The Final Storm (The Door Within, #3) by Wayne Thomas Batson

The Final Storm (The Door Within, #3)

Now includes THE LOST CHAPTERS, four previously unpublished chapters with author commentary and editor notes! Still staggering under Paragor's relentless attacks, Alleble's remaining allies flee from the four corners of The Realm to safety within the Kingdom's walls. But there is little time for Alleble to mourn before Paragor, the Wyrm Lord, and the deadly Seven Sleepers unite against the followers of King Eliam. As Alleble begins to lose hope, ...

Details The Final Storm (The Door Within, #3)

TitleThe Final Storm (The Door Within, #3)
Release DateSep 5th, 2006
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreFantasy, Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Christian, Adventure, Fiction

Reviews The Final Storm (The Door Within, #3)

  • Kait
    First things first: Did anyone else want to run out and take up sword fighting/archery/erm, dragon riding after reading this, you know, just in case? :)I rarely enjoy Christian fiction. Typically, I find it to be sub-par and just too about Christianity, and not so much about plot. Wayne Thomas Batson obliterates this pattern (for me). Both The Door Within and Rise of the Wyrm Lord were excellent, but for some reason, the final book in the series ...
  • Shantelle
    A dynamic ending to the Door Within Trilogy… I think The Final Storm deserves five stars. It definitely did NOT end how I expected it to; but it was incredible anyway! The very last paragraph just makes me smile again and again. :)So The Final Storm takes off right where The Rise of the Wyrm Lord ends. An accident, a conversion, an escape… Two more humans come from the Mirror Realm to join Antoinette in the Glimpse Realm. Dramatic battles ens...
  • Gabriellyn
    Okay...whoa...! Loved this series! It was TOO SHORT! Wish it had been longer! Unexpected ending. It was sad but beautiful and hopeful! Lots of deep meaning in this series! Liked Dreamtreaders better, but this was really good too! There were some Tolkien-ish elements but still had a distinct flavor! WELL DONE, Wayne Thomas Batson!
  • Hosanna
    The Final Storm is the satisfying, thrilling conclusion to The Door Within trilogy. It contained everything I expected and much more as this series quickly become a new favorite.There are many good aspects to this book and series overall! This particular book had the clearest Biblical parallels, the most tension, and such powerful moments that kept me on my toes. I couldn't foresee how the story would end, and other plot twists took me by surpris...
  • Alex Beard
    I read the door within trilogy and just recently finished the last book. The story was amazing. when I read the first book I knew that I would end up reading the whole trilogy. The author really had me hooked on the second book seeing grow up and meet new people along the way. I finished the third book on Tuesday of this week and it was a blast. The story was absolutely amazing and it is sad that it was the end of the trilogy because I became att...
  • Caroline Rutledge
    NOOO!!!!! The Door Within series is done! I have finished! It was marvelous. I loved it just as much as the first two! Wayne Thomas Batson, is a wonderful Author. If anyone was to have the title Author, it is him.
  • Whisper
    Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the... well, cool-lover!All around great. Granted, some might see it as "just another fantasy book", but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm... but I won't spoil that for ...
  • Cole
    I just finished the 3rd and last book of The Door Within trilogy and i know these books are amazing, you've got to be crazy not to like these books! I hated books because i would read the back and enjoy it, then when i read the book I'm disappointed because i did not like the book. I didn't know if i could trust these books either but I'm glad i did. Some people think that as you get older you become less creative, clearly Wayne Thomas Batson has...
  • Maddy Estherby
    I just love the way this series finishes. It's so fantastically perfect.
  • Neil
    This is the final book in the series. It moves at a good pace, overall. There is a lot, and I do mean, a lot, going on in the book. There are some pretty crazy situations in it, and some borderline Deus ex Machina situations (which were kinda appropriate, considering it being a Christian allegory hahahah). The character development was decent in this book; there are numerous secondary and tertiary characters introduced, so it would have been hard...
  • Gene Coatney
    ok. I wasn't overly impressed with the first two books of this series, mainly the writing style, and while it wasn't really improved upon in my personal taste, the story that comes out in this book is really quite good. Batson proved to have a pretty good understanding of what the christian life is and what it is about. The last third of the book, based upon Revelations, was actually very well done and we see even why things are allowed to happen...
  • Carina
    This trilogy really left a good impression on my middle school self. I fell in love with the characters and the story right from the start, and the biblical parallels only increased my love for this series. Rereading these books several years later was difficult because I have come to like different styles of writing. However, the story was just as good as I remembered and I would not hesitate to recommend these books to my fellow bookworms.The b...
  • Elizabeth J.
