Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (Soul Eater, #1) by Atsushi Ohkubo

Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (Soul Eater, #1)

Maka is a weapon meister, determined to turn her partner, a living scythe named Soul Eater, into a powerful death scythe - the ultimate weapon of Death himself! Charged with the task of collecting and devouring the tainted souls of ninety-nine humans and one witch, Maka and her fellow meisters strive to master their weapons as they face off against the bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld. But the meisters' own personal quirks may prov...

Details Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (Soul Eater, #1)

TitleSoul Eater, Vol. 01 (Soul Eater, #1)
Release DateOct 27th, 2009
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels

Reviews Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (Soul Eater, #1)

  • Lola
    3 1/2 stars.I should have read this on Halloween - really the perfect time to plunge into this series. I can't wait to read more of the Death Weapon Meister Academy and Maka's quest to find a witch to kill. The characters are great, but I'm not sure how I feel about the Ecchi genre inside it... Maka is so young... I do know it's humor alone, but still.
  • Mal
    Ah. It's good to be back ;) *spoilers* 1) I forgot just how different Ohkubo's art was so early on in the series, and I'm so, so crazy amazed that someone can advance that hugely. I was always good at art, but I never developed my skills because I didn't have any passion for it, so I fell behind. The life of an artist is foreign to me, but when I see mangaka improve over time ... I'm so impressed, and weirdly proud of them, even though I don't k...
  • Lois Bujold
    Aaalll righty, then...Just spent the past two weeks plowing through the whole 25 volumes as they erratically surfaced from my library. As common, I got into it via the anime, which I quite liked, then tracked back to see what the anime left out. Which was quite a bit.Anime tracks the manga tightly up to Ch. 37, about halfway through the 10th volume. From there it departs to a much shorter ending, using some sequences from later in the manga, drop...
  • John
    All right!!!! I AM BLACK STAR!!!!.And I am the BIG MAN whose doing this reveiw of Soul Eater Volume 1. Just kidding but glad I have your attention now. This book was surprising to say the least. From the look of it you would not expect an engaging, multifaceted, and original concept. But that is what you get! Also it looks like its written for kids. Found it in the Adult section next to HOTD (High School of the Dead)and although it could be enjoy...
  • Megan ♡
    Soul Eater was the very first anime I watched (the only one to actually be finished too D: ) and the first manga I bought. I absolutely adore it. The characters are amazingly thought up, and drawn very well. The whole premise of Soul Eater is very original, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I mean, people that can turn into Weapons?? Who wouldn't like that????!!Soul & Maka: A scythe and his meister- they have 99 Kishin Souls and go to hunt one witch to make So...
  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    To the pretties that love anime, We enter a modern Gothic style setting. In the darkness, arrives a girl carrying a rather large sythe. Her objective is to sythe the soul named Jack the Ripper on several counts of murder. She quickly dispatches the murderer, then we are introduced to the main characters of the manga, Maka and Soul Eater. Their objective is to collect 99 human souls and 1 witch's soul equaling 100 souls, so that Soul can become a ...
  • Abigail Watts
  • Greg J
    This manga is just awesome.
  • Mingwei
    There is a school called Death Weapon Meister Academy, or the DWMA for short. This school is run by a shinigami, or otherwise known as death. This school trains humans who have the ability to transform into weapons, and as well as the ones who wields those weapons, called meisters. These meisters objective is to have their weapon defeat and then devour 99 evil human souls and one witch in order for it to turn into a death scythe. Maka and her par...
  • Samantha Sun
    I like this book very much because it's different from what I normally read. I like how the author aesthetically creates a new realm where what's thought to be bad, the Grim Reaper, turns out to be good. I also enjoyed reading this novel due to it's schools setting so I could relate to some character's when they're given tests but on the other hand I get "jealous" when some students get to go on missions because it's an adventure of life or death...
  • Jessica-Robyn
    I know there are a lot of ghost story concepts in manga, there are so many I can't even begin to count. The idea of the soul is always incredibly interesting and here it's used to a fantastical end. However, I watched a good portion of the anime before reading this first volume and that without a doubt affected my experience. The anime is beat for beat the same as the manga. That meant the Soul Eater I was first introduced to was different, with ...
  • Jmart
    I haven`t read the series but so far what I had read on the reviews the mania is way different then watching it on the screen. Take a hint and watch the series on the screen. You ever watch a movie but you have read the book before watching the movie. Like Harry Potter or Twilight and in the end you have rip apart the movies because they aren`t base on the books all the way. Well this is oppose so the book ruin what have been done on the amine. S...
  • Shiori
