The Queen's Mistake (In the Court of Henry VIII, #2) by Diane Haeger

The Queen's Mistake (In the Court of Henry VIII, #2)

From the author of The Secret Bride, the tragic tale of the fifth wife of Henry VIII?When the young and beautiful Catherine Howard becomes the fifth wife of the fifty-year-old King Henry VIII, she seems to be on top of the world. Yet her reign is destined to be brief and heartbreaking, as she is forced to do battle with enemies far more powerful and calculating than she could have ever anticipated in a court where one wrong move could mean her un...

Details The Queen's Mistake (In the Court of Henry VIII, #2)

TitleThe Queen's Mistake (In the Court of Henry VIII, #2)
Release DateOct 6th, 2009
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, English History, Tudor Period, Fiction, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews The Queen's Mistake (In the Court of Henry VIII, #2)

  • Rachel Swords
    If you're wanting a story about Henry VIII along the lines of the novels of Philippa Gregory, this isn't it- in fact, one of the many chapters in the Tudor saga is even more mangled here than in Ms. Gregory's works. While it's true that Henry was cordial to Anne of Cleves (if you exclude his famous ""I like her not!"" remarks and branding her the 'Flanders mare'), that's about the only fact that seems close to the truth in this borderline fan fic...
  • Orsolya
    “Predictability” is the main term which can be used to describe Diane Haeger’s “The Queen’s Mistake”. Although Haeger’s other works such as “The Perfect Royal Mistress” (which I loved) and “Courtesan” are also simple reads; The Queen’s Mistake is even more simplified and ‘dummied’ down. We are immediately introduced to a portrayal of Catherine Howard which is quite one dimensional: the naïve but promiscuous girl who t...
  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    The most unrealistic portrayal of Catherine that I've read besides Philippa Gregory's version.(Not the first Catherine, I meant the one who got beheaded. Oh, wait. The other one who got beheaded, this doesn't need a spoiler tag, does it?)For a book entitled The QUEEN'S Mistake, there's not much of the book in which Catherine is actually queen. It's more of a retelling of her past, and a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long and dull courtship between Catherine a...
  • Misfit
    "Use well with the king what you have learned of men"In the Queen’s Mistake Haeger puts a new *spin* on Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's doomed fifth wife. A poorer member of the powerful Howard family, Catherine is relegated to the country home of the Dowager Duchess of Suffolk where supervision over the young girls of the household is lax and sexual escapades are common. The Duke of Norfolk has great plans for Catherine and he wants her sexuall...
  • Amanda Johnson
    Normally, I love Tudor-era historical fiction. It was such a fascinating, precarious time in history with a mad king who ultimately ruled with his passions, altering his country irrevocably in the wake of his cycles of ecstasy and hatred. The women he married were just as likely to face complete ruin as attain dizzying power, and the story of his young fifth queen shows the cost of not realizing Henry's idealistic view of the women he became enam...
  • LibraryCin
    3.5 starsCatherine Howard was Henry VIII’s fifth wife; she was also Anne Boleyn’s cousin. Catherine was not even 20 years old yet when she married Henry and Henry was almost 50. Although Henry didn’t know it, Catherine had a bit of a reputation for being promiscuous. When Henry found out, after they had been married for a short time, things did not end well for Catherine. I have read a little bit about Catherine, but not as much as some of ...
  • Stacie
    Anne Boleyn has been the subject of many books and movies, while her young cousin, Catherine Howard's story is not as well known but is also rife with tragedy and drama. Mrs. Haeger's novel, The Queen's Mistake, chronicles the life of Henry VIII's fifth wife, Catherine Howard. The book was an easy read, but very entertaining. To my knowledge, while no new historical facts were presented, I found the story of Catherine Howard was told with a fresh...
  • Stephanie Tracy
    I'm a big fan of Diane Haeger's Tudor novels - this is the second one I've read, other than her 16th-century French novel about Diane de Poitiers and Henri II, "Courtesan." However, I'm really not a big fan of Catherine Howard, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book. I was pleasantly surprised by the way Diane characterized Catherine and Henry VIII, as well as Thomas Culpeper, Catherine's lover. She tweaks the story line a bit, which I...
  • Tita
    Não é segredo para ninguém que sou fã dos Tudor e deste que este livro saiu que fiquei com ele debaixo de olho, e quando o vi na feira do livro a um preço muito simpático, nem hesitei. Sobre Catarina Howard apenas tinha lido um livro tripartido entre ela, Jane Bolena e Ana de Cleves. Neste livro, e num espaço temporal de cerca de 2 anos conhecemos Catarina e a forma como a família se move para a tornar na nova rainha. Uma vez mais se comp...
  • Maren
    I've read my fair share of historical fiction, and this one was by far one of the worst written. I appreciate what the author was trying to do with the character of Catherine, but unfortunately Haeger was not able to make it work. At all. The whole book read like bad juvenille fiction. I'm surprised I even bothered finishing it. I will not read this author again.
  • Elsa Anderson
    Good histortical fiction.
  • Barrie Gardner
    I liked this book and I debated between 3 and 4 stars. It felt like I read this book forever, it was slow going. Lots and lots of description, especially of clothing. It was hard to pick up, but once I started reading again, I enjoyed it. It was interesting that men were free to have sex with whomever they wanted but women were not. Even the King had mistresses, but his wives were punished for their alleged infidelities. The Howard family encoura...
  • Marie
    Catherine Howard is well known as Henry VIII's youngest and unwisest queen. Being the fifth queen, Henry was older, he had his heir already, and now wanted a young and beautiful but most of all, dutiful wife who could provide backup heirs. Unbeknownst to Catherine, she was strategically placed right under his nose at the exact moment that Henry was looking to legally dispose of his fourth wife, who was Anne of Cleves, otherwise known as the "flan...
