Bad Trips by Keath Fraser

Bad Trips

The entries in this collection take us to the farthest extremes of travel with tales of danger, disorientation and bemused discomfort; combines reportage, fiction and poetry representing some of the best-known writers of our time.

Details Bad Trips

TitleBad Trips
Release DateApr 27th, 1991
PublisherVintage Canada
GenreTravel, Nonfiction, Short Stories, Writing, Essays

Reviews Bad Trips

  • Andrew
    As with any anthology, this collection of travel stories includes a range of quality. Some of these stories are quite good, transporting the reader to a specific place and time, immersing us in the writer’s experiences. Others are a bit more pedestrian, providing some interesting glimpses at other places, but failing to truly allow the reader go along for the ride. This is range is also probably somewhat subjective, as different readers may wel...
  • jennifer
    Bad Trips is a thick compilation of travel memoirs, a few novel excerpts and a couple of poems, all with the theme of travel and exploration that didn't go so well. A few are humorous- David Mamet's piece about his wife forcing him to relax on a brief family vacation and Indian author Anita Desai's essay on being sent to a small Norwegian island as part of a UN exchange program of women writers. Many of the pieces are harrowing. Martin Amis descr...
  • Bill Ibelle
    A terrific pick-it-up, put-it-down book that compiles excerpts from some of the best travel writers in the last half century. The variety is wonderful, and gives you lots of great ideas for further reading. If you've ever hit the valley of despair in your travels, you will identify with the experiences of these writers, although hopefully, you're own terrible moments were far less dramatic.
  • Richp
    As with many books of essays and excerpts, it is better to read this one or two segments at a time. Also, some pieces are much better than others, but why shouldn't Sturgeon's law apply?I highly recommend it for people who complain about their first world problems, although a few of these pieces are about first world problems.
  • Michael Lewyn
    not bad but a bit repetitive after awhile. A good book to read while you are on a long trip and want to appreciate how lucky you are not to be in a place with scorpions and dysentery (unless, of course, you ARE in such a place).
  • Nicole
    Quite funny actually
  • Glen Engel-Cox
    A collection of travel writing, mainly excerpts from longer works, although a few are short essays, describing those trips that–well, did not seem quite so fun at the time, but make for great reading. I read this book as a primer and introduction to the writers therein, some of whom I plan to seek out later, including: • Stuart Stevens–Reads like Mark Salzman, probably in part due to the fact that he traveled with Salzman. • P. K. Page–...
  • Pearse Anderson
    A great, great fucking travel anthology. This book was perfect to bring with me to Sicily. Whenever I thought I had it bad, I read pieces about ducking under tunnels or risking your losing your head, or a poisonous shellfish being placed near the toothpaste. Incredible stuff that progressively got worse. Avoiding cocaine kings on a meatpacking tour? Being betrayed by your hobo friend in the dark of night? Reading a pocket bible out of boredom in ...
  • Ronn
    This is a book of essays and book excerpts about travel experiences that were various degrees of less than pleasant. For the most part, I did not enjoy reading it and dont really recommend it.
  • Michelle Seizer
    Truth be told I was expecting more of this book. Some stories were excellent, but others I struggled to finish. A light read to pass the time.
  • Tomas Bella
  • Sue
  • Jerry-Mac
    I registered a book at!
  • Elisabeth
    Some of these were better than others. I bought it at a used book store looking for some funny stories about really bad travel but it ended up requiring a bit more seriousness. Some trips are just bad luck and amusing anecdotes. Some are more disturbing reflections of one person's/culture's/race's impositions on or misguided impressions of another.
  • David
    I read this book sometime in the early 90s. All I really remember is enjoying the misery of others as they had truly horrendous experiences while traveling abroad. We all like to think that we would never be (or had never been) as foolish as the people in the stories. But then again . . . .
  • Susan Lashomb
    Many short stories on travel- some good and some not so good. A bit dated and definitely not a travelogue of cool places to visit. Rather this details once in a life time extremely difficult trips like walking across an African desert.
  • Matthew Loney
    This is the travel writing anthology that started it all for me. Love every entry.
  • AGamble
    A good selection of horrible trips, including shorts by Mamet, Greene, and Forche.
  • Barbara
    Uneven collection. Some good, some not so good.
  • Andrea
    This is a hilarious anthology of bad trips.
  • Kerry
    Bad Trips, Bad book.
  • Christy
    Couldn't get into it. Read a couple essays. Decided not to finish.
  • Claudia
    Compilation of cautionary and amusing travel tales. Loved it!
  • Bradhernandez
    a nice lengthy collection travel tales (mostly excerpts). good stuff. my first foray into travel literature genre.