Greater Than Yourself by Steve Farber

Greater Than Yourself

Too many people assume the timeless principles of true leadership—of helping others achieve their full potential—don’t apply Monday through Friday during work hours or in any circumstance where a paycheck is involved. In GREATER THAN YOURSELF, Steve Farber proves them wrong: in this powerful and inspiring story, Farber shows that the goal of a genuine leader is to help others—teammates, employees, and colleagues—become more capable, con...

Details Greater Than Yourself

TitleGreater Than Yourself
Release DateMar 3rd, 2009
PublisherCrown Business
GenreLeadership, Nonfiction, Business, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews Greater Than Yourself

  • Donna
    I can sum up the bulk of this review with a single question. Have you ever asked someone you didn't know well, how their day was and before a respectable pause could occur after the last word came from your mouth, they were babbling-on, giving you a blow by blow account of their day, down to the snacks they extracted from the vending machines? That is how this felt. It was also similar to taking a young child to the park and they kept yelling, "W...
  • Mary Lou
    I've read few books written in the story format about self-improvement. This is another one. The story is light and interesting and predictable. But the concept is a little different in that it assumes you already have many gifts and talents, and you are going to go find a subject to share them with. You are going to help someone else be "greater than yourself." As I was reading, I realized that I was almost reading a story about my husband, who ...
  • Alyssa Reed-stuewe
    Mansplaining. Used car salesman style.
  • Eve
    Overall, I very much enjoy business novels because stories are often the best way to convey wisdom, knowledge, and ideas.Although I very much liked the philosophy outlined in this book, the characters charged with instructing our doubting every-man Steve, are smug and annoying know-it-alls who love a good reveal. However if you can get passed the trees to look at the forest, the tenets espoused are good ones built on the steps: 1) Expand yourself...
  • Jesse
    I marked this a nonfiction, though the story itself is actually a work of fiction. And I think that is why I gave it four stars. This is the first book I've read by Farber, and I really enjoyed his style. I found the concepts that he presented in "Greater Than Yourself" to be intriguing and inspiring. I agree with Farber that most humans have a feeling, deep down, to want to help others become more. I was quickly sucked into the idea, and started...
  • Cynthia Egbert
    I realize that some people do not care for books that are "non-fiction" that are written in a parable form, but I really love that approach. That is what Mr. Farber does here and the concept that he is promoting is very much changing my life. Because of who I am and what I believe, I quickly moved from this volume to scripture and other inspirational books in my library and made some beautiful connections. I cannot recommend this highly enough an...
  • Zane
    A must read life changing bookI honestly don't like to read much but I began reading this book on a Saturday morning and I couldn't put it down. If you are looking for a new way of thinking, a new leadership approach, or just a better way to live your life then read this book. it's difficult to find a book that sparks real change. But this one did it for me. I hope it can for you too. ~Patria
  • Amy Bell
    I had to read this for my mentoring program at work. It has some good points about elevating people above yourself with the talents you have. It was wrapped in what seemed to be a fictional narrative. I did like the epilogue where it talked about actually implementing the model.
  • Janine McBee
    Great reminder about what is important in life. Like the reminder/challenge to not only invest in others, but to challenges others to invest in themselves, as well as investing in your personal/professional development.
  • Dayla
    I loved this book, and the entire challenge that the author pursued. Steve Farber's novel idea that in leadership, it is important to 1) expand oneself; 2) give oneself; and 3)replicate oneself. Good book for any Leadership group. Thank you E D for providing us this book.
  • Jodi
    It's a fine, simple idea. I don't know that it required an entire book to get the point across, but it was a quick, inspirational read.
  • Angela
    Reading for our manager book club at work.
  • Lisa
    This was a fast and inspiring read that I'm sure I will come back to overt and over again.
  • Lou Caniglia
    This is an awesome and quick read. I recommend it to anyone who leads or manages people.
  • Laura
    Quick Read which gave me some interesting insights into motherhood, even though this is a "business" book.
  • Runa Magnusdottir
    Love it!!
  • Robertjaynes
    Don't like business parables. Just be a mentor.
  • Carla
    Inspired me beyond belief. Wouldn't the world be greater if everyone sought to make others "greater then themselves?"
  • Matt Beckwith
    I am not a fan of parable books. This one, however, I enjoyed. I met Mr. Farber last year and his passion drew me to this book.
  • David
    a short and interestingly written book on leadership, don't expect too much depth.
  • Scott Brown
    Chapter 25 holds the meat of the story. An average tale of replicating leaders by focusing on excellerating the potential of others.
  • Bryce Rowland
    Great book for all.
  • Stasha
    A business parable about leading by example and coaching those you lead to be better than themselves. For some reason this isn't counting in my reading challenge for 2018 even though the dates are in.
  • Jamie
    great book about authentic leadership and what it means to grow yourself so that you have more to teach to others...good message.