    Soul and Maka have already collected 99 souls and whoops they had to restart all over again because of a cat witch. Haha, that's so funny. Black Star and Tsubaki have attemped to collect a Strong soul and they were stopped by a little kid witch in training, haha. Kid and the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty, went to egypt and defeated a lot of mummies but Kid was bruised a lot because of symmetry OCD issues. This manga is very funny.
  • Liva
    I love this series. I have been seeing it in the library for ages and just decided to pick up the first volume the other day. My parents and i went outside to eat and i pulled it it out to start reading. 5 minutes later i was running back inside to borrow out the other volumes. I absolutely love death the kid.
  • Jamaica
    This was an awesome anime. I'm sad that it no longer airs on Toonami. Yes, I saw the anime before reading the manga, but I still enjoyed reading it. Not much to say besides that it was awesome =-)
  • mitarafortunadow
    The reason why the manga is labeled as an adult ones, is because the plot and the theme will make the child cry. Even I, who read this at the age of fourteen, felt so confused and wanted to cry because I don't understand some things. The "madness" thing. It's going to drive me crazy, too.The art in the first few volumes isn't that great. I dropped this series at volume two or three because of that reason. But the story was so original that get me...
  • Mehsi
    4.5 stars.I have been interested in this manga and also anime for a long time. My boyfriend loves it, and I heard other people also say it was a good series.After reading volume 1 I can honestly say I am looking forward even more to the series. There are 3 meister/weapon couples that get the spotlight. Maka and Soul, Black*Star and Tsubaki and Death the Kid with the Thompson sisters.Of course we got a whole bunch of wacky characters like Shinigam...
  • Lex Mori
    At first, I wasn't so sure about this manga because I didn't expect so much action and so little plot. But when I began to view it more for what it is (a high-action-based manga with a more simplistic plot) I began to thoroughly enjoy it more. While I like it a LOT however, I'm probably not going to immediately jump to buy it. I'll wait until I've read more into it before I decide, but it is warming up to me.In terms of plot, there isn't much alt...
  • Deandre Walker
    A sound soul..dwells within a sound mind..and a sound body.That's all you need to get into the Demon Weapons and Meisters Academy,the DWMA for short. Here at this academy you must fight these evil humans called kishins,the goal is the meister and the weapon must work together and fight these kishins and when you defeat the kishin, your weapon must eat their soul. Don't worry the weapons transform into people and then back into weapons; you must c...
  • Paul Torres
    Maka and Soul Eater Evan are weapon and meister. Soul Eater Evan can form into a scythe, and Maka is the wielder. they both work together to collect the souls of 100 humans and one witch. they are enrolled in an academy run by shinigami himself. every body in the academy partners as weapon and meister. all the teams compete against each other in an all out war to make the most powerful death scythe. which ever weapon collects 100 human souls and ...
  • Sophia F
    This was an amazing manga! The storyline is simply awesome, and I love how there is almost more than 1 pairs of main characters, (about 3). They all have funny individual personalities, and all the extra details are really cool like with the 99 human soul and 1 witch's soul.The only things I didn't really like was how... Perverted this manga was majority of the time. It's like, really? Did you REALLY need to add that? But I have to admit, some pa...
  • Elizabeth Stein
    Symmetry is key, everything must be absolutely perfect! 8!!!!Ever since i got into the Soul Eater manga (and after, the show), I have wished for more of this fantastic manga! Soul Eater extended my imagination and got me into writing short stories based on Atsushi Ohkubo's work. This series is the MOST unique piece i have ever seen. The only thing i dislike the most about Soul Eater is that I am provided with only 100 chapters of manga and 51 epi...
  • K.N.
    This series is fun and crazy and pretty much pointless, but it's my kind of pointless. Mostly I love the characters, because there's not that much in the vein of a plot. I would be happy with any story involving Death the Kid or Maka and Soul. Hell, I even like the Naruto!clone Black Star. If you're looking for something fun and nonsensical, Soul Eater's great.
  • Kristan
    Love the art and the story! Fun to read!
  • Erin
    I loved the anime and this is definately so much like the first 3/4 episodes but, it was just as entertaining and action-packed. Great characters, plot and.... MAKA CHOP!
  • Starfire1511
  • Penina
    This so far is one of my favorite manga series. I think fans of the more mainstream manga (bleach and naruto in particular) would enjoy it as well.
  • Sammy
    Soul Eater and Maka work together in order to rid the evil of their world, collecting their souls and eating them in order to upgrade. They need 100 evil souls and 1 witch's soul in order to become a Death Sythe. They also meet up with their assassin friends Black Star and Tsubaki. Death(or Shinigami) is the maker of the school that rids the evil souls, and Soul and Maka also ahve a chance to meet his son Death the Kid(aka Kid) and his ladies Pat...
  • Amber
    This manga is a very good read, one of my favorites. The basic aspects in it, like the soul, weapons and demon like creatures, can be found in many manga stories out there. But this one has indeed got to be one of the best, the characters are funny at times, the story is dramatic, and the plot twists are quite unexpected. Anyone who hasn't read it, should definitely do so as it is well worth it.
  • Mia T-L
    My fave chara is Soul Eater because he's real cool and Blair was quite an annoying character!