Journals by Kurt Cobain


The lyrics notebook and personal journals of Kurt Cobain, iconic singer of the band Nirvana.Kurt Cobain filled dozens of notebooks with lyrics, drawings, and writings about his plans for Nirvana and his thoughts about fame, the state of music, and the people who bought and sold him and his music. His journals reveal an artist who loved music, who knew the history of rock, and who was determined to define his place in that history. Here is a mesme...

Details Journals

Release DateNov 4th, 2003
PublisherRiverhead Books
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Journals

  • Deanna
    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday as she's a huge fan. I got it for a pretty good deal off of eBay. It is used but in great shape. There's all kinds of things in it drawings, lyrics, letters even recipes and grocery lists. My daughter and I both thought it was pretty cool. Loved the look of it. The Mead spiral notebook cover reminds me of the notebooks I used to have. Apparently the material was originally contained in around 20 diff...
  • Paquita Maria Sanchez
    The fact that this book exists:1) makes me never want to trust anyone ever ever EVER again. 2) leaves me with even less faith in love than I had before I flipped through it. (Don't worry. I watched Imagine afterward and felt much better.)3) makes me want to throw up in my mouth a tiny bit. Okay, a lot. Rivers.4) reminds me that the first time I saw it, it was on a display with a Kurt Cobain action figure. I believe this speaks for itself.5) makes...
  • Sarah Jacquie
    I've been a Nirvana fan since 1993, and after 1994 I collected all the unfortunate articles, magazines, books, and everything you could think of. I was sad, confused, and most of all lost. I still remember 1994 like it was yesterday and it has stayed with me... but life moved on and you either went on or as a few people I've sadly lost, didn't. It stayed with you though, no matter how much you had moved on. It was like a dark spot in the back of ...
  • F
    Very personal notes.
  • David Schaafsma
    I found this at my local library sale this past summer, read it through, and in the process thought I would give it to Jessie Ann Foley, author of Carnival at Bray, which features a concert with Nirvana, and for which Cobain's spirit seems central. Nineties grunge rock. This volume is a facsimile of Cobain's actual journals and notebooks and unsent letters. I, an old folkie, preceded Nirvana by a long shot, but I was smart enough to know what he ...
  • Scarlet Cameo
    "It's hard to decipter the difference between a sincere entertainer and a honest swindler" Kurt Cobain, the one who change a generation and transcended the dead...was a really complex man. He saw his live in a really dark and sad way, but at the same time, somehow, he was positive about the future, but the world turned his back.Are two things about this book, first isn't exactly a journal, in fact there are letters and excerpts from the actual di...
  • Meggan
    0/5. I just don't understand this Cobain guy. He slams his Mead "The Spiral" notebook on a scanner bed, collects a check, and calls it a day. Not even inviting a pompous rock journalist to write an introduction. How am I supposed to know what he means by "THE OLD SCHOOL IS GOING DOWN FAST, FUCK FACE" without Kurt Loder voice overs to interpret for me? I sorta sense that he is angry at baby boomers. But I don't know why. What's wrong with recyclin...
  • Conrad Zero
    Have you ever seen a 'serial killer' movie when they find the secret hideout of the bad guy, and inevitibly there are newspaper clippings tacked to the walls, drawings, quotes, pictures, etc... Well, cross that with your High School Underground Notebook and you have Kurt Cobain's Journals. It's full of doodles, sketches, and lyric work on Nirvana songs. It also has drafts of concert fliers, notes to friends and some diary entries and rants. This ...
  • Lotus
    The low rating is NOT due to the journals content (how can you rate something like someone's journals anyhow?!) but more so to the fact that I didn't feel good about reading someones personal thoughts not meant to be shared. I also suspect I likely would have enjoyed this a lot more back in the 80's.I finally decided to get this out at the library out of curiosity I guess but now wish that I hadn't...I mostly skimmed it, read a bit of it more in ...
  • Sunil
    Though the book is a capitalistic marketing of an icon I could not resist buying it. I wanted to know if he was the same person I had reckoned him to be through his songs. When I finished the book , I had realised how incredibly daft and supremely beautiful was his passion for music. The book is an excellent journey of affect through passion and how it burns you out if left on its own.
  • Vartika Rastogi
    I was balls-deep into Nirvana in my mid-teens, and was as close to worshipping the frontman as could be (a painting of Kurt as a gun-and-cigarette-toting Jesus still hangs prominently in my childhood bedroom today). But over the years, my obsession wore off somewhat, relegated to wherever it is that our precious memories of teenage pretentiousness go after we outgrow them. I never stopped wanting to read these journals, though I really, really w...
  • Ghoul Von Horror
    No no and no. What is this book? These are not journals. I journal everyday and that's not what's in this book. It's just random peices of paper, unfinished letters to random people we don't know, and plans for a cleaning business & tee shirt designs. What a cash grab with this book....! It's super annoying that when letters were included that there was not the person the letter was addressed to talk about the letter. Clearly they gave it back to...
  • Sara
