Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4) by Steve Alten

Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4)

The Philippine Sea Plate: — The most unexplored realm on the planet. Surrounded by subduction zones and no less than six abyssal gorges -- including the seven-mile-deep, 1,500 mile long Mariana Trench -- the sea is also home to an incredibly anomaly, for hidden beneath its primordial crust lies the remains of the Phantalassa, an ocean that dates back 220 million years. vast and isolated, the Phantalassa is a purgatory of existence, inhabited by...

Details Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4)

TitleHell's Aquarium (MEG #4)
Release DateMay 1st, 2009
PublisherVariance Publishing LLC
GenreFiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Action

Reviews Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4)

  • Hannah
    I'm not going to try and justify myself with this series by Steve Alten. These books are my guilty pleasure, my equivalent of a really, really raunchy, smutty romance with little plot but much "bang" for your buck (pun intended).Alten is never going to set the literary world afire with his command of prose. His female characters generally have a bigger rack then a brain. His male characters are cocky, heroic in stupidly brazen ways, and use their...
  • Paul E. Morph
    I keep expecting the law of diminishing returns to kick in with these Meg sequels but, so far, Alten has managed to keep them really entertaining and they're still holding my (admittedly somewhat demented) interest. It's true that the 'zoology' keeps getting whackier but that's half the fun!
  • Heather Clawson
    It doesn’t seem possible that a book about some of the most bad-assed predators ever to stalk the planet could be so utterly boring but Alten's proven me wrong. It wouldn't have been so bad if the man hadn't insisted on describing, IN DETAIL, the weight, size, lifting power, construction and tensile strength of every. Piece. Of equipment. In. The. Book. I didn't know whether to get goosebumps or to start taking lecture notes. On top of that, al...
  • Taylor Ward
    The Meg series has always been a guilty pleasure. No one will mistake these as high quality American literature, but lets be honest, it's the summer popcorn action movies that make all the money, while the December dramas garner the Oscars. That's what I equate Steve Alten's Meg series too, a string of popcorn entertainment summer novels, and really, they never tried to be anything more. I mean the idea of a 70ft shark on the prowl has never been...
  • Anne Fontaine
    Sometimes a girl just needs the good old-fashioned mayhem that only prehistoric biologicals on a rampage can provide. This is the fourth of Steve Alten's 'Meg' books, the action centered between the Tanaka Institute where Angel, a captured megaladon shark, is resident with her pups and the deep ocean environment where several new and ancient playmates reside. Jonas Taylor and his family are again faced with multiple crises on several fronts, thei...
  • Neil
    After reading the first three books in the series, I was not sure I wanted to read this one. What drew me to the book was the cover - it has a freaky-awesome picture of a child looking at the Meg [with a toy stuffed shark lying on the ground] and the Meg is looking back. On the hardback cover both individuals are facing each other. Much better effect! Best cover in the hardbound series so far!After the first book, this was the best in holding my ...
  • Scott Rhee
    I haven’t seen the film adaptation of Steve Alten’s “Meg” yet, but I think it would be difficult, as a film producer, to simulate the winning formula of Alten’s series of giant shark thrillers, which is an unlikely pairing of pulpy action-adventure silliness with intelligent science. Think Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, and Peter Benchley, all of whom did it equally well, to varying levels of success.Book 4, “Hell’s Aquarium”, i...
  • Colleen
    Now, really this might be unfair, since it's the fourth in the series, and really maybe I should have started with previous ones. I should be charitable and give it two stars because of this, but can't bring myself to do that. Maybe it helps to grow acquainted with the characters slowly, because I 100% HATED everyone in this book. Rooted for the sharks for the entire time. A higher death count would definitely have improved this book, which is a ...
  • Alex
    Another ridiculously-horrible-but-downright-entertaining Meg book. I would honestly read 100 more of these if they were published. They are just so fun and impossible to put down.I loved this particular one from the get-go, when it was revealed that one of Angel's pups was named Lizzy after the infamous Elizabeth Bathory, someone I am fascinated by. From there, it just got better when we were introduced to tons of other prehistoric "extinct" crea...
  • Di
    I enjoyed this installment a lot more than the previous two. This one got back to the things I really enjoyed about the first book. I did again listen to a majority of this in audiobook, but I also picked up a physical copy from my library. The physical copy included pictures of the other animals mentioned in this installment, which were very interesting. Looking forward to the next one!
  • Ladiibbug
    #4 MEG thriller/adventure seriesThis is OK if you're looking for a thriller featuring GIGANTIC (75 feet long, 100,000 lb., heads "as big as a garbage truck") sharks that survived since prehistoric times. If you like blood, mayhem, and graphic shark attacks, you'll like this book. BUT don't expect the details to make much sense! There are so many crazy "this makes NO sense" moments that it's laughable and totally takes the reader out of the story....
  • Michelle
    This one might tie with my favorite with the original. There's just so much more to this book. As with every meg story, the amount of gruesome and death still highlights. But now we have ancient species and an ancient sea added to the mix. With David falling prey to words the way Jonas has before, we are practically reading a young Jonas story. Including a fast love story. As with Meg, I'm not fond of the love story. And well, the way it ends...f...
  • Kate
