On the Run (The Elijah Project, #1) by Bill Myers

On the Run (The Elijah Project, #1)

In book one, On the Run, Elijah’s supernatural gifts have drawn the attention of dark forces. Separated from their parents, Zach and Piper (with a lot of help from heaven) must protect their little brother.

Details On the Run (The Elijah Project, #1)

TitleOn the Run (The Elijah Project, #1)
Release DateApr 26th, 2009
GenreChristian, Fantasy, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Adventure, Young Adult

Reviews On the Run (The Elijah Project, #1)

  • Jenny Rose
    On the Run by Bill Myers Sixteen year-old Zach Dawkins and his thirteen year-old sister Piper are on their way to school with their six year-old little brother Elijah when they witness an accident. A little girl chasing after her run away puppy are both hit by a car. While all eyes are on the little girl, little Elijah picks up the puppy, sits on a curb rocking and whispering. Piper realizes Elijah is not with them and sees him on the curb with t...
  • Jill Williamson
    Zach, Piper, and Elijah are on their way to school when a little girl and her dog are hit by a car. Press arrive on the scene shortly and manage to record six-year-old Elijah perform a miracle. The boy lifted the dead dog into his lap and whispered in its ear and the dog woke up, healthy as could be.When the reporters close in on her brother, Piper knows this isn’t a good thing. She grabs him and runs off for the school. But not fast enough. A ...
  • Stacy
    As the rating shows, it was okay. This is definitely a series intended for late elementary, early middle school ages. Its plot is Revelation/End Times based, so if you don't like that sort of thing, stay away. The characters could be considered flat: bad guy is really bad, one thug is really stupid, the geek is really geeky, etc, but the main characters seem to be more fleshed out: Zach is the older brother, Piper is the younger sister, Elijah is...
  • C.O. Bonham
    Very interesting start to a short series. I will be interested in seeing how the story progresses through the next three books. Bill Myers is very good with this type of story so I have high hopes.
  • Danielle
    Its really short, but I loved it.
  • Patrick Cox
    The Adventure continues as Zach, Piper and Elijah run from the evil Shadow Man. What will happen next? Continue reading this amazing and supsensful series.
  • Anna
    Not as well written as some YA lit. I've enjoyed, but I like the story and characters. Looking for the next in this series of 4.
  • Meredith Kaupp
    A really short story that's part of a series - why didn't they just make it one book??
  • Joanne
    Quite interesting and plants seeds for thought but the writing is generally more for younger children