Love Soup by Anna Thomas

Love Soup

Delicious recipes for vegetarian soups from the author of “the most influential cookbooks in the history of modern vegetarian cuisine” (Chicago Sun-Times). Anna Thomas’s Vegetarian Epicure cookbooks have sold millions of copies and inspired generations. Now she describes her love affair with the ultimate comfort food. “From my kitchen to yours,” Thomas says, “here are the best soups I’ve ever made.” Her wonderfully creative recipe...

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TitleLove Soup
Release DateSep 21st, 2009
PublisherW. W. Norton & Company
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Vegetarian, Reference, Vegan

Reviews Love Soup

  • Laurie
    After receiving this book for Christmas, I officially declared 2010 The Year of Soup. It's actually only been the past couple of years that I've been eating soup, and only a few different ones at that. I've loved the idea of soup however: simple, nourishing, comforting & timeless. Creating soup was a revelation for me. For the first seven weeks of the year, we made a different one every week, usually with homemade stock & fresh homemade bread. It...
  • Page
    This cookbook honestly made me weep, everybody should read this.
  • Karen
    This is probably my favorite soup book so far, and I have many. I've been making the Parsley Soup frequently from the Green Soups section and it's superb. You'd think a "green soup" might be a turn-off, but the flavor is wonderful. The soups are made with a minimal amount of oil so you can drizzle fresh olive oil on top of each serving right before eating. It's part of the recipe, it finishes the soup. I love this way of thinking about olive oil ...
  • Lisa
    This is the new book in my cookbook collection. I think it's because as soon as the weather hinted it's autumnal crispness to come I started craving soup in a big way. I've been browsing through this and so far I think it's very approachable and I really love that it's separated into seasons. So I can focus on the fall and winter soups for the next few months and go to my winter farmer's market and use what I see there. The author is very flexibl...
  • Maze Branch Oak Park Public Library
    Does it have pictures? Can you read the whole recipe on two facing pages? Are the page numbers easy to find? These are the questions the What's Cooking group asks of every cookbook. Despite the fact that the answer was No to all of these questions, our group (well, most of them) really enjoyed this book.We sampled the following recipes...- Jeri's Spicy Nuts- Stewed Root Vegetables with Moroccan Spices- Quinoa with Spinach, Potatoes, and Chard- Ca...
  • Cherie
    A+ I adored this cookbook (sorry about the original wrong review!). This is full of amazingly delicious soups (soups are my favourite thing to cook) - and all of them vegetarian! I put this book on my "to own" list b/c it is so absolutely wonderful. I want to try all of these recipes...! YUM!
  • Kandi A. Hudson
    Some Odd CombinationsThis is a very nice book for veggie soup. I find the combination of ingredients something I never though of and I am not sure about some of them. However there are a lot of familiar soups as well along with some interesting other things including deserts. I have been looking for a good gingerbread recipe and the one in the book looks good and I cannot wait to try it. All in all, I can see why this is an award winning book. Th...
  • Ruth
    Vegetarian soups organized by season AND compiled by a good writer? Sign me up. Big fan.
  • Beth Polebaum
    So many good recipes in this book! Try the green soup with mushrooms and the spicy Indonesian soup! I got this book from the library but it was so good, I just bought it!
  • Carol Tietsworth
    I'm vegetarian so I'm always looking for new recipes.
  • Julie
    This book is beautifully written with tons of easy to follow recipes. It is broken down by season so that you can prepare your soups with the freshest produce available at the time. They are all vegetarian, but most are also vegan or have easy vegan adaptations. She even gives suggestions for what to serve with your soup - perhaps some olives or cheeses first, some bread on the side, and an ideal complement for dessert. In addition to soup recipe...
  • Bworm
    There is no such thing as a quick soup. But that's part of the comfort of soup. The meditative regularity of cutting the vegetables, the soft sound of the soup simmering, the heat of the stove, the book you read while you wait...Each soup has a story, which is sometimes longer than the recipe, but that doesn't matter as it sets the mood for the cook, and that somehow also helps understand the kind of flavour we are looking for. No pictures (after...
  • Deborah
    I'm marking this "read" but a more appropriate status would be "constantly referenced" as it is second only to Joy of Cooking on my go to list of cookbooks! I'm not a vegetarian and as such I assert that this cookbook has wide appeal. The recipes are arranged seasonally, offering cooks' insight into excellent use of fresh seasonal ingredients. Beyond that this book offers two large "plusses"First - its a delightful read. The authors love of food,...
  • penny shima glanz
    While today is the winter solstice, it is most definitely soup weather, but then in my opinion every day is soup weather. I found this title on quite a few vegetarian food blogs. I placed a hold for it at the library and waited. If I had known it was this good I don't think I could have. I love the easy intro and I feel the passion and easy approach she takes to cooking. I love that she asks you to take these as inspiration and tweak them to be y...
