The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5) by Patrick Carman

The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5)

A game of cat and mouse...A strange telegram lures fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, deep into Russia and away from the only trustworthy adult they know. Signed with the initials NRR, the telegram launches a race to uncover a treasure stolen by the Nazis and the truth behind the murder of the last Russian royal family. All too soon, the treasure hunt starts to smell like a Lucian trap. But the bait might just be irresisti...

Details The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5)

TitleThe Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5)
Release DateAug 11th, 2009
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreMystery, Adventure, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5)

  • Exina
    The best installment so far! The story is very exciting with much interesting information about the Romanovs. Amy and Dan finally managed to persuade one of their opponents to cooperate, and they also gained a powerful ally. Ian and Natalie failed badly, and Irina is weirder than ever. I want the next book! On the far end there stood a massive statue of a woman holding a sword over her head, rising like a skyscraper into the cloudy horizon. They...
  • Zenki the Hermit
    The Black Circle Pre-Reading Checklist☐ My family has countless mysterious enemies☐ I'm a Russian spy☐ I value used guidebooks☐ I have a sweet tooth☐ Serendipity is my favorite word☐ I sew my jewelry in my gowns☐ Amber is my birthstone☐ I like sleeping in coffins☐ I'm related to an unkillable monkRatings of previous books:Book 1: The Maze of Bones ★★★★★Book 2: One False Note ★★★★☆Book 3: The Sword Thief ★...
  • Laura
    I am now halfway through this exciting series, which ends with Book Ten coming out August 2010. The Black Circle begins with a telegram that lures to Russia 11 year-old Dan Cahill and 14 year-old Amy Cahilla brother and sister team who are in the race to uncover the 39 clues leading to great power. I must admit I had flashbacks of James Bond spy movies as I read this book.What caught my interest this time is that Dan and Amy go through a whole ri...
  • Tori
    Maybe 3.5 stars......I have mixed feelings about this book in the series. There were two things I really liked about the book. First, I enjoyed the history part taking place in Russia. the details included would easily appeal to kids reading the book, I would imagine. And second, I thought the pace was good - lots of action and a few more details falling into place.But - some items fell flat, in my opinion. I know the books aren't meant to be pla...
  • C
    No Nellie in the adventures. Me is sad :(Nataliya, though. Love that lady
  • Kristine Lopez
    THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! :D it shows here that you can't trust everyone but you can always trust someone.That's what I've learned in this book when an alliance happened and a friendship began. This book also made me feel curious about who NRR is. And at the end...well, almost at the end, you'll know who HE is :) but sometime there, I doubt her because SOMEONE called her and it was ____! So there was a brief doubtfulness inside me. But then again, HE...
  • cherryblossomjen
    As far as I know, The Black Circle marks the halfway point for the 39 clues series. And while this was definitely one of the better books, I find myself able to list more things I *don't* like about the series, than I do. (Note: these comments are more about the books in general, rather than The Black Circle particularly).The writing. On the plus side, having a bunch of different writers take a turn does add various dimensions of flavor, but it's...
  • Sara
    Not the worst book in the 39 clues series so far, but also not the best. In this, Amy and Dan find themselves traveling to Russia (without their au pair) and following clues that a mysterious benefactor has left them, eventually having to work together with another team in the race to solve the puzzle in the time limit they're given. I loved the fact that this took place in Russia and featured all sorts of Russian history. Anyone unfamiliar with ...
  • Heather
    I'm going to give a generic review of the series. Basically because I'm lazy and don't want to write 39 reviews. Okay, 11.We finally read Book 1. And then because we liked it so well, the entire series. One son (age 12) has read them all, the second son (also age 12) is on Book 2. And son #3 (age 8) will be starting as soon as he finishes his current book.I thought the premise of this book very interesting. I loved how they integrated history and...
  • Sandra Stiles
    I have enjoyed each and everyone of the books in this series. After the first one this one was probably my favorite. In the past Dan and Amy have been chased by other families but have not formed any alliances that lasted throughout the book. They were double crossed in each one. It was refreshing to see them make an alliance with the Holts that lasted all the way through the book. Irin played a bigger role in this book. She is probably the one c...
  • Erin
