The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore

The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life

Starting from the premise that we can no longer afford to live in a disenchanted world, Moore shows that a profound, enchanted engagement with life is not a childish thing to be put away with adulthood, but a necessity for one's personal and collective survival. With his lens focused on specific aspects of daily life such as clothing, food, furniture, architecture, ecology, language, and politics, Moore describes the renaissance these can undergo...

Details The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life

TitleThe Re-enchantment of Everyday Life
Release DateFeb 27th, 1997
PublisherHarper Perennial
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Psychology, Philosophy, Self Help

Reviews The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life

  • Sue
    I have read "Care of The Soul", "Soul Mates", and now "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life", by Thomas Moore. He writes beautifully, and with such depth and understanding.The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, explores restoring the heart and soul of work, home and other things.Good for the heart.
  • Pam
    So I'm reading books that touch on the concept of living "spiritually" while not necessarily religiously. I started with a clear atheist's POV with Sam Harris' Waking Up and now I've traveled over to the other side with a former priest in training/monk/disillusioned catholic gone psychotherapist and "non-denominational theologian." Moore makes a case that all of our societal ailments are due to a loss of "magic" and "enchantment" in our lives. He...
  • Jennifer
    As I've been pondering the nature of spirituality, I've been reading some new things, but also returning to books that have moved me in the past. This re-read was particularly helpful, as Moore touched on some things that have been percolating in my own thoughts. Again and again he returns to some key concepts with regard to mystery and sanctuary (or temenos, sacred spaces) that resonated with my own concerns and desires. One element of this is t...
  • Diana
    The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life is one of those rare books that makes you really think about how you view yourself, your world, and your spiritual life. Thomas Moore helps you to see that enchantment is everywhere around you (past, present and future) if you just look. In our effort to explain everything away scientifically or to tie everything to a specific religious practice, we have lost that magical connection with the stars, nature, and ...
  • Steve Arthur
    Have you ever felt stuck?Everything has gone wrong in your life?You have no friends?Your life is nothing more than a faded smudgeof something even you don't have the time to try and explain?...Until you come not to the grip of into the re-enchantment of life!Remember the magic is you!
  • Monica
    I don't know if this was good or not. I just didn't want to read a long refrigerator magnet.
  • Abner Rosenweig
    I stubmled onto this at a library book sale having never heard of Thomas Moore. It's one of the most serendipitous discoveries I've made. "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life" is poetic, vivid, wise. It offers insight into the sickness of the modern psyche and describes a variety of practical steps we can take, collectively and individually, to recover a more holistic, healthy, enchanting experience of life. I group Moore with Loren Eiseley, Thor...
  • Martinray2
    A lucid persuasion of the utility inherent in living a considered life, made possible by accepting the "supernatural" emanations gifted to us by the everyday.An invitation to participate in Beauty, both passively and actively.
  • Cindy
    This book will teach you how to look at our current world and find the soul in it. It will teach you that even boring objects and place have spirit, if you are willing to look at it through open eyes. This book helped me to be more soulfull.
  • Suzanne
    I keep re-reading this wonderful book.
  • Carrie Viscome-Skinner
    A beautiful book that does exactly what the title says; enchants.
  • Mary Blye Kramer
    I read this book when it was first published 20 years ago and I loved it all the way through both readings. It's original, inspiring and beautifully written. Enchanting!! My life is richer because of it. One little thing - and it took nothing away from the quality of the book - I wish the author had included Judaism even a LITTLE!! There were so many missed opportunities, and with Moore being so connected to Catholicism, along with a PhD in relig...
  • I E
    Oh dear heavens... There are some interesting ideas in this book, however, I found Moore's writing style a slog to read hence the 3 star rating.
  • Megan
    The first half of this book is of dubious quality. The author's criticisms of science are flawed by his ignorance of the fullness of scientific history, including the histories and thoughts of scientists themselves. He asks for more enchantment in science but it's there in the literature and essays - in short, Moore's criticisms of science appear to be based off of religious stereotypes of science rather than the field itself. (For some examples ...
