The Art Book by Phaidon Press

The Art Book

An A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques. Each artist is represented by a full-page colour plate of a definitive work, accompanied by explanatory and illuminating information on the image and its creator. Glossaries of artistic movements and technical terms are included, making...

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TitleThe Art Book
Release DateApr 17th, 1997
PublisherPhaidon Press
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Reference, History, Art History

Reviews The Art Book

  • Erin
    I've always wanted to learn more about art and art history, and this was a good sampling. It takes 500 different artists and shows one work from each of them. It was a nice introduction to artists I hadn't heard of before, and it gave a brief synopsis of the work and the artist.This isn't an in-depth exploration. It often left me wanting more -- I expected this book to serve as a jump-off point, so that's a good thing. I flagged dozens of pages t...
  • Kris
    Much to my husband's dismay, I took the binding off this book and put each page in a page protector; it now takes up two binders. But now, for $19.95 plus page protectors and binders, I have over 500 pieces of art that can be passed around my classroom.Well, most of them can be passed around my classroom. I'm struggling with the nudity. Why is it more acceptable to me in an ancient Greek statue than in modern art? Hmmmmm...
  • Maria Panteli
    I got this as a gift recently and I must say it's amazing. I am a bit of an art geek and I always have been. I enjoy this book because of the variety of different artists in it; all of which have contributed to my fascination with art in some way. I know some of the artists pretty well and some are completely new to me, and I love that. I could spend hours just flicking through this book and still not have read/studied it completely. I don't thin...
  • Michelle
    This was really an interesting concept. Hundreds of artists, drawn from many times, movements, places, one page spread per artist--one work, one short explanation, a little attempt to locate the artist in time and movement. I couldn't stay out of this at work--we kept going back, opening it up, arguing over whether the work chosen was the right one. That was a lot of fun. (Weeping Woman for Picasso???? Ceci n'est pas un pipe for Magritte? Really?...
  • Kristen
    Plain and simple: This was the book that made me fall in love with the visual arts. Almost every time I went to the library as a girl, I would borrow this book. I would sit and look at it for hours, never getting bored with it. I still haven't purchased this book for my collection, but I am planning on it soon!
  • Sharon Barrow Wilfong
    Small book but with quality, glossy pages. All the works are in color. What is interesting about this book (and by the way, I think there is a larger edition), is that, instead of listing artists and art chronologically, they are listed in Alphabetical order. Thus, a painting from the Renaissance is next to the work from a 20th century modern abstractionist. It makes for some interesting comparisons.
  • Diana Habashneh
    very simple, a photo of the artist work, brief about the artistit gives you hints, not very helpful but it's a joy to the eye, you can like a painting or a sculpture and go do the research yourself, witch is not a bad idea after all, that is not a bad idea after all
  • Anton Klink
    This book sets out to present one work of art from 500 different artist. This sounds good in theory, but since all the artists and their one work of art are listed alphabetically, the end result is eclectic and chaotic. This would have been a much better book, had the same contents been arranged chronologically or at least thematically. As it stands though, the paintings (there are a few sculptures and installations here and there, but I will mos...
  • Maia Sinclair
    I just luvvvv this book. i carry it around whenever i have to travel because it is fun to read and reread. it teaches you a lot about art in accessible and convenient way. Just the kind of book you like reading. hours can pass by and you barely notice it. :) luv it!
  • Thuraya Batterjee
    this book presents a fresh and original approach to art.It is an essential reference to those of us who are always looking for inspiration..And a good visual sourcebook too..
  • Mandy
    Love this book - it is alphabetical order of artists, with a picture of their work, and some biological detail. I particularly love the big version, that I saw at a school. The mini version I have at home is a bit small for some of the detail to come through.
  • Bob Hartley
    This book is the Linkin Park of the art book world. Granted it doesn't have to be as scrupulous as a doctor giving a prostate exam but it's still quite vague and doesn't give much away. Still useful if you're doing your GCSEs though.
  • Tidar Rachmadi
