Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2) by Janet Evanovich

Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)

This one's double the fun!Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is still learning the ropes at her cousin Vinnie's bail bond office, so when she sets out on the trail of Kenny Mancuso - a suspiciously weatlhy, working class Trenton boy who has just shot his best friend - the stakes are higher than ever. That Mancuso is distantly related to vice cop Joe Morelli - who is trying to beat Stephanie to the punch - only makes the hunt more thrilling...Taking poi...

Details Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)

TitleTwo for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)
Release DateJun 1st, 1996
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Humor, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Reviews Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)

  • Tilly Slaton
    I love this book!One for the Money, as great as this series is, really didn’t show you the potential of laughter to come.Two for the Dough changes everything! The relationship between Stephanie and Morelli will leave you smiling. All of the wonderful little things in a relationship that bugs you, you’ll find in theirs. The awkward moments to the pitter patter wonder moments.Grandma Mazur really steps on stage with her need to pay her respects...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    These books are quick and pretty fun. Sure there is the Scooby doo type mystery afoot in them but I find I’m more drawn to the personal interactions of the characters and the kooky stuff that happens along the way such as:--- How much trouble a grandma cause at not just one but multiple viewings. Granny Mazur rocks --- Chase scene through the mall in purple heels.--- A big Buick that seems to have a mind of it’s own and can’t be stopped unt...
  • James
    Review 3 stars to book #2 in the Stephanie Plum mystery series, Two for the Dough, by Janet Evanovich. Since I'm going back to complete reviews on all the books I've read, and there are over 20 in this series, it would be too boring to do a normal review... so I'll keep it short. A few fun things about this one:1. We're still getting to know how crazy Stephanie Plum is compared to everyone else. She's neurotic in a fun way -- sort of like I am.2...
  • Jilly
    Not quite as good as the first one, but definitely fun! "Sweetie, you are the worst bounty hunter in the history of the world." This is true. Stephanie has settled into her life as a bounty hunter, but that doesn't mean she is necessarily good at it. She blunders her way through things, annoying the hell out of enough people to make sure she is targeted (not exactly on purpose. It just happens), and eventually things work out for her. Eventually....
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: I had to take the oldest boychild on a three-hour trek to play some ball in Middle of Nowhere, America. Guess what else happened to be right around three hours? For anyone out there chomping at the bit to say . . . . I’m already well aware. This is my second go ‘round with Stephanie Plum, only this time I’m doing it via audio. It is true that Janet E. eventually began to...
  • Choko
    *** 4 *** A buddy read with the BBB buddies in December 2015Stephani is a bounty hunter in training. In her own words: Ranger and I had a sort of loose partnership. Ranger was a genuine, cool-ass, numero-uno bounty hunter. I asked him to help me because I was still learning the trade and needed all the help I could get. His participation was in the ballpark of a pity fuck." Stephani is blessed with marvelous relatives and they all reside in a...
  • Cyndi
    I love Stephanie Plum!! This is probably my favorite in the series. Grandma rocks! How often do we get the chance to quote Dirty Harry?Reread—again: March 2018Since I started reading and rereading and rereading these books years ago I have seen lots of books comparing themselves to Stephanie (“a cross between Stephanie Plum and ________.”) But, there is only one Stephanie Plum and the combination of her wit with the unique side characters c...
  • Megs ♥
    Well I didn't really like the first book, but I decided to give this series one more chance. I really wanted to like it. The series is so popular and loved by almost all cozy readers, so maybe it's just me.I don't know. I like the characters. They are fun. I love the idea of the series as well, but for some reason I can't get into the stories. The first book was slightly better than this one in my opinion.I probably won't continue this series, bu...
  • Patrick Gibson
    It’s a world I am unfamiliar with—the world of Chic Lit (or, if you are over 18, I refer to as Clit Lit). Even though Janet Evanovich’s books take up at least three shelves at the local Barnes & Noble, I have never noticed. Probably because they are in the Mystery section which I pass through on my way to the Science Fiction wall. I don’t look to either side for fear of turning into a pillar of salt. But—(there is always a but) I am in ...
  • Cynnamon
    Light and amusing read. 2,5 starsIn this volume Stephanie and Morelli are chasing weapon thiefs, while Grandma Mazur wreaks havoc in funeral homes.I very much enjoyed the Grandma bits of the story. The bounty hunter parts tend to get a bit repetitive with time, though.This was my third novel from the Stephanie Plum series and I think I will take a break now.
  • Gavin
    This was just as fun and entertaining as the first book in the Stephanie Plum series. Rookie bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has her second major bail jumper in sight. Kenny Mancuso, cousin of Joe Morelli, is on the run after shooting his best friend. It seems a straight forward case to begin with, but Stephanie never expected cousin Kenny to be so crazy or to have to deal with the stuff he is caught up in. Lucky for her she has Joe, Ranger, and eve...
  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*
    This is one of those times where I remembered liking a book more the first time I read it. Re-reading it, I found I'm just not a big Evanovich fan. She has a style of cutesy, short and abbreviated writing style that doesn't suit me. I will say at least it's easy to read and quick to breeze through. There IS genuine humor that works - I laughed out loud a few times - but some of it comes off as forced and a little contrived. Stephanie is motivated...
  • Gary Sundell
    Another fun ride with Stephanie Plum, Grandma Mazur, Morelli and Ranger. Lots of Plum and Morelli in this book. I really enjoyed this book.
  • Eddie Owens
    Bridget Jones the bounty hunter - round 2.Stephanie is totally inept, but luckily seems to have all the right contacts to help her out.I laughed out loud on a tram at one stage, so I gave that an extra star.Good fun and easy to read, if a bit samey at times.