    Pros: Wow! This was a fantastic end to "The Door Within" series. "The Final Storm" was jam packed full of action and suspense. It was anything but a dull read! It brought the events from the first two books to full circle. I felt like I got to know the three main characters, Aiden, Antoinette, and Robby, and other side characters better. There were several touching scenes that brought tears to my eyes. Overall I really, really enjoyed "The Door W...
  • Tanika
    I love this story and what it stands for. That being said, I feel like this final book rushed at the end. The build up was really good however, everything came together very quickly, too quickly. Other than that it was a great series.
  • Ngoc
    Nice culmination of the story. Glad the author kept it a trilogy instead of trying to add string out the story. God themes - believing in King Eliam was a little much.
  • Jhenna
    brooooooo i listened to this book on audiobook and wayne’s voice is on fleek and so perfect for each of the characters wowowowowoowow the ending tho 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
  • Wendie Berry
    Good conclusion to the series. I would recommend this author and this series to everyone!
  • Lucy Khan
    I love this series. Second time reading it.
  • Jonathan Brown
    Pretty good wrap up of a theologically sound Christian allegory. The white lion chronicles, the chiveis trilogy, and the Peleg chronicles are all better though.
  • Jessica Hagen
    Quite the ending to this wonderful trilogy.
  • Cam Anderson
    An absolutely breath-taking ending to the series. Many novels in the past have left me wanting more from the conclusion, but this one was done perfectly.
  • TaeKwonDogirl
    The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the exciting conclusion to the Door Within Trilogy. Darkness begins to envelope the Realm as the evil usurper, Paragor, begins to unleash his forces. The Glimpses, inhabitants of the Realm, still loyal to the good King Eliam must stand strong and be wiling to sacrifice their all for the hope of finally defeating Paragor. Aidan and Antoinette, both teens from our world who we met in the previous books, bot...
  • Wayne
    Hi, Final Storm Readers!Wayne Thomas Batson here. I wanted to thank all of you who put Isle of Fire on your ToBeRead list. I'm honored to be worth your time.Isle of Fire will release the first week of September. It is available for preorder on Amazon as well. In fact, if you preorder it on Amazon and email me to tell me you have ordered it, I'll send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker for your new me at: batguy21784@yahoo....
  • Brittanie
    Imprisoned in the fortress of Paragor, Antoinette Reed still tries desperately to convince Kearn that Paragor’s promises are empty. Meanwhile, Aidan loans the Scrolls to Robby in hopes that they will convince him that The Realm is real and that King Eliam is the one to follow. But Robby is not easy to convince. In The Realm, Kaliam readies Alleble for the assault by Paragor’s forces that is sure to come, bringing all of those loyal to King El...
  • Jerome
    A fine ending to the series, and I especially liked how Robby's adventures are different than Aidan's and Antoinette's, since he at first was under the influence of another well-developed character, the human mirror-image of Paragor's trusty and ruthless lieutenant Rucifel. This allows a more interesting and engaging subplot than Robby simply "becoming" good.The multiple story lines revolving around the main characters are all interesting and int...
  • J. Tobias
    Paragor has unleashed his ultimate weapon; the ancient Wyrm Lord. Relentlessly attacking the allies of Alleble, the Wyrm Lord is wreaking havoc. The allies of Alleble gather up their remaining forces and flee to Alleble, seeking refuge.Once there, they find Alleble in chaos. A hero has fallen, and the Glimpses of the King are beginning to lose hope against the final storm unleashed against them.As the clouds gather, and Alleble prepares, the Glim...
  • Chris
    Read the epic conclusion of Wayne Thomas Batson's Door Within Trilogy, The Final Storm! While a search goes out for Aelic in The Realm, Aidan Thomas travels back to Maryland to talk with his friend Robby, unaware of his allegiance to Paragor! While meeting with Robby a glimpse named Count Eogan tries to convince Aidan to join the fight against King Eliam, after Aidan refuses the count tries to kill him but is stopped by Robby as Aidan is drawn on...
  • Storm Marie White
    The book is great but I found the ending of this book unsatisfying, but the same goes for the entire trilogy. I was very glad that Aidan was more prominent in this book, and it was a quite moving book.The Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm really felt like they were originally one book but cut in half for the sake of having three books of relatively the same length, and unlike the first book, could not be read on it’s own. You won’t un...
  • Khalisa ♥
    I've read this trilogy about a thousand times since first reading them back in 2007 when they came out. I read them first when I was 12, and every time I read them, even now at 20, I get something different out of it then I did the time before. I'll still be reading these novels when I'm 80 years old.All three books are amazing, but The Final Storm is my favorite. It's a great ending to a great trilogy. You will both laugh and cry, it's absolutel...
  • melydia
    This is the third and final book in The Door Within trilogy, in which Aidan and company fight the evil Paragor for the last time. I have mixed feelings. Now, I accept that this trilogy could not have ended with a cop-out like "and then Aiden woke up snug in his bed", but several of my questions were never answered, such as what happened to the green-eyed/undecided folks. The motives of Paragor's followers are similarly unclear: he promises them p...