    I'm still trying to figure out how an eleven-year-old boy can trick people into believing that he is an adult by simply putting on a false goatee. Then I have another question about Amy: how was putting on a wig going to make her look any older than fourteen? Those disguises shouldn't have been able to fool anyone! I thought the other books were unrealistic, but this is just crazy! Where did Amy learn how to drive a car? How was Dan able to handl...
  • Dessa Mae
    Actual rating: 4.5 starsSO GOOD!
  • Jeevan Nigam
    This book was mainly that sometimes the reward is worth the risk. In this book and series the reward is nothing short of the chance of world domination, the reward making you the most powerful person in the world. In this book they are in Russia, being hunted down by many Lucians as they are too close for comfort to uncovering many important Lucian secrets. But with the help of their secret helper, "NRR," they find what they came for and more. Th...
  • Sean Harding
    Book five in the series and you guessed it - author number five as well. This one was similar in structural design as the others with more action and adventure than you can poke the proverbial stick at but it was all pretty soulless and dreary stuff. Not much to see here, move along to another place in the book shelf.
  • Zoe
    They were in Cairo, and a mysterious person helps them get to Russia...That's it. That's the plot.Everything is so easy for them. I know this is middle grade, but really? 'Seriously, you will never have a girlfriend''Like I'd want one' Dan has been claimed by The GaysTM....yeah, that's all I got Trigger and Content Warnings: previous loss of loved one, previous loss of loved one to cancer, previous loss of child, sexual harassment, violence...
  • Alix
    I thought this book 39 Clues The Black Circle was the best out of the series so far because of how in depth it gets with the characters and how they face new challenges. A lot of the characters are starting to team up against Dan and Amy.Dan and Amy get this telegram from an unknown source but there were no clues who it came from. Dan and Amy were then followed to an airport where a telegram told them to go. In the telegram it had an airport lock...
  • Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comAmy and Dan receive a telegram with instructions to find a place where they will discover the answer to their next location for a clue. There they uncover two disguises and two plane tickets to Russia.Hot on their trail are several family members, and while uncovering the tasks to get the clue, Amy and Dan realize that they're not going to be able to solve all the tasks under the time restriction.So...
  • Lady Knight
    This one wow-ed me. I've always liked the series, but this one 'knocked it out of the park'. It seems that book three was just a hiccup for this great series. My only regret is that the books seems to be maintaining a riduculous price-to-number of pages ratio. I bought my copy in-store and paid almost $16 for a measly 168 pages. This time Amy and Dan are off to Russia: the land of snow, the Kremlin, Tsars, and ... Irina. After being forced to lea...
  • Jeremy Juarez
    Dan and Amy continue their search for the for the next clue.Dan and Amy leave their hotel to find the next clue and run into trouble with Ian and Natalie Kabra.Dan and Amy get tagged by Ian and Natalie Kabra to the airport but Dan and Amy manage to as escape and find a box that has disguises and a Visa gold card to get them to where they need to go.Once they get where they needed to go they meet Hamilton and make a deal with him and the deal was ...
  • Katrina
    Another great installment in the 39 Clues series though I do have a few complaints. I was sad to see Nellie's total lack of involvement in this book and felt Carman created a poor excuse for her absence (dead cell phone battery-lame!). I was also very disappointed in the inclusion of NRR. I always found it appealing that the kids were able to figure out the clues on their own based on each's particular interests and talents. But in The Black Circ...
  • Cathy
    Pretty good, but everything is way too easy. The pace is fast and furious and mysterious clues are flying all over the place. Some people are helping (or are they?) Dan and Amy, so things are moving more quickly. But they are also figuring out the hints sometimes in mere minutes, a very different case than in the past. It's just a bit discombobulating to have the different authors with different styles, I guess. I enjoyed the bits of Russian hist...
  • Craig Bell
    This has been my favourite book of the series so far. I like the Irina character because she has changed over the course of the series. The children moved around a bit more in this book than the others I think. I can't wait to finish the rest of the first series.
  • Katherine Mowery
    I think the series is getting more interesting as it goes, but if the secret of the 39 Clues turns out to be something typical like the secret to making gold or lame like love, I am going to be so annoyed.
  • Lady Flo
    What a strange book series, whenever I think it gets complicated and meaningless, everything becomes clear ^_^. So, 5 books, 5 clues.
  • Jerry
    A Quickie ReviewMore of what I've come to expect from the series...which, in this case, isn't a bad thing.
  • Hope
    awesome. love it.
  • Gio Gumban
    Could've been better if Queen Nellie was there but I'm so diggin' NRR! :D
  • Crystal Bensley
    Another decent Cahill adventure