    other people do save the world in 3 hours - I've read the whole book.Kurt Cobain was such a inspiring personality, I couldn't stop reading through his journals and his thoughts and stories and ideas. he was just brilliant
  • Udai
    Oh god I feel like a nosy creep after reading someone else's journalsIf someone went through my stuff I'd kill the person in a very slow, painful wayBut this is Kurtand man oh man he really wasn't made for this world I really enjoyed discovering that we had a lot of thoughts in commonI looooved his feminist rantshis Ideas about journalism and the mediaabout mainstream stuff and companies and governmentsand most important of all about punk rockI l...
  • Brandon Dalo
    Instead going into a review of Nirvana, let me just stick to reviewing these journals themselves. They are the legitimate journals of the late Kurt Cobain, and also included are various drawings, lyrics of his, and letters he wrote to other people. All of these are scanned up so that you see the original pages as they were. The first thing I want to mention are how private they feel, and how you almost feel guilty for peeking into them. Even the ...
  • Rachel
    Reading Kurt Cobain's Journals is a fast track into the mind of the deceased rockstar himself. As someone who was born only a few years before Cobain died, I didn't grow up with Nirvana woven into the fabric of my youth, but I've grown to appreciate their grunge fuck-it-allness over time. Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest thing I got out of the Journals was a sense of Cobain's business mind and commitment to his music. There are a lot of talente...
  • Hadeer
    I'm not really into reading autobiographies of musicians specially if it's the personal thoughts of a dead man who didn't want it to be published .. But my curiosity let me get over the remorse of conscious .. In the first pages the book describes the early beginnings of nirvana .. to the prime of their glory days It also shows the overwhelming influence of heroine over Kurt's life , music and mental health and how his drug addiction was enhanced...
  • Chris Freeman
    Ok when i first heard about this, I thought it was a cheap pandering to the fan-boys. But it is totally worth it. It's more than just scrawled song lyrics. It's really pretty intimate. The voice of a generation was just as confused as the rest of us. I guess we knew that already, but here are the details.
  • Amanda
    This is a lower rating simply because I don't really know how to rate it. Yes, I bought this book because I am a HUGE Nirvana fan. Yes, I bought it back in my early teenage years where I was mildly (ok, maybe unhealthily) obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Now it just feels dirty and wrong to read it. Needless to say, I don't have this one displayed out in the open on my bookshelves. Respect for Kurt.
  • Somya
    This was a gift to me by my best friend on my 18th birthday. I'll always remember that insignificant birthday because of her.
  • Audrey
    Kurt had really shit handwriting, I gotta say. It was really sad to see how his entries grew more cynical through the duration of the Journals. Sometimes I found the entries/Kurt's thoughts a little hard to follow (this is partially due to the occasionally illegible handwriting) but nonetheless I still thought that this was an enjoyable, insightful, and very interesting read. It was so personal and REAL. It seems a little bit wrong to rate somebo...
  • Marck Rimorin
    Reading someone's diary will always be an uncomfortable thing, especially if that person is an icon of a generation who is a study in self-destruction. For those of us who know Kurt Cobain's story, we know the elements of depression that came with his ultimate fate: despondency, drug addiction, the ups and downs with life in love and life on the road with one of the world's most phenomenally successful bands. Yet these journalswritten in Kurt's o...
  • Charlie
    Perhaps Kurt is so fascinating -besides his early death which people love to romanticise- because he was so complex and didn't fear showing it.I love trying to decipher his, sometimes rather obscure, song lyrics. Whether I completely understand what he was trying to say doesn't matter as long as his writing resonates with me but it is interesting to look into it.If this book gave me one thing it is references of his. What he liked ( music related...
  • MissFAYZ
    I am a huge Nirvana fan although I was born 5 years after Kurts suicide. It was really amazing to see how "normal" Kurt was and that he sometimes lied to himself or felt mistreated as he got ripped apart by journalists trying to keep him in the spot light. You also follow a man, who at first did what he loved and slowly found the flaws in the industry and the burden that taggs along with fame.I found a lot of parallels between his thoughts and hi...
  • stupidus
    Kurt apparently never wanted to see his journals to be published. Then again the man was a walking contradiction. Be that as it may, "Journals" offer an insight to Kurt's world.( Besides, an asshole who shoots himself in the head, leaving behind a daughter and a wife, not to mention band members and other friends, has no moral rights to make any demands as far as I'm concerned. )Still, it's assuring to know that like most lyricists/poets Kurt hon...
  • Natalie Pietro
    I had very mixed feeling about this book. Yes they are Kurt Cobain's personal journals that shouldn't be read but he stated in his journal "Don't read my diary when I'm gone. OK, I'm going to work now, when you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out." So part of me says yes its okay to read them but the other part says stay back they are his personal thoughts. However anyone who keeps a diary knows o...