Batman by Frank Miller


Lieutenant James Gordon takes up a new post in the crime-ridden and corrupt city of Gotham, while billionaire Bruce Wayne returns to the scene of his parents' deaths, intent on punishing the criminal element.Collects BATMAN #404-407.

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Release DateOct 22nd, 2019
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book

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  • J.G. Keely
    This is one of those books that's been absorbed into the public consciousness so fully that, reading it now, it can be hard to see what was revolutionary about it. This book has come to define the way we think of Batman today and was influential on the darker, grittier cape comics of the eighties and early nineties.But it is also instrumental in introducing what made that period of comics so ridiculous. It's been praised for its gritty realism, b...
  • Patrick
    To me, Batman is kinda like Pizza. By which I mean that even bad pizza is still pretty good. But for me, the best Batman is written by Miller. Maybe it's because I like his writing style, or maybe it's because his fairly dark writing style really suits Batman. Or it could just be that the very first comic I read as adult was Dark Night Returns. That's the comic that made me realize that comics weren't just a bunch of silly bullshit stories for ki...
  • Ahmed Ejaz
    I would have loved it more if graphics were the work of nowadays' technology. I am planning to read my favourite superheros' origin. And I have started with my absolute-favourite superhero, Batman. I knew about his origin before. But reading it was a good experience also.There was also an appearance of Catwoman a.k.a Selina. She didn't appear much. There was just a brief intro of how she became I would have loved it more if graphics were the...
  • Dan Schwent
    When James Gordon joined the Gotham City Police Department, he had no idea of the cesspool of corruption it was. Fortunately, there are a few good cops left in Gotham and Gotham has a fledgling protector of its own, Batman!I'm three decades late to the party but I'm glad I showed up. Batman: Year One has been hyped as one of the definitive Batman stories ever since it was published. Is it?No. It's the definitive James Gordon story and it's specta...
  • Donovan
    "Gotham City. Maybe it's all I deserve, now. Maybe it's just my time in Hell."One of my absolute favorite Batman comics ever. It's quiet, subtle, realistic, noir. This is probably the most accessible Batman comic ever and where new readers should start, because while The Dark Knight Returns is Batman's omega, Batman Year One is his alpha. David Mazzucchelli is sublime. He illustrates with pure balance: minimal while detailed, bright yet dark, bol...
  • Calista
    This was good. I see a lot that Tim Burton pulled in for the '89 Batman movie. This is also strangely centered on Gordon and his life. Usually Gordon is not a focus like here. There are some interesting and different ideas about the origin story, but I guess that is from someone who is going backwards and has seen the movies after this was written. The art is gritty, but not as dark as it gets. The story is sound and Batman has a realism here tha...
  • Anne
    Meh. It was alright. It was sort of cool to see things from Gordon's perspective. I still would have liked to see a little more Bruce. I don't feel like I gained any new insight into his origins or his character. It wasn't awful, I was just hoping for more.
  • Sam Quixote
    You know the classics of literature - War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, Middlemarch? There are aspects to them to appreciate and patient readers can be rewarded greatly with those books. But let's be honest - most of us view classics as a bit of a chore. But what about classic comics? Kind of the same thing, but not for so many. Some classic comics, Marvel and DC especially, are tough to read because the stories from the 40s and 50s are so bad...
  • Melki
    I've never been much of a super hero fan. And to me, Batman will always be Adam West's campy TV show of my youth. Bap! Zammm! Kapow!BUT...there's something about beginnings that appeals to me. I like watching a guy discovering and honing his powers. I'm remembering my favorite parts of two super hero movies I was forced to sit through - Spiderman on a rooftop, trying to figure out how to get his web thingamajig to work - "Um, Shazam?" and Iron Ma...
  • Annie
    I received this one as a birthday present around five months back and never got round to reading this. In fact, it has been almost a decade since I last picked up a comic book. Somewhere around moving from one place to another, sorting life after graduation, this one found itself buried and waiting. Two episodes of the new Flash down and one of the Arrow, then a few of The Walking Dead, and I hate this waiting. I prefer my comic manna to be deliv...
  • Jonathan Terrington
    Year One is the Batman origin that everyone currently knows. It is the origin story that until Frank Miller wrote it, did not exist. And therefore, while the book may not appear ground-breaking currently; at its time of publication it was incredibly fresh. It was the gritty, revenge seeking origin story of Bruce Wayne that audiences wanted.However, in all honesty Bruce Wayne cannot be called the protagonist in this novel. As I recently read: the ...
  • Mike
    Ever since finishing The Caped Crusade I have had a hankering to read one of the iconic Batman stories. As many plaudits as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns has received I was more drawn to this book because it tells the story of Batman's initial forays into vigilante justice (plus I had recently seen Batman v Superman and didn't need to see them fight yet again). While this collection of comics (four to be exact) are titled Batman, this is a stor...
  • Adam
    I'm not a big fan of superhero origin stories, so I avoided reading Batman: Year One for awhile, but I'm really glad I finally picked it up and gave it a try. This four-issue series totally blew me away. It got to the heart of everything I've always loved about Batman, while giving equal time to Commissioner Gordon (still a lieutenant in Year One). Gordon has always been one of my favorite supporting characters in Batman's world, and I think he r...
  • Sandra
    i can now see why people a lot of people, recommend this book to people who wants to start with batman. .this book is the bomb. i love this. well, i still love zero year. both origin stories have their own strengths and weaknesses, still brilliantly done, nonetheless.full review might come. soon. -----------i have been planning to read this for a long timejust wasn't able to add it on goodreads because i'm too lazy to add stuff on here because...
  • James DeSantis
