Pomes All Sizes by Jack Kerouac

Pomes All Sizes

The original manuscript of this book, written between 1954 and 1965, has been in the safekeeping of City Lights all the years since Kerouac’s death in 1969. Reaching beyond the scope of his Mexico City Blues, here are pomes about Mexico and Tangier, Berkeley and the Bowery. Mid-fifties road poems, hymns and songs of God, drug poems, wine poems, dharma poems and Buddhist meditations. Poems to Beat friends, goofball poems, quirky haiku, and a fin...

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TitlePomes All Sizes
Release DateFeb 15th, 2019
PublisherCity Lights Books

Reviews Pomes All Sizes

  • Parrish Lantern
    love this little book Poem Old hornet me would woo thee fair, soft Sara of the flowers; But bee's not kind That seeks to find, peers too deep shares no sleep; And anyway' who woos beesWhat is there not to love in just the small example,this book ispart of my life.It makes me smile,makes me feel,it just makes me ?
  • Sean A.
    Pretty uneven, but when he's on, he's on. Very playful.
  • Mark
    Pretty ok.
  • Dylan
    Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" has been consistently voted one of the greatest records ever made. Recently, when compiling another pointless list, several music critics admitted that, despite lauding this work as a masterpiece for year on year, they had never actually listened to it. Kerouac is probably the literary equivalent - more talked about than read, towering reputation but little known, massively misunderstood. On The Road, written about the...
  • Noora
    An interesting and eclectic mixture of Jack Kerouac's poetry written between 1954 and 1965. Some of it reminded me of the time when I read On the Road, some made me laugh out loud, and some I had no clue about. I guess with a better understanding of the Beat generation and Buddhist teachings, I could have got more out of this collection, but there were slight instances of recognition and understanding in the midst of a sea of ... I-dont-know-what...
  • Molly
    I do love Jack Kerouac, and while his poetry is hit or miss, it's worth looking at. He always inspires me with his freedom and joy.
  • Silver
    One of my favorite collections of Poems!
  • Mike Hammer
    a good collection of all the different types of poems and occasional brilliance from Kerouac
  • Greg
    Best haiku ever, Kerouac's #27:"First we buy the meatand then we buythe pot"Truer words were never written. But one wonders what he has to say about food.
  • Megan
    He's a good poet, but a better storyteller.
  • Angus Stirling
    Kerouac got high and wrote stream-of-consciousness poems about buddhism and they were bad.
  • Daniel
    Kerouac' poetry gets you into that blissed out world of beat poetry with references to Ginsberg, Burroughs, Cassidy, and other key figures of the movement. There are also some sublime moments of Buddhist meditation and references to the great Chinese masters like Li Po, one the three great T'ang Dynasty poets, along with Du Fu and Wang Wei. Kerouac, like Thomas Merton, has a genuine embrace of Chinese Buddhism and poetry which substantially pre-d...
  • Bryce Holt
    There are worse poetry books to be sure, but it's fairly nonsensical throughout. Incredibly uneven, as if you truly are crawling from oasis to oasis when seeking an actual good poem. I'd say there's probably...8? 10? MAYBE 12 worth reading?Poetry requires substance. Going for nearly 200 pages with only a morsel of depth is simply a shame and a waste of the reader's time.Looking for a substitute? Pick up some Billy Collins, Edna St. Vincent Millay...
  • Brendan
    I thoroughly enjoy Kerouac's poetry. On the surface, it resembles the "typing" of Capote's famous criticism, but there is a wealth of treasures buried that a close reading reveals.
  • Tara Phillips
    Great little introductory collection to the Beat Gen
  • StevenF
    Kerouac -short and street and some sublime.
  • Frederick Gault
    More in the style of Koans, not so much lyrical as descriptive. Interesting, but Kerouac was not among the great poets IMO.
  • Andrew
    Got this little book at City Lights in San Francisco as a souvenir but also due to being a Kerouac fan. Kerouac is always best when he's writing prose - which was really his primary artform, his 'poetry'. When he writes in poetic forms the outcome is less successful. The poems in this book lingered in manuscript form at City Lights unpublished until long after his death, and I guess it's evident why. As with his prose though, the real treasure is...
  • James
    "Pomes All Sizes" is a collection of random works written between 1954 and 1965. The poems treat such typically Kerouacian topics as travel and Buddhism. Quite a few appear to have been written while Kerouac was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Some are nonsense poems, or at least veer into nonsense, and reminded me of the happy gurglings and babblings of a baby just getting acquainted with using his mouth to make sounds. I mean that not a...
  • Mat
    A motley bag of both good and bad apples. (Sorry no pomme-pome pun intended).Some of the pomes in here, for examples 'Skid Row Blues' are absolute gems but at the same time there are a few 'head-shakers' which leave you thinking...."Jack, Jack..."All things told though, there are enough great poems in this collection to warrant the price of admission. This collection was kept under the stern eye and hold of Stella Sampas until the early 90s. Than...
  • curlygirly9
    A fantastic assortment of Keouac's poetry, in tiny book form. Haiku: : Came down from my Ivory Tower And found no worldThank god for Kerouac. If written now, his poem "I am god" might simply be described as "Kanye-esque," although Kanye would probably have capitalized the A.**Oh, and I'm kidding, people. Please don't bombard me with "How dare you even name Kerouac and Kanye in the same sentence!" etc etc. I don't care how you feel about Kanye.
  • Donald Armfield
    I felt a little lost at some parts of this book. I understand some of the poetry but yet I don't. Does that make sense? But Kerouac writes amazing. quote from Haiku Berkeley :"I hurt the black ink on your kind book"Here is my list of favorites- Haiku Berkeley-Mexican Loneliness-Poem (pg. 92)-Caritas-The Moon-The Thrashing Doves-My Gang-Silly Goofball Poems-To Lou Little-Airapetianz-Running Through -- Chinese Poem Song
  • Dave Allen
    To be fair, I didn't get On the Road, either. There were a few gems in this collection of poetry, but several read like rough drafts jotted off on the back of a cocktail napkin to waste time while he was waiting for his drink to come. It needed some tough love editing, with some pieces left on the editing room floor. But all in all, the good stuff in it is definitely worth the price of admission.
  • Joe Cheverie
    overall this collection of Kerouac's poetry is read at a steady staccato beat and the reader can sense the musical lilt behind the poems. For me, Poems of the Buddhas of Old is the standout here. a lot of the late poems are fueled by alcohol and deteriorate into rambling, but are saved by Pome on Doctor Sax and A Curse at the Devil provides a strong finish to this solid collection.
  • Kyle De valk
    Poems ranging from Kerouac's Buddhist period to his more doomed reality, all which are filled with honesty, pain, delight and candor.
  • Mel
    I would have liked to luxuriate over this book longer but the library wanted it back. I really should get myself a copy of this.
  • Richard Downey
    This is Jack being jack. These poems are drawn from different sources but are interesting in themselves. I like Kerouac's poetry, but don't find it as compelling as his prose.
  • Roderick
    Ti-Jean in his ramble-on musical voice, which I've absconded with . . .
  • Stephen
    Good stuff. Intriguing words, canter and candor.
  • R.K. Byers
    despite the hype making me think this thing would suck, there's some clarity in here, some originality and some goodness.