    David Taylor is all grown up and working at the Tanaka Institute, where Angel is kept along with 4 of her offspring: Lizzie, Bela, Mary Kate, and Ashley (yeah. my thoughts exactly.). Unfortunately, the offspring are getting too big for their tank, and this is causing all of the Megs to become agitated - resulting in several deaths during one of the aquarium's live shows. Then Bin Rashidi, a prince from Dubai, approaches the Taylors with an offer:...
  • John
    After the last four books I read by Alten (RESURRECTION, PHOBOS, GRIM REAPER:END OF DAYS, and THE SHELL GAME) all turned out to be colossal duds, I was starting to think Alten didn't have any more good books left in him. But, with MEG 4: HELL'S AQUARIUM, I'm happy to say that the prodigal son has returned.MEG 4 is a sharksploitation novel that fires on all cylinders. The key word being "sharksploitation." Certainly, MEG 4 is no one's idea of high...
  • Jordan Larsen
    In the fourth installment of Steve Alten's best-selling "Meg" series, it's a killer attraction at the Jonas Taylor family-run amusement park showcasing the most colossal and deadly undersea predators known to man. Here, Mega Shark Angel has spawned a litter of two baby Megs Bella and Lizzy and a radical PETA group is hell bent on stirring up trouble for the Taylor family. However, it isn't just intruders that Jonas is worried about. His son has b...
  • Ria
    In this installment of the Meg series of novels Jonas is approached by a contingency of rich Arabians to help source deep sea monsters to stock their luxury aquarium using his old foe Maren's charts to locate new breeds from a secret underwater basin where these creatures have survived the ages.Jonas is needed due to his experience in this area to lure them up from the depths for an aquatic spectacle like no other.But when Jonas refuses to unleas...
  • Katherine Coble
    The entire thing is ridiculous. Written in a lurching, overly anxious present-tense style, the book has a grating voice. It seems lije it was researched entirely on Wikipedia and is full of rumours-masquerading-as-facts. I want to introduce the author to Snopes.com, so that he can let go of the urban legends he has peppered throughout the text. But really, the worst part is that we have officially passed the point where the Taylors were any kind ...
  • L.M. Mountford
    So this is my second attempt at reading MEG: HA. I first tried 10 years ago but lost interest after the story started to get beyond silly.After finishing Vostok however I decided to try again and unfortunately, it did warm on me. The problem is, the story seems to of been written for the pay cheque rather than for the actual story. The premise alone is hard to swallow, a hidden sea infested with very ancient predators, ruled by leoplordens (that ...
  • Eric
    Didn't make it a quarter of the way through this stinker. I enjoyed the first few books in this series, but this went just went off the deep end. Silly convoluted plot (and that's saying something), way too many characters, and those that are there are either cardboard cutouts or stereotypical, and one too many contrived action scenes.
  • Kathy
    OMG someone needs to tell James Cameron to make a movie out of this book . I loved it.
  • Jeanine
    I love this series! This is the 4th book and an awesome addition.
  • Neil
    This book was both fun and funny to read a second time around. I felt like the author had forgotten a few details from his previous book, but that is okay. It is not like other authors writing a series of books with "time jumps" between each book have not forgotten minor details that can be nitpicked over. It was slower-moving this time around, and I had forgotten how much of the book does not focus on the Megs. The character development is so-so...
  • Katie Whitman
    3.5Better than book 3 was
  • Ami
    Four years have passed since Angel, the 76ft, 100,000 pound megalodon, birthed a litter of pups far too numerous and aggressive to keep in one pen. Fortunately, a Dubai royal prince who is building the largest aquarium in the world, seeks to purchase 2 of the the "runts" - if Joanas Taylor's 21 year old son, David, will be their handler. Jonas reluctantly agrees, and David is off to Dubai for the summer of his life, not realizing that he is being...
  • Mohammad Omar
    Sometimes, you are not in the mood for deep, philosophical musings or nuanced literature that stimulate your esoteric juices. All you want is to have a good time. Meg: Hell's Aquarium, the fourth installment in the Megalodon series delivers exactly on that. Based around a fairly simplistic plot that seems to have been written keeping in mind a movie adaptation (Congrats Steve, the first Meg comes out this year), Hell's Aquarium plunges you deep i...
  • Charles Isom
    Again, about what you would expect from this series. At the start, the author seemed to be getting political, but those plot lines were dropped rather quickly. One of my criticisms of this entire series is how every person in the book is gorgeous, even the minor characters. Again, though, if you are reading a story about giant sharks, you have to take things with a grain of salt.I was also put off by the open ending, obviously leading to a sequel...
  • Robert
    An eagerly awaited installment that pales in comparison to its predecessors. Three rich plot threads combine to form thin soup - all of them seemingly given short-shrift. There are a few illustrations scattered throughout the novel, but they only serve to highlight the many other things that could (should) have been illustrated as well. Not nearly as many people are eaten as before and the 'love interest' is cloying and annoying. Criticisms aside...
  • Seekingtardis
    5/5 🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙Y’all I need a hug after this one!! I love/hated how it ended and I was on the edge of my seat for most of this book! Yes it’s a shark book and you know people are going to get eaten but this book still sent me for a loop! Starting book 5 (the last 😢) now!!
  • Tnpruett
    Author Steve Alten has expressed a desire to end the MEG series before jumping the metaphoric shark. Never mind that at one point in an earlier novel a character kite-boards over a megashark, then tries to jump over the shark AGAIN only to fall into the megashark's mouth and pass out through its gill and *then* gets chomped into a series-signature mess of crushed flesh and intestines.These books really are the best.Anyhow, in book four Alten has ...