Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith

Spiritual Liberation

What would we do if we truly understood the power we have within ourselves, the perfection of our inner being, and the transformation that awaits us? In this handbook for spiritual revolutionaries, Michael Bernard Beckwith challenges readers to search within for the key to unlock their future, preparing them for the great transformation that is theirs to experience. Each chapter is filled with insight into the divine blessings that all have been ...

Details Spiritual Liberation

TitleSpiritual Liberation
Release DateNov 11th, 2008
PublisherAtria Books/Beyond Words
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help, Psychology

Reviews Spiritual Liberation

  • Ozma
    This is a good book. I think the middle 3rd suffers from a lack of real examples to illustrate the guidance given. But it's a very spiritual book and is great to read if you want to improve yourself. These are some of the gems I can quote from it: "With the courage of a spiritual warrior, I enter my spiritual adventure armed with trust, openness of mind and heart, and surrender." I also like this one: "Make me patient when I worry. Make me calm w...
  • Kate
    One jewel after another. Favorite parts:When facing challenges in your life, ask yourself "What gift within me is seeking to emerge?""Anything from my past of a moment ago that would hinder [me] ... has returned to the nothingness from which it came. I do not have to coerce enlightenment to occur, I have only to welcome it...""As discursive thoughts arise that are no aligned with my intention, I calmly discard them without judgment. They have no ...
  • Erin
    I have to admit I became acquainted with Beckwith first as a motivational speaker while watching a program on PBS called "The Answer is You". His delivery was a bit like listening to your typical evangelical preacher, but with the twist that his topic was a little broader--I mean, in what evangelical church are you going to hear a sermon titled "the answer is you" rather than the "answer is (God/Jesus/Salvation/Redemption,etc.)"? I checked out th...
  • Mozart
    This book is worth your time. It is everything you expect: new age, religious science, positive thinking.. and all the other self-help mumbo jumbo,right? Right... I think even more this book is calling us to our higher purpose, our communion with god/great mind/ and whatever is your spiritual tradition. Beckwith pontificates and his made up words can either be seen as obnoxious or humorous, but in the final analysis its not about him...Its about ...
  • Richard Kirkwood
    Michael Beckwith has become one of my favorite spiritual writers. Spiritual Liberation is mandatory for those seeking true freedom, inspiration (meaning powered by and for spirit) and healthy authentic spiritual growth. This book is Exceptional, especially during these times, because of its message. In addition,it speaks to us all, culminating so much more than worldly teachings in an easily informative & digestive way, presented with a voice of ...
  • Maura
    (audio) Michael Beckwith is definitely a preacher - and a good preacher if you like that style. Thankfully, his message is far from traditional and he delivers it with enthusiasm and conviction. This is well worth the time spent if you have any interest in developing a deeper understanding of the life of the soul and what we are doing here on planet earth :)
  • Heather
    Loved this book. While some of it was a bit beyond for me ( as in a tiny bit wo wo) I really loved it. He talks a lot about meditation in this book as well and I am adding that to my daily habits! I actually listened to as an audiobook, read by him he has a great voice so it was extra enjoyable
  • Joseph Naus
    It'll change your life if you let it.I've had "Spiritual Liberation" since 2008. It's been sitting on my shelf smiling at me like the Cheshire Cat. The first time I picked it up, I didn't get it. I had the same experience with all of Ernest Holmes' books, and they are now as close to me as my own hands.If you've ever seen MBB speak, then you've seen something. Whether you believe what he's saying or not, you know he's channeling something, and yo...
  • Alan Araújo
    This book and Beckwith's message is simply amazing. Concise, powerful, to the point, down to Earth, non-materialistic. Yes he uses things from prior teachers (Ernest Holmes, Osho, Aurobindo, so forth), but I don't see that as a bad thing. His synthesis of all those teachings is unique. I particularly recommend the Audiobook narrated by Beckwith himself while driving in the car. He has blessed many of my morning commutes thus. Highly recommend thi...
  • Noreen Auterio
    Love Rev. Michael. To know him is to Love him. Going to get his next work: True Abundance. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Beth
    Oh, you just can't get me to ever be critical of Reverend Michael. Ok, I'm biased since I attend Agape.
  • Missy
    Get this- It is so deep, powerful, and meaningful I can't even talk about it.
  • João Mendes
    Prior to reading this book, I had the unique pleasure of attending two services at Michael Beckwith's Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. Reading Spiritual Liberation was like attending the service all over again. I felt a deep emotional and soul connection with this book. It made me feel welcomed and accepted, the same way I felt both times I attended Agape. This is a powerful spiritual book that not only teaches the philosophy of Love but si...
  • Romerotéllez Romerotéllez
    I had seen an interview with the author on TV and decided to get the book. I was not disappointed.
  • Madeline Grant
    loved it. I read at least one chapter each morning as part of my morning routine and adored it. It was all I could do to stop reading each day.
  • Brian Johnson
    “My central message is not about religiosity or churchianity. It is about aspiring toward spiritual liberation, which I define as becoming free from the narrow confines of fear, doubt, worry, and lack, and living instead from a conscious awareness of one’s Authentic Self, one’s true nature of wholeness. Spiritual liberation results from discovering and expressing the intrinsic qualities of enlightened consciousness that have been ours since...
  • EMP
    2.5 stars. Listened to this one. Read by the author and he has a nice, soothing voice. There were parts that I really enjoyed, but I find Beckwith to be a bit verbose and he sometimes takes a roundabout way to make a point. I had to fast forward through some of the affirmations at the end of chapters. They just went on and on and I found myself tuning out. I don't *think* I have ADD, but that's how I felt sometimes listening to this. :-)
  • Adriana
    At the time I first read this book I was not prepared for it's teachings. I found myself putting it down over and over again until it ended up on my shelf. Something told me not to give it away. It took me two years before I opened the book up again. And I have to tell you. It spoke to me. I couldn't put it down.
  • Olivia Christel
    Every page contains pearls of wisdom to transform your life. I'm enjoying this even more by sharing it with a book study group. The group synergy makes it truly a spiritually liberating process. A must read!
  • Lara
    Powerful...I felt a major shift in my consciousness just reading it. I will read it again. I also enjoyed his DVD.Rev. Michael is an awesome being of light. I am so grateful to be learning from him.
  • Kathleen Perkins
    I love Michael Beckwith and all that he stands for. I enjoyed this book, but found that so much of it was "recycled" from other books/New Thought principles, so was a little disappointed and must confess to not reading it page-by-page, but rather skimmed it.
  • Faythe Swanson
    I'm a fan of Michael Bernard Beckwith's &, of course, had to read this book. The title itself attracted me! I love how each chapter ended w/affirmations. An inspiring read!
  • Lisa
    Many good quotes and affirmations. "I am divinely supported, and all things work together for my good" is one of my favorites from this book.
  • Lynn
    Pick up and read once then once again. Good Read.
  • Jason
    the most inspiring, helpful, and approachable perspective i have encountered on the subject of enlightenment, absolutely empowering, and friendly
  • William Shank
    Rev. Michael is truly something special. His contemporary style is perfect for the New Thought/Ageless Wisdom movement. Great read for those looking for the next level of enlightenment.
  • Lyght Jones
    Some great profound thoughts but not as good as I'd expect from Beckwith
  • Letitia
    First audio book of 2014. It had some good concepts, however it was real new age California style. So that made it hard for this Georgia Girl to listen to and catch many of the concepts.