Travelers' Tales India by James O'Reilly

Travelers' Tales India

India is among the most difficult—and most rewarding—of places to travel. Some have said India stands for "I’ll Never Do It Again." Many more are drawn back time after time because India is the best show on earth, the best bazaar of human experiences that can be visited in a lifetime. India dissolves ideas about what it means to be alive, and its people give new meaning to compassion, perseverance, ingenuity, and friendship. India—monsoon...

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TitleTravelers' Tales India
Release DateJan 14th, 2004
PublisherTravelers' Tales
GenreTravel, Cultural, India, Nonfiction

Reviews Travelers' Tales India

  • Joel Neff
    India has long been a 'get there someday' destination for me. Every time I see the country depicted in film or on t.v. its beauty and diversity grab my attention and I start thinking about moving 'someday' a little further up the agenda. It was after seeing a particularly effective ad campaign on the Discovery channel that I bought this book, the idea being that if I couldn't get to India right away, a little armchair travel might work as a tempo...
  • Sydney (Сидни)
    This was a unique format. I originally thought this was one man's tales of India - oops?! - but, there are multiple stories from a range of people, all seeking something special from India. Each story was short and easy to follow, so nothing was lost in translation!If you are interested in traveling to India, despite the book's age, I found the wisdom shared to be timeless. I would recommend it even if you just wanted to get a better idea about t...
  • Laurie
    What a wonderful collection of stories that spans cities all over India. This is definitely a suggested reading for someone traveling to India.I've read many books and stories set in India, but I was amazed by what was yet to be covered. I'm so happy I read these stories because my eyes have been opened to more places I want to see in India and ways in which to travel - by bike - in a truck on the Grand Trunk Road - and more. Further, it's been a...
  • Katie
    A gift from my husband for Valentine's Day (he knows me well!), I thoroughly enjoyed this series of travel essays set all over India. The writers, settings, geography, and topics were all wildly different. India is a dazzlingly varied country, in terms of everything--food, language, culture, tradition, religion, etc. These essays really ran the gamut of all these different areas. I wish I could even begin to describe them and do them justice. Let...
  • Lane Wilder
    A real mixed bag of first-person accounts of visiting India. Mostly well-written with a couple of exceptions. Some interesting to me, some less so.
  • Martha
    Facinating stories given a wide range of views of India from many unique Western travelers
  • Patty
    Short essays and excerpts, both from tourists and Indians, about India. I like the premise (it's sold as a guidebook, but instead of giving hotel recs or train schedules, it tries to give a sense of culture and history) but the execution isn't really succeeding for me. I was particularly annoyed by this person (speculating on why she's been invited to a wedding while her traveling companion wasn't):"I never did get quite clear on his reasoning. I...
  • Emily
    Lots of selections from larger works. Many of them very interesting. Sometime I might try to read some of the books in which the selections were originally published by the number is overwhelming. My favorite part of the book was the little random notes on the margins of every few pages. Even if you just skimmed it for the notes it would give you a sense of the variety of experiences in India.
  • keith koenigsberg
    They take short travelogues, weave them together with quick informational paragraphs and quotations from hither and thither, and present a great mosaic of India. Across this varied and colorful country, its people, it's climates and geography. It's so wonderfully varied that it never bores.
  • Maura
    A collection of essays by various travel writers. I've been reading this off and on since February I think. It both inspires and scares me about going to India, which I think means it does a pretty good job of giving a wide ranging picture of the country. :)
  • Kika
    I'm loving the info it's giving me about this wonderful and chaotic country. I'm reading it in random order, so who knows really how much of it I've gone through so far, but it can't be more than 10%.
  • Beth
    Phenomenal stories, nearly all of them unusually absorbing and with rich detail. Delightfully, and some times painfully, personal. Highly recommended to anyone who likes travelogues or is interested in East Indian culture and people.
  • Esra Bestel
    Excellent stories and story telling. I learnt a lot of details about India where I will be visiting for the first time at the end of March.
  • Tara
    The Introduction to this book is only 2.5 pages long and is the most accurate description of India that I have ever read. Interesting perspectives from an colorful bevy of travelers.
  • Lauren
    some interesting stories, but the short story format keeps them all shallow. if you are interested in india, it is worth picking up, otherwise, don't bother
  • Dan Tasse
    The intro to "The Dharma of Heli-Skiing" by Peter Shelton is cool. Besides that, I don't really remember much of this book. Fun to read, though.
  • David
    I have the 1995 edition, wonderful. The best book on India I have read
  • Susan
    This is a collection of essays about India, each one beautifully written. Now I want to go off and read the books from which the essays were drawn. I learned a lot from this book.
  • Catherine
    Excellent, easy background reading for anyone visiting India