  • Tatiana
    I think there is no need to rehash the synopsis of "Two for the Dough." All you need to know is that it is about military ammo, caskets, and severed body parts, all delivered with a unique burg flare. Otherwise the mystery (if it can even be called that) was unremarkable and never ended with a big revelation like you always expect mysteries to end. Basically, there was no real climax.I liked this book slightly less than "One for the Money" and if...
  • ☆Brittany☆
    I finished the second book of the Stephanie Plum series in about 3 days. Evanovich really knows how to make a reader keep turning the pages!This book was just as good as the first one. Evanovich still had me chuckling.I must say I was VERY excited to see that Joe Morelli was also in book 2. I thought he was going to be gone when book 1 finished. I was very happy to see he is a part of the cast of characters that is going to be sticking around. He...
  • Sarah
    Stephanie's latest skip should be easy to collar, local boy Kenny shot his best friend in the knee during an argument but it was only a minor incident and Moogey didn't even want to press charges so there is no need for him to do a disappearing act. Then, after Kenny misses his court date, Moogey is murdered and prime suspect Kenny falls completely off the radar. Not one to walk away from a case Stephanie becomes determined to track Kenny down bu...
  • Hillary
    Stephanie Plum is a menace hahah! I love these books, they’re so much fun!Take my advice, don’t read this series in public places because it won’t be pretty. People will think you’re mad because you laugh to death by yourself.This time Stephanie and the Buick did it for me. What’s with that car? And poor Morelli, when he’s near Stephanie his police car is always in danger. Just like his previous car.Grandma Mazur was also a lot of fun...
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    I forgot how much fun the series can be and the sense of humor and how fast paced the books are. I really should get back to this series. I liked the tension and banter between Morelli and Stephanie which made the book an enjoyable read. I wasn't sure about him in the first one but him likable in this. Also Stephanie's Grandma is awesome in this. Needs more Stephanie Ranger moments. But it also has some weird and tense moments. Especially near th...
  • bella ϟ [ bella farren ]
    3.5 / 5 starsAnother enjoyable addition to this series, although not as funny or engaging as the first book. I loved that Grandma Mazur was more prominent in this book, she’s a hilarious character that has me in stitches. The best part of this book had to be the classic Stephanie Plum and Joe Morelli banter and arguments. Stephanie just attracts calamity wherever she goes, and Joe is always running around after her, at wits ends with her and he...
  • Liv.
    Now Stephanie's back, armed with attitude -- not to mention stun guns, defense sprays, killer flashlights, and her trusty .38, Stephanie is after a new bail jumper, Kenny Mancuso, a boy from Trenton's burg. He's fresh out of the army, suspiciously wealthy, and he's just shot his best friend.With her bounty hunter pal Ranger stepping in occasionally to advise her, Stephanie staggers kneedeep in corpses and caskets as she traipses through back stre...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    Personally driving a '53 Buick doesn't sound bad to me, and Steph manages to to end up in it a lot. She seems to destroy every car but this one. The best thing about these books is that they can be "fun". In this book Steph and her Grandma manage to to spend a lot of time in their Trenton neighborhood's primary social gathering place, Stiva's Funeral Home.I'd say more but that would require a spoiler warning and you know how I hate those. (RIGHT)...
  • Steph
    I really enjoyed this book. Kenny Mancuso has shot his old friend (Moogey) and has skipped bail, so Steph is out on the case to bring him in. Simple, right? Wrong! Turns out Kenny is frickin bat-shit crazy. He hurts, threatens and beats anyone who get's in his way (including old ladies, but more on that later), he cut his own damn finger off to see what would happen... Honestly, he's a fruitcake! The other 'bad guy' in this book is Spiro, who wor...
  • Veronica Morfi
    Rating: 4/5Stephanie Plum is the new bounty hunter in Trenton, and after her first big case she is going after some more easy targets. Kenny Mancuso was supposed to be one of those easy targets but she can't seem to find him anywhere and Joe Morelli, her old fling, cop and Kenny's cousin seems to be following her. Stephanie will go from stake outs to funeral homes to find Kenny and figure out why he doesn't want to be found.This was the first Ste...
  • Erin
    After finishing this book, I had to go back and change my rating on "One for the Money" because book 2 is far more entertaining and much better written. Stephanie Plum and Morelli's chemistry is sizzling, the criminal element was interesting and the secondary characters had more opportunity to interact with our main protagonist. The only downside was that Ranger only has a cameo appearance in this book, but considering that there are a lot of boo...
  • Tracy
    I enjoyed this book a lot more than book 1. This one has a lot more humor in it and the relationship between Morelli and Stephanie is building. Guess we'll see where that takes us. But at least Morelli seems like a nicer person now. Grandma Mazur is my favorite character, hands down! I love her witty remarks that are ridiculous for an old lady. Makes me laugh. It's always good when a book can make you laugh out loud....
  • Catherine
    It was cute, it was fun, but I don't know if I'll pick up the next. Too much description of clothes (hello Anita Blake) and the fun factor is wearing off.
  • Heather
    I enjoyed One for the Money. The plot was entertaining, the setting was familiar in its otherness, and the characters were likable, well drawn and relatable. Furthermore, Stephanie Plum, the heroine, was rather humorous when remarking on the going’s on of the Berg and her family, and made me giggle at the situations she managed to find herself in. The pace was perfect for turning pages quickly, and before I knew it, I had completed the book. Na...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Another cute read but enough of the cat and mouse been Stephanie and Joe.My mind wandered on this one and I didn’t really feel motivated to rewind and find out what I missed.I’ll move into the next one because I’m getting these from the library. After that one I’ll see if I’ll continue the series. The narration was good.
  • OhWell
    Weaker than One for the Money, and less funny, but it works as an in-between read. Or palate cleanser, if you will.