  • Madly Jane
    We are all creatures of habit, environment, genetics, family, and our own personalities. It's very difficult to change your life at any time. Change is difficult for I believe we always carry the old person with us. We have to work very hard to see life differently. I don't take this book literally. But it's a beautiful promise if you want to change your life into something meaningful. In living from moment to moment, in finding the child in your...
  • Shanna
    I Loved this book. Upon placing it down I was left with a feeling of hope and inspiration. The re-enchantment of Everyday Life is a great insight on ways to bring that enchantment back into our lives. I'm talking about re-inspiring a great emotion and feeling in your daily world perception. Do you remember that feeling on Christmas Eve as a child who still believes in Santa. The anticipation, excitement, and happy warm thoughts that filled you. T...
  • Kenzie
    The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life may be my new favorite book. This was my second book by Thomas Moore, the first being Care of the Soul, which I also loved. The topics in Re-enchantment are eclectic, as Thomas Moore touches on the major themes of life and presents each one in a new light. Things that are mundane, like transportation, become opportunities for more poetic vision. Things that are esoteric, like astrology, become opportunities to ...
  • Kelly DuMar
    This is a book I keep handy to remind myself to think about enchantment. It's not a book to sit down and read cover to cover - it's a bit tedious and didactic for such a playful topic. I would give the topic a "five," however, and I'm grateful to have such a powerful resource from an amazing thinker.
  • Anders
    This is an important book about a tiny little revolution, barely noticeable, that can really change things and how we are in the world. If many of the ideas brought forward by Moore (many of which are recycled from other philosophers) were paid attention to, we'd have less crime and less graffiti and less folks on anti-depressants ... definitely a book I'll re-read in a year or two.
  • Brian Corbin
    Interesting framework to help us find "soul" again in our own lives and in the world. Moore misses some important opportunities to talk about how his faith really does have some of these elements though he opens the dialogue. A generally good read; repetitive. A bit too long. Some places get over the top. But appreciated the recover of the soul in life.
  • Charlie
    I read this when it had just come out - I found it in the library when I was 10 or 11 years old and read it then, and it still has an effect on me today. Something I got from the book was to be a part of religious traditions or something just because they add meaning to your life, and if you can't jive with anything you see around you, create your own spirituality.
  • Michelle
    Definitely one that will stay on the nightstand. I've an affinity for Thomas Moore and this older book of his speaks to why, reinforcing the consistent messages present in all his books. Seek it out if you can: for me, it's that gentle, nightly reminder of the beauty and potential present in my, and everyone's, life.
  • Satyros Brucato
    Modern life need not be a soul-suffocating exercise in consumeristic oblivion. Although this book gets preachy and redundant in places (especially its final third), THE RE-ENCHANTMENT is is essential reading for folks who want a sense of peace and sacredness in our deadened society.
  • Virginia
    Really good. I think I need to read the two books of his that preceded this one, and then go back to it.It had a lot of "Duh" type moments for me. So that was nice.His writing style is a little difficult. Kinda academicky. I'm not the biggest fan of that. (even though I'm oft guilty of it.)
  • Debbie Waggoner
    "Enchantment is to a large extent founded in the spirituality inherent in earthly nature."- Thomas Moore This quote sums up the book for me. This was the 3rd time I've read this book... I am reawakened each time.
  • Sufianna Shazuddin
    I love this book. I actually listened to the audiobook in my car, and the voice of the narrator, im not sure if its the author, but was so peaceful and grandfatherly like. I was going through a hard time in my life and this book helped so so so much.
  • drozda
    I've enjoyed this book again and again over the years. Currently I'm keeping it bedside and I often 'bible-crack' before going into the dreamtime.Like this from page 373:The world supports us, offers guidance and sustenance, and can help us make ordinary life extrordinarily effective."
  • Heidi
    Despite the religious overtones, I find a lot of wisdom and practical guidance from Thomas Moore.
  • Jafar
    Oh yeah, I remember this one. I don't know why I picked it up. Maybe because I had just moved to California. It helped me to decide that this genre is SO not for me.
  • Lisa Hayden
    I spent quite a bit of time reading this book and it changed my life. The perspective creates such an amazing outlook on life. It is invaluable. I would dare say this book is my bible.