The Map As Art by Katharine Harmon

The Map As Art

Maps can be simple tools, comfortable in their familiar form. Or they can lead to different destinations: places turned upside down or inside out, territories riddled with marks understood only by their maker, realms connected more to the interior mind than to the exterior world. These are the places of artists' maps, that happy combination of information and illusion that flourishes in basement studios and downtown galleries alike. It is little ...

Details The Map As Art

TitleThe Map As Art
Release DateSep 23rd, 2009
PublisherPrinceton Architectural Press
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Cartography, Maps, Geography, Science, Design

Reviews The Map As Art

  • Lisa Vegan
    I adore maps, maps in books, maps by themselves, all sorts of maps. I expected to love this book. It was okay. The maps included contain many that use the term map extremely loosely.The essays are, for the most part, interesting. The maps? Well, I thought many were highly creative. I’d say I liked to loved the art of about 20%-33% of them and liked to loved maybe 50%-67% of the maps as (sort of) maps, some of them the more atypical examples. I ...
  • Linette
    I have to put this in my end file. This is one of those books that you could keep going back into and find something new every time.
  • Kate
    Which comes first, the territory or the map?“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at.” --O.W.Lars ArrheniusJonathan CallanCarl ChengJoão MachadoMairele NeudeckerYukinori Yanagi
  • Matt
    I had stumbled across this book while browsing through Amazon, and picked it up solely based on my interest in the topic. This can be dangerous, as art books can vary wildly in quality - sometimes, as The Map as Art makes clear, swinging to both extremes within the same book. The Map as Art's biggest success is in its diversity - it collects a stunning array of artists, in terms of material engagement, thematic/conceptual concerns, and cultural/e...
  • Kris
    "Geographers submit to a tacit agreement to obey certain mapping conventions, to speak in a malleable but standardized visual language. Artists are free to disobey these rules. They can mock preoccupation with ownership, spheres of influence, and conventional cultural orientations and beliefs." (p. 10)"Creative geographer and author Denis Wood writes, "Map artists...claim the power of the map to achieve ends other than the social reproduction of ...
  • Kerfe
    This book is all about the visuals--contemporary artists using mapping as a starting point for their work. Whether city or landscape, body or mind, real or invented, interior or exterior, photographic or abstracted, "maps are always subjective representations of the world." A multitude of approaches, with some wonderful and unexpected results.Among my favorites: Charles Ross's "Star Maps", the Bambanani Women's Group "Body Maps", the aboriginal s...
  • Ryan Mishap
    While I don't have a "shelf" for art books on Goodreads or in my home, I thought this would be ab interesting look-see, especially for Tracy can be captivated by maps.The artists range across mediums (and talent). The works range from altered maps, photos of conceptual works, paintings of the place on a map where the U.S. has bombed someone (66 paintings so far, included the Philadelphia police bombing of MOVE shown in the book), to some wacko wh...
  • Zioluc
    Le mappe e la cartografia nei lavori degli artisti contemporanei. Di ciascun autore son presentate da 2 a 5 opere, per la maggior parte realizzate tra il 2000 e il 2008. C'è di tutto, dalle mappe di posti inventati a quelle di aspetti intimi dell'artista, dall'impegno sociale e politico al gioco alla pura estetica. Per chi è patito di mappe, un vero piacere da sfogliare pagina dopo pagina. I miei preferiti probabilmente sono Ingo Gunther con i ...
  • Jamie
    A lovely book with several strange, endearing, and mind-boggling interpretations of maps. My favorites included: -Clothing maps of Corriette Schoenaerts-Ai Weiwei's "World Map"-Mail art maps of Harriet Russell and Peter Dykhuis-The brutally simple and arresting map of the equator by Adriana Varejao-Altered book maps by Jonathan Callan and Mariele Neudecker-and my favorite, hands-down: the amazingly brilliant steamroller that maps Los Angeles on a...
  • Jenny
    A fascinating overview of the use of cartography in contemporary art. The artists range from the well known and internationally famous to self taught artists who share their work on-line or in the coffee shop where they work. All of them use maps, spacial representations of journeys, atlases and/or globes in their artwork. A diverse collection of works and media are shown. The accompanying essays provide additional information about specific arti...
  • Ralph McEwen
    Interesting art works. I recommend using a magnifying glass for see some of the finer details. I found several of the pieces very interesting and would like to see them in person. Most are abstracts which I never seem to get, my failing not the artists. Over all a book well worth the time to read or at least look at the pretty pictures.
  • Jen
    There were some beautiful pieces and some silly ones, but overall I appreciated like 90% of the artists showcased in this book. I have an odd affection for maps though. Some of these aren't maps in the strictest of sense. I'll have to re-read it, as I only read the bits that seemed the most interesting. Quality book. If I saw this in a used book store, I would totally buy it.
  • Du
    great book to browse. not the type of book you learn anything from, more of a sit back and flip thorough, and enjoy the art. I would have liked some more introduction or explanation I'd infatuation on some of the maps.
  • Serena
    A map always represents a sort of longing for me, and this book delivers both the factual and imaginative sides to that longing. The art is stunning, all sorts of medium, style, and scope are represented.
  • Anna
    Although some of the text was a little convoluted, the art pieces were amazing. It seems like a pretty comprehensive work on most current artists who work with maps and space. I can only hope that art continues to go into this direction so more books like this will emerge.
  • Allen
    Working in GIS, I see a lot of boring maps. This book had anything but boring maps. It was nice to see how artful a map can be. It was actually quite inspiring. My only complaint about the book is that I would have liked to see more maps that are both artful and useful.
  • Tony
    Delightful and varied; dad and son carving a globe, a map of Europe in clothes with a real boot for Italy, a 3 dimensional crime map of London with peaks to represent statistics. A fine browse though it would be great to see the full-size maps for the details.
  • Kris McCracken
    A collection of work from contemporary artists who have utilised the idea of the map to express their vision. Using paint, food, salt, souvenir tea towels, nude bodies, and a whole lot more, you can see how artists have been able to explore a world free of geographical constraints. B-.
  • Kevin
    Fascinating, wide-ranging look at the junction of art and cartography. Some political, some touching, some beautiful.
  • Ben
    An excellent collection of map-themed and map-inspired artwork in a vast variety of styles/mediums. Amazing creativity on display.
  • Michelle
    I want to marry this book! :)
  • Althea
    Finished the day of New Years Eve, some very cool ideas and views!
  • Ann
    Art inspiration book with many formats of map as art. I loved the illustrations and the stories about the artists and their work,
  • Brenda B
    Such a beautiful book. Excellent read for map-addicts and art lovers. Inspiring.
  • Callista
    It was okay, a lot of cool concepts, but nothing that struck me too much visually. The crime map of London was the most striking and interesting, in my opinion.
  • Kati Stevens
    Much of the text is surmising this and reading too much into that, and some of the "maps" are a stretch, but a beautiful book and heavily sprinkled with great finds.