    This isn't the first time I read Year One. It's actually one of the only DC books I did read when I was young. However, it's been over ten years and I was like I have to re-read it to see if I still enjoy it. As you can tell with my score, it's pretty obvious. Have you've ever seen Batman Begins? A lot of the one/feel of that movie owes to this. Even basically taking the ending right out of the pages of this book. This is really two stories, two ...
  • Rusty Grey
    4.5 stars We all know why Bruce Wayne became Batman .Or how he became Batman .Frank Miller's Batman Year One is the story of a naïve Batman , when he had just entered this vigilante business . This story belongs to Commissioner Gordon as much as it belongs to Batman . Just 4.5 stars We all know why Bruce Wayne became Batman .Or how he became Batman .Frank Miller's Batman Year One is the story of a naïve Batman , when he had just entered thi...
  • Dennis
    I’m not going to make a lot of friends now. But I thought this was surprisingly bad.The story is that of Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham after years of training abroad and then turning himself into Batman. This Graphic Novel has been the inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, I think?At the same time Jim Gordon becomes part of the Gotham City Police Department and learns quickly that corruption is widespread amongst the ranks.Both...
  • Stuart
    Batman: Year One: Batman and Jim Gordon's early days in a detective noir thrillerOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureFrank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) completely reinvented Batman as angry and bitter older man coming out of retirement to stem a rising tide of crime in Gotham City alongside Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. This was a dark vision of a complex and troubled soul driven to fight crime to avenge his parent’s s...
  • Vanessa
    Between just getting DC Universe and seeing the new Spiderman movie (SO good!), I'm in a superhero k-hole these days. And since I'm going to see Aquaman with Jen next week, I'll be here for a while. (Hopefully Aquaman won't make me cry the way Spiderman did, because Jen has no doubt told all of our co-workers by now that she had to tell me to pull my shit together when the credits started rolling, because she's the worst like that. But YOU try to...
  • Richard
    I've got good news and disappointing news. The disappointing news is that this "origin" story is less of a full Batman origin tale and more of a young James Gordon story. But the great news is that it's the best damn Gordon story anyone could ever ask for as he tries to navigate the crime-ridden gutters of his new home, Gotham City.
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Arguably one of the most essential Batman story in the comic world, Batman: Year One is a must-read. Fan of the dark knight or not, this story arc collecting all four comic issues (#404 to 407 published in 1987) from the comic series Batman tells the tale of Batman’s first attempt at wearing the dark cowl and cape. In fact, this trade paperback gives the readers the chance to live Gotham City t...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    This is indeed the definitive origin of the Dark Knight. No wonder this is among the top three (with The Dark knight Returns and The Killing Joke), if not the best Batman story to date. You do not call yourself a Batman fan or reader if you haven't read Batman: Year One.What makes Year One great is the fact that there is no single villain Batman is dealing with in Frank Miller's masterpiece. He has just donned the mantle of the Bat so we can give...
  • Justin
    First crack at a DC comic and this was definitely a great place to start. The artwork and color were amazing! I enjoyed just flipping through the pages and admiring the deep colors popping out of the dark backgrounds. I'm not even an art guy so I should probably stop trying to describe the artistic awesomeness of this book. Oh, and there was a story, too. A very dark, depressing story that felt like The Dark Knight trilogy, which definitely took ...
  • Fabian {Councillor}
    I feel like I'm a horrible person to give a Batman comic such a negative rating, and I urge everyone who happens to read my review not to trust my opinion. You'll probably love it; the artwork is okay and the plot well-developed and fast-paced. I have never been much of a Batman fan; neither have I ever understood the hype surrounding this figure, so I finally wanted to give one of the Batman comics a chance by reading Frank Miller's recounting o...
  • أحمد
    In 1986 Frank Miller has given The Dark Knight - and the whole world of graphic novels - a whole new dark dimension, with his legendary "The Dark Knight Returns". The next year he decides to give him a proper beginning. "Batman: Year One" follows the first year of the rise of Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent, the three knights of Gotham. This approach - and many other themes from this book - are adopted by Christopher Nolan's trilogy. So this is th...
  • Sr3yas
    Batman year one (1987) Modern Batman #1Year One is an absolute masterpiece and an achievement in story telling! Its not only one of the best Batman stories, but also my favorite origin story of any superhero!The foremost reason for this opinion is because of the way Frank Miller weaved the story together. Frank Miller not only builds the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman, but also lays foundation to a deeply corrupted underbelly of Gotham city, int...
  • Michelle Morrell
    Batman: Year One follows Jim Gordon as he arrives in Gotham City and makes his way through a police presence rife with corruption. At the same time, a vigilante appears, known as The Batman. Together, yet apart, they aim to purge Gotham of the worst of the scum.Pretty darn old school, it was a nice look into the beginnings of the friendship between the two.
  • Ronyell
    Brief History: To be honest, I have actually first heard about Batman through the 90s cartoon series “Batman: The Animated Series,” which apparently, I have actually had my first exposure to the world of comics through so many animated series throughout the 90s. Since I have been reading a lot of comics lately, especially the “X-Men” comics, I wanted to try a different comic book series and that is where I started reading up on “Batman...
  • Dimitri
    First you realise at the end that this was Nolan's mustard.Second you realise that you've had that deliciously dark taste from panel one.Third you realise to have another go. Frame by frame. Also, Noomi Rapace as Sarah Essen some day?A perfect (late) birthday gift at a comic-con, surrounded by Jokers & Harleys.
  • Michael
    When DC decided it was time to retell the origin story of its some of its iconic super heroes, it was decided that while Superman and Wonder Woman's origin might need some freshening up, the mythology surrounding the origin of Batman worked without any tweaks or revamps. Instead what the origin of Batman needed was a different take on the classic origin. The result is Frank Miller's highly influential, much revered four-issue work Batman: Year On...