  • Beth
    This is a new classic from Anna Thomas, who wrote the Vegetarian Epicure. I first cooked from Vegetarian Epicure in the '80s before I ever dreamed of becoming vegetarian. She writes wonderful recipes for anyone who wants to try them. This updated version is wonderful. She has taken some of the excess fat out of recipes such as her Corn and Cheddar Chowder and kept the taste. Currently, I manage the kitchen at a small ashram. While I cook "intuiti...
  • Kiran
    This is by far one of the best vegetarian cookbooks I've come across. Recipes are well explained and the author includes several suggestions on variations, substitutions and quick ways to turn soups into a meal. The overall layout of the book is well thought out by seasonality (spring, fall, summer), type (bean soups, squash soups, green soups - kale, spinach etc.) or occasion. Vegan recipes are clearly marked and I especially appreciate the sect...
  • Melissa
    I love everything I've made from this cookbook. I never understood what people meant when they talked about layered tastes - I made a black bean squash soup that was complex and definitely layered. Delicious! The soups are filling even when they are just vegetables, you will not be hungry later in the day. I know, a surprise to me too. The only thing I don't care for is that somehow every pot and pan in my kitchen must make an appearance when I'm...
  • Binet
    I've tried several soups from this book so far, and they have all been outstanding. My favorite so far has been the Charred Zucchini with Yogurt, followed closely by the Summer Minestrone. Her recipe writing style is both friendly and explicit. I would recommend to heed her warning about adding heat slowly when working with new chilies. I have a fairly high spice (heat) tolerance, but I believe her taste is much higher.
  • Bee
    My new favorite soup cookbook. I love it! I especially love how Anna Thomas breaks her recipe sections down seasonally. I've made two of the soup recipes so far and both were fabulous. I'm not a vegetarian but I eat meatless a lot of the time and I like how vegetable-centric these are, as I find it especially challenging to eat my veggies during wintertime. Plus these recipes are easy to add meat to, if you should so desire.
  • Caroline
    Anna Thomas is my favorite cookbook writer. I have all of her cookbooks, but this one, by far is my favorite. I am primarily a baker, but soup is my favorite thing to cook, so when I saw that Anna Thomas wrote a soup cookbook, I just had to have it. There are so many recipes and I have only tried a handful, but they have been really great and so flavorful/filling. My favorite is the Green Soup recipe (and all its variations). I tend to keep Green...
  • Emily
    Not only is this my favorite soup cookbook, but I'm pretty sure it's my favorite cookbook, period. Anna Thomas is brilliant. While some of these recipes are time-consuming, they're very approachable, and I have yet to find a dud among them (and I've probably cooked 25-30 of them at this point!) Also, I doubt I ever would have tried to make green soup without the encouragement of this book, but it is a-mazing.
  • Antonette
    I had high hopes for this book going in. Wanting some new vegetarian soup ideas, the narrative especially in the beginning, seems great. However, the recipes themselves have odd combinations. I'm sure many love them but my family is less than adventurous and I was hoping for more mainstream ideas.
  • Katie
    To be fair, I haven't actually made any of these soups or breads yet, but I totally want to! If only I could get over my lazy/impatient attitude of wanting dinner to be preparable in under 10 minutes. :( I loved the cozy, narrative style of this cookbook. Only time will tell if I can manage actually pulling off any of the complex-looking recipes.
  • Sarah
    Have made two soups so far (basic lentil and split pea). The lentil was good but not as good as Deborah Madison's from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. The split pea wasn't great. But I do love the section on accompaniments - the quick oatmeal bread was divine! Am looking forward to trying more recipes.
  • Dani
    While the author's attitude inspired me to get in the kitchen, the recipes contained items that I never see in my local grocery store. The book is sectioned into warm-weather and cool-weather soups, so it would be great for someone who shops by the seasons. I would recommend this book to someone who has easy access to a farmer's market.
  • Kate
    One of my all-time favorite veg cookbooks. Very produce-centric and every recipe turns out stellar! Plus, the recipes are very well written -- I'm always astonished at how she lays out your soup-cooking timeline to a T so you can cook fantastic soup in a timely fashion!
  • Renee
    Lovely recipes, and I even managed to find a perfect summer farmer's market soup. I am not a person who normally enjoys soup in the warmer weather, though, so I cannot wait for fall to arrive so I can get full use out of the wonderful cookbook!
  • Jen
    trying to add more veggies to my everyday...and i flippin' love soup. this was just okay for me recipe-wise, as there are not many that i really feel compelled to whip up. i do, however, really love her cookbook-writing style and some of the desserts and side salads and breads sound really good.