  • Patrícia
    Opinião do Blogue Chaise Longue:á quinze anos atrás, a meio do Doutoramento em Psicologia Clínica, Diane descobriu uma história de amor que durou duas décadas, a de Diana de Poitiers e Henrique II de França, história essa que mudaria a sua vida para sempre e que inspiraria o seu primeiro livro, Courtesan. Autora de romances históricos com protagonistas femininas, passados em várias épocas e na...
  • Stacey
    A fiction account of the life of Katherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife, who was beheaded for having an affair with Thomas Culpepper while married to Henry. It’s a ok story. She gives Kat more intelligence than many authors do but there is depth lacking in her characterization and in the other characters of the book. They all seem rather flat. A secondary character. Mary Lassells add some much needed emotion and motivation to the story & m...
  • Lori Gronewold
    The more I read about the women in the Tudor time, the more I feel sad for them they had no say in their lives. To be beheaded because you had sex seems extreme. As usually Henry the VIII is shown has a paranoid, selfish easily manipulated fool.
  • Heaven Claussen
    I love this time period and the books are so well written
  • Mandy
    I wasn't even sure I was going to like this book...I loved it! The ending is very sad though.
  • Beiyu
    A very kind perspective on the action of Catherine Howard and yet also very heartbreaking.
  • Chloe Lucey
    It's a nice filler book while waiting for something to come out but it's not really one I would read again I don't think it portrayed Catherine Howard well.
  • Kathleen Kelly
    When I started reading this book, The Queen's Mistake, I was not sure if I was going to like it or not. I enjoy the Tudor era but my reading has been mostly focused on Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon. I had not read many books about the other wives of Henry VIII. But as I was reading I found that even though this was another wife that " lost her head" I really sympathized with her. As with her cousin Anne, her future was pretty much all plann...
  • Paula
    Almost done, then I can refocus on other books I'm supposed to be reading (or have read!). I was completely hooked until about page 150, when the author seemed to take quite a bit of literary license with the material. I'm not sure how historically accurate the book is, and was frustrated earlier today when I tried to find a non-fiction book on Catherine Howard at an oft-visited used bookstore (normally quite reliable). The only mention she has i...
  • Marie Z. Johansen
    Over the last couple of days I have been able to read a couple of very good historical fictions reads - as well as a couple of exciting new quilting books - so hang on!I had actually started "Her Mother's Daughter" - the new book out by Julianne Lee, but when I picked up "The Queen's Mistake" I felt compelled to read it through. This book had been chosen as a Tudor group read over at Good Reads. I knew very little about Queen Catherine Howard so ...
  • Célia
    Não lia um romance histórico há imenso tempo e só agora percebi que já estava com saudades. A perspetiva de ler sobre a época dos Tudors e a corte de Henrique VIII é sempre entusiasmante, porque toda a vida deste rei, a nível pessoal é político, é fértil em episódios propícios a servir de tema central a livros interessantes. Um pequeno aparte antes de prosseguir com a opinião: sei que é comum traduzir-se para português nomes de r...
  • Amanda
    There are so many Tudor fiction novels out there these days it's becoming ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if, when an author pitches a new book or series to a publisher, they just say it's a Tudor romance and the publisher pulls out their checkbook. Yeah, the market is that flooded with material from the period and well, it's not all good material.I wasn't sure about Diane Haeger, for example, after I read The Secret Bride, her first novel in...
  • Lois
    This novel takes quite abit of literary license with what is known about Kitty Howard-Hanry VIII's fifth bride.The novel portrays Katherine as a chaste wife the Henry who loves him and who he loves. She does admit to her pre-marital infidelities but only after the accusation about she and Thomas Culpepper surface. She adamantly denies every having profaned her marriage with anyone, most especially Thomas Culpepper. She is convinced that the sole ...
  • Kara
    The author did her research - and it shows in her liberal use of names, places and times, (even I had trouble keeping track of everyone) but she feels free to ignore any little facts that she feels get in the way of her story, and got in the way of me enjoying the story:She addresses the Culpepper rape charge, mostly head on, (a real first) but shys away from real follow through by suggesting it was all just a misunderstanding / honor thing.In he...
  • Kelly
    This is supposed to be a book that focuses on the great love of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife and Thomas Culpepper, one of his servants.... two people who tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the King of England. I did not like any characters as they were portrayed in this book. The author tries to play on Catherine's naivety to gain the readers' sympathy but she just comes off as immature and childish and Culpepper was just a hot ...
  • Stacie (MagicOfBooks)
    What I've always found interesting about fictionalized Tudor history is the perception every author has of certain characters. Some authors love one person while others abhor them. In Diane Haeger's "The Queen's Mistake," Catherine Howard is another one of those historical people that has always been viewed differently in literature. Philipa Gregory for instance, in "The Boleyn Inheritance," has Catherine very naive, promiscuous, vain, and what w...
  • kim
    This book is one in the author’s ‘In The Court of King Henry VIII’ series. I saw this book in the library and was drawn to the cover, since I enjoy reading about historical English royalty. However, this was a real disappointment. After several days of trying, I simply could not finish the book. One of the things that really bothered my was the way Catherine was portrayed as sexually precocious at a very young age, by design. As this story ...