from my husband...but turned into a really fun ride! The bad guy was smart, the good guy was faster, and all the dames were pretty (even the bad one ;), and even though it became a tad predictable, you still wanted to see it play out.I've read Clive Cussler before, I'll read him again. He didn't disappoint with this one, true Cussler form.
  • Hajarath Prasad Abburu
    4.5/5 Actually :) Thank you Mumma aka Sri Vidya for this paisa vasool thriller ^_^ Loved it so much!!
  • Matt
    I listened to this on audiobook. It was a decent historical fiction and adventure novel. The narrator did a nice job. The antagonist is crafty and their criminal techniques and tendencies are classic. The turn of the century time period was also interesting early on. But, the writing is average and becomes redundant fairly quickly. The repetition of descriptions becomes tiresome and it severely slows down the pace of the novel. There is also an a...
  • John Babb
    Alth0ugh Cussler's main venue for his adventure thrillers seems to always take place on or under the oceans, "The Chase" is set in the western U.S. during the early part of the twentieth century. His hero, Isaac Bell, represents a detective agency, which is tasked with finding the identity and bringing to justice the Butcher Bandit. The Bandit is responsible for a series of bank robberies across the west, which always involves him murdering every...
  • Taylor Metcalfe
    Ya know how there’s a genre ‘Women’s Fiction’? This book is a prime example of ‘Men’s Fiction’. There has to be at least an hours worth of the story just describing certain vehicles. That being said I, as a women, still greatly enjoyed the story. While you do get Detective Bell and the robbers perspective making it less of a ‘Who done it’ and more of a ‘how’d he get away with it’ it’s quiet an adventure all around. I enj...
  • Barb
    Very interesting and off the beaten path, I enjoyed it!
  • Jeff Kinney
    Love Cussler, haven't come across one I didn't enjoy yet.
  • Todd Miles
    Clive Cussler novels are a guilty pleasure of mine. They are not particularly well written. Like most fictional adventure stories, they are completely and impossibly unrealistic. But I like them anyway. The Isaac Bell series, set in the early 1900s, is probably my favorite of all of them.
  • Michael
    If I’d not been assigned to read this for my "Master Class" workshop for professional fiction writers, it is unlikely that I would have picked it up, because it is not my favorite genre. However, of all the genres in the reading assignment thus far, it has been my favorite.Cussler’s writing is refreshingly clean from vulgarity, which makes the reading much more enjoyable.It is fairly well-written. His voice is very utilitarian – not overly ...
  • Kara Jorges
    Clive Cussler couldn’t retire from writing for long, thank goodness, and having handed Dirk Pitt over to his son, he has decided to do something a little new. Given his obvious penchant for the more elegant way of life 100 years ago, it is unsurprising he chose to set this story in 1906.The hero of this novel is Isaac Bell, a detective for the Van Dorn Agency who always gets his man. Isaac is the wealthy son of a banker who chose the excitement...