Yesterday's Sky by Steven Forrest

Yesterday's Sky

Behind your familiar astrological chart lurks another chart entirely, one whose existence you may never have suspected. It carries your treasures and your wounds. Where the astrologer's predictions and the realities of your life might not in all honesty have lined up, this chart-behind-the-chart will help you see why. This second, hidden chart tells the tale of who you were in a prior lifetime. It speaks of what wounded you then and what work you...

Details Yesterday's Sky

TitleYesterday's Sky
Release DateNov 6th, 2012
PublisherSeven Paws Press
GenreEsoterica, Astrology, Reference, Occult, Divination

Reviews Yesterday's Sky

  • Sven Eberlein
    There are few in the field of astrology who have mastered the art of connecting the head and heart like Steven Forrest. His first book, "The Inner Sky," is one of the few staples on my bookshelf, like an old friend you're eternally close to, no matter how far or wide you've strayed. Steve speaks in a language that's inviting to all, not just a few peers trained in the same grammar and syntax. He's a poet who makes you think you're reading a great...
  • MizzSandie
    In such a fan of Steven Forrest. His take on astrology; the psychological, developmental and evolutionary view of it is right up my alley. The need of a combination of head and heart and intuition.And then there is his way of communicating this rather difficult topic and making it all make SENSE - here too he is gifted and inspiring and his heart (intuition) not just his head (technique) shines through.He makes me want to read everything Steven F...
  • Nadia
    " Reincarnation is, in some ways, that kind of idea. It sounds good, but that alone doesn't make it true. The good of "coming back again" are obvious. For starters, nobody really dies - there goes that worry! For seconds, you don't really need to get it totally right in this one lifetime. You've got time. For thirds, justice is always done - the kid who stole your bike will get his bike stolen someday, as he deserves. Immortality, a second chance...
  • Jean
    As an advanced astrologer, most of us believe in reincarnation. This book is good, and I refer to it when doing interpretations of astrology charts for my clients. I put it in reference too, because it's a lot of information and I will be referring to it often.
  • Ailish Kress
    Great cookbook-style intro to evolutionary astrology.
  • Bea
    For people who are interested in incorporating past lives into their astrology readings, this is the book I recommend.
  • 雨 刘
    Just for beginners
  • Amy Herring
    Excellent. Detailed. Rich and in depth. Ample cookbook delineation as well as theory. His clear and warm style as always. Summarizes decades of his work.