    I guess, no real artits really read this art book. But, this book is very artsy on the cover and 1000 times more artsy inside. And best of all, it's from Phaidon.
  • Eileen
    This really should have been called The Western Art Book. There is only one Asian artist represented, and Latin America is limited to a few Cubans and Mexicans. Everyone else is completely absent.Unlike other reviews, I actually liked the alphabetical arrangement of the artists, as it really demonstrated the diversity of the North American and European art tradition. You have this on one page and this on the next.
  • Lisa (Harmonybites)
    I was required to take an art appreciation class in college to graduate--and I loved it! So getting this book was a natural follow-up. It won Illustrated Book of the Year and is in the Top Five Popular Art Books on Goodreads. As stated in the introduction, this book is "an A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times." It's that classic coffee table book--I even recently spotted it on a list for the best of the k...
  • Bogdi
    It would be a mistake to take this book for what it is not: a serious, in-depth treatise on art. No, it's a picture book that gives almost twitter-like info on artists. Every artist included has one picture/one chance to make an impression on the public (art novices).The good things about it: the wealth of periods it hits on and the quality of the reproductions, to say nothing of its size (I have the pocket size version, in case there are others)...
  • Susan
    It gives an over view of art and some important works. Information on the art contained in the book is limited but enables you to go look further. Also lists contact details for major Galleries in the back. My copy is a small version however the photos of the art work are printed clearly and you can see all the textures of the paintings as well. Make sure this isn't your only art book in your library, but definately a good place to start when lok...
  • Sharon R.
    I love this little goodie. At least mine is little, I think they made two sizes. It's great to flip through. When needing inspiration or just procrastinating. It's fun to discover a new artist or new work by one you've known.
  • Ying
    that book is very good, in this book your can learn more about the art and in this book have something is so surprised for me. one is for the this book have 500 different artists and shows one work from each of them. other thing is for the the art have mandy year's old and have mandy people want to learn more about art. this book can for some one didn't know art and that can geive some one want to learn word art thay can read that book.
  • Ashley
    This book helped me as an art novice to get a feel for certain artists and styles. The pictures are of a very good quality and the book itself is a monster. It was fun flipping through this and getting snippets about various artists and genres. Each page has a reference to similar artists, giving one the opportunity to keep in theme if desired and learn about related artists.
  • ^
    The perfect prescription for someone who thinks Kupka might have something to do with the continuing cup-cake craze.A artist, a picture, a critique, a list of recommendations to other artists of the same school. A pared down minimalistic approach which works. And pocket sized too (a wide pocket). Educational and, what's better, memorable.
  • Nicky
    An everyday book for Everyman. Quite nice for the coffee table or for the kids to flick through. It does what the title says so probably deserves 5 stars but it lacks sufficient depth or enquiry for my tastes..
  • Justin
    Though it might frustrate those looking for an in-depth analysis, The Art Book is great for casual appreciation or anyone who doesn't know where to start. I personally enjoyed the huge variety of wildly different pieces sitting side by side.
  • J.p. Jones
    Great little book if you take it for what it is - something to dip into to stimulate ideas or discussion... or simply pages to flick through to look at interesting works of art. Not for the academics, but that's part of the appeal.
  • Lavinia
    Remember how this book was seen throughout the whole Friends series? First at Central Perk, then at Monica's. Now it's on my shelf, thanks to Patty :) It's actually a nice read if you're into arts and stuff, and of course I cannot brag for reading it, rather browsed through.
  • Todd Pack
    This is a nifty little book (or a nifty big book, if you have the hardcover edition). It only scratches the surface, but it covers a lot of ground. It's a wonderful book for browsing.
  • Tracey
    This book is small is size, but a great art book. It was my daughter's first art book of her own and she would sit for hours looking at the art.
  • Zzainab Ammar
    This book is simply a masterpiece. I love it.
  • Billy Stone
    This book is well-written and well-edited. It is hard to put down.