The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker

The Juicing Bible

An enhanced bestseller that features 16 new, additional photographs. The first edition of The Juicing Bible won the 2000 International Cookbook Revue Award and has over 700,00 copies in print. It continues to be one of the bestselling juicing books in the marketplace. In response to consumer demand, we've decided to add more value to this comprehensive book with an additional 16 color photographs, which takes the total photographs up to 32. ...

Details The Juicing Bible

TitleThe Juicing Bible
Release DateMar 14th, 2008
PublisherRobert Rose
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Health, Nonfiction, Cooking, Food, Reference

Reviews The Juicing Bible

  • Jean
    This book is organized in the beginning by the malady you wish to help alleviate. It is indexed by alphabetical order with a list of recipes, tips, the nutrients suggested to help your body naturally combat your ailment. The next section has a comprehensive listing of the foods to be used. It gives a brief description, which part of the food to be used and its healing properties as well as suggestions on how to use it and how to handle these food...
  • Maria
    Awesome Cookbook. Has Alot Of Awesome Smoothies and Juicing Recipes.
  • Shanae
    As someone who is new to juicing, I found this book extremely inspiring and very easy to read. I'm certain it will be my go-to guide as I embark on my first juice diet/fast. There are so many recipes here that I see exactly why this book is called the Juicing Bible! It is well organized and can help you through any ailment! I've read other holistic books and done lots of research on what is discussed in Crocker's The Juicing Bible and I can say t...
  • Emma
    This book rocks! It has awesome recipes, but more than that, it has sections on all the fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can juice or add to your juice, and what they are good for and how to store them. I love it.
  • Heather
    So helpful for new juicers! I especially love the beginning sections on fruits and vegetables and how to store and prep them for juicing. Lots of recipes.
  • Robert
    Great juicing recipes.
  • Ingrid Hardy
    I am new to juicing and all that stuff, and though so far I am VERY much enjoying it, I know very little about it (and do not intend to go overboard with it, I just want to incorporate these juices). I have a TON of cookbooks and while I do have a few juice recipes, this one has a good deal of information on why juices are supposed to be good for you, a bit about juice machines, a tone of recipes including a few smoothie recipes, and even some th...
  • Teena in Toronto
    We have a Nutribullet and we use it every day. It also does a great job in pulverizing things and I've used it as a juicer so that's why this book caught my eye.The chapters are:* Introduction - benefits of juicing, benefits of pulping and juicing machines* Healthy body systems - information on the seven major body systems as well as diet and lifestyle changes that will help keep these systems working as well as they can* Health conditions - what...
  • Adrienna
    I wanted to learn more about juicing and its benefits, which this book clearly identifies and shares information on health conditions, health body systems, and healthy foods. The author not only lists varied health conditions that one may have suffered from, or had in their lives, but what to maximize/minimize and eliminate certain foods/drinks that may react the conditions or deactivate the conditions. Then, there are recipes for fruit/vegetable...
  • Megan Jones
    Although it's not the type of book that I sit down and read cover to cover, I have spent more and more time with this book as flu season is setting-in. I love that I can search by ingredient, health concern, or type of drink making it extremely user friendly! It has an outstanding section about using herbs which I knew little about but have enjoyed educating myself about. I have tried various juice blends which have all been tasty and have incorp...
  • Damien
    Great book for those who want to live a life filled with health and an immune system that can fight off disease when everyone around you is getting sick. Looking for a way to start getting more whole foods into your diet and getting away from processed foods? Great, start here. Other great recommendation is 'Forks Over Knives'. Must watch the film and read the book. A back up to it would be 'The China Study'
  • Amanda Pearl
    Excellent book on juicing. It's very well organized. You can look up recipes for specific ailments, systems of the body, a particular ingredient, or general fruit or veggie recipes. It also has some interesting recipes for smoothies, party drinks, and ideas to use the left over parts of the juice. I liked learning about the herbal remedies too, even though I wouldn't put them into a juice. I recommend for anyone interested in juicing :D
  • Calah
    Great beginners book on understanding juicing of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in combination to aid in health concerns. I really like the dictionary-like sections which explain the body's reaction to doses of the aforementioned as well as juice yield, storage, and longevity. I wasn't expecting a tea and smoothie section but pleasantly surprised to see it.
  • KA
    I love this book, which is part nutritional healing guide, part nutritional content guide, and part recipe book. I've tried several of the juices and one smoothie, and they're excellent - plus the book makes it easy to figure out how to substitute certain ingredients or tweak recipes for certain health benefits.
  • Jamie Fox
    For someone totally new to juicing and learning about the benefits of juicing, herbs and nutritional healing, this book was perfect! Very well organized, easy to follow recipes, recommendations for helping specific ailments, detailing the benefits of specific herbs and the list goes on. Love this book!
  • Jessica Kirkpatrick
    This is an awesome book whether you juice or not. Tells you what fruits/ veggies to eat whenever you have an ailment or what they are good for, etc. This is a book I will never disgard and feel I have found a book on health that covers everything.
  • texast
    This is a book I really need to own as a reference guide, not simply check out of the library. Way too much info to take in all at once. Good nutritional info and recipe for things other than juices and smoothies. Very comprehensive.
  • Nancy Mather
    Fantastic book on juicing. In addition to great juicing references, useful info on the health benefits of every fruit and vegetable under the sun. Lots of useful info on the types of foods that work best to treat various health conditions.
  • C
    This book has everything you ever wanted to know about juicing and then some! There is a juice for every ailment. It's here. Vegetables and fruits are described in detail and what they are good for and everything is cross referenced. Great book!
  • Diane
    Excellent reference book. Unique from any other juice book I've read, in that it includes in-depth explanations of what specific herb, vegetable and fruit combinations can address/alleviate specific medical issues.
  • Stephanie
    tasty ideas.An enjoyable read.This would make a nice addition to anyone's personal library.
  • Jodi
    Very complete. Seems a bit outdated though and difficult to use; what aliment you may have followed by recipes. Too much fruit too. I look forward to reviewing Pat's second edition.
  • Valerie
    This book had alot of information however I wish that the section on ailments and disease was larger. There was alot about herbs in the book that I really wasn't interested in. It was Ok.
  • Benjamin Cruzan
    Love this book! I've used many recipes to combat sicknesses.
  • Sandy
    Great book if you're interested in juicing and what different fruits and vegetables can help you with
  • Julie
    Excellent reference for juicing. It is very educational and has a ton of easy to follow recipes for various conditions. I highly recommend!
  • LindaD
    great recipes
  • Pamela
    I learned so much in this book! Informative, very-well organized, and not preachy.
  • Beat Sawedsilp
    Need a guide to juice it up? Read this book!
  • Wendy
    Everything you need to know about juicing ! Herb, fruit and vegetable profiles are great! This book even tells you what to drink for various ailments.