Shem Creek (Lowcountry Tales, #4) by Dorothea Benton Frank

Shem Creek (Lowcountry Tales, #4)

Pat Conroy has called her books “hilarious and wise”, noting that they are “funny, sexy and usually damp with sea water.” Anne Rivers Siddons said of Sullivans Island that it “roared with life.” Now Dorothea Benton Frank takes us back to the Lowcountry to introduce a whole new cast of characters whose lives will surely move your heart.Linda Breland has no experience managing a restaurant, but then neither did Brad Jackson, and he owns...

Details Shem Creek (Lowcountry Tales, #4)

TitleShem Creek (Lowcountry Tales, #4)
Release DateMay 3rd, 2005
GenreFiction, American, Southern, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Shem Creek (Lowcountry Tales, #4)

  • Janice
    Starts off well. Linda Breland, single mom of two teen daughters, is tired of her life in NJ. She heads down to SC to her sister's to see if she can start over. We see her problems with her ex, her job, the men she dates, and her kids. Then we get her to SC where she lives with her supportive sister who is glad to have her around. She finds a job with a good group of people. Then all of a sudden the problems pretty much stop. The teen daughter wh...
  • Tina
  • Michele
    I hate to give a fellow South Carolinian one star, but I really didn't like this book. I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, where the story take place and it was really neat to see real places from my hometown in print, but I thought the writing was mediocre, the story was sappy and there wasn't really a good ending. It was like she got close to the end and the publishers said,"Ok, we need your manuscript right now!" and she just ended it.
  • Amy
    I think I'll give Ms Frank a rest for awhile. The last couple books I've read seem to be pretty similar in plotting and a little formulaic. I like the low country venue, but "woman somehow gets to big city, gets married, has kids, husband cheats (epically), woman flees back to low country where she deals with rotten history, makes new and reacquaints with old friends, finds the man of her dreams and lives happily ever after has been done, ad naus...
  • Amy
    I listened to this book via audio. It was a pleasant read but the direction and conclusion were so obvious.
  • Judy
    I fell in love with South Carolina and the characters of this story. Linda Breland, mother of 2 teenage daughters has decided that life in New Jersey is for the birds. She needs to go back to her roots and so she packs her daughters and her car and leaves her house and her job to head to Charleston, to Mount Pleasant and the shores of Shem Creek. Linda is brash, bold, and a bit irreverent. She is also fiercely loyal, a loving mother, a devoted si...
  • Sharon Huether
    A mother with custody of her daughters leave NJ for her home in SC. She needs a fresh start since her divorce. Her sister is there in Mt Pleasant. Linda gets an interesting job in a popular local restruant. As she works there she is observed by all and is well liked, especially by the owner. To her surprise he asked her to marry him. The story brings out love, friendship, second chances and family. Great story
  • Babs
    This by far is my favorite book by D. Frank. I loved Linda, her sister Mimi and her girls Gracie and Lindsay. They were all a hoot. Brad and his gang made the story so wonderful to read. I could read this book again and again. Linda shows what a real single parent is like and how easy it can be to start over. Just a lovely read all around.
  • Elizabeth Oporto
    This book was pretty mediocre, even taking into account my low expectations/needing an easy read for a long car ride.
  • Ana
    Just an easy, sappy summer read.
  • Judy Churchill
    Filled with family angst, another low country story unfolds. You can taste the seafood as Linda gets a job managing a local restaurant. A single mother with two teenage daughters, their recent move from New Jersey stirs the adventures.
  • Marleen
    This is a delightful and cute story by one of my favorite authors. I love how the beauty and atmosphere of the Low Country (SC) jumps of the page. “Shem Creek” was certainly a bit lighter than any other books I’ve read so far by Dorothea Benton Frank, but nonetheless it was very entertaining and the book was over too soon! It’s amazing how Benton Frank captures the rhythm of this uniquely beautiful area around Charleston. Another plus her...
  • Toriana
    The second time I read this book. I couldn’t remember any of the plot from my first read a few years ago, other than that there was a restaurant on the water and beautiful descriptions of South Carolina. I wanted something uplifting and lightweight and completely harmless to escape a stressful few weeks. This faded hardback that had sat on my shelf unnoticed for years, drew me back to it as I remembered that’s exactly what I had felt the firs...
  • Nancy
    Bit disappointed in this offering - predictable mother/daughter/sister story set in South Carolina Lowcountry.
  • Rachel
    I really wanted to like this book because it’s set in one of my favorite places, but I really didn’t care for it. The beginning and ending were fine, but the rest was pretty bad. The writing was mediocre, and the characters were poorly developed. The most annoying part though, was that all the main characters scoffed at the idea of conserving and protecting the environment despite the fact that one of the focuses of the book is the uniqueness...
  • Rebecca
    I pretty much read this book in one big gulp. Oh, all right...TWO big gulps. I couldn't seem to put it down. It reminded me very much of Maeve Binchy's books, and of Anne Rivers Siddons, as well. Not in content so much, but in my emotional response to the books. I pick up one of those two authors' books, and just...sink into another place, a vastly quiet and calm place, although some of the scenes are anything but calm. I find them gently compell...
  • Donna
    Enjoyed this book. Linda did the right thing getting her daughters out of New Jersey after her divorce. It took her awhile to realize what everyone else knew, that she and Brad had fallen in love. It took a confrontation with Amy and a fire at the restaurant and Gracie in the hospital to hit the nail on the head. Love DBF books...
  • Patricia
    A wonderful story that made me laugh and cry! But the sad tears were replaced many timrs over with happy tears. Another must read by Ms. Frank.
  • Melissa
    Another great book in this series. This author definitely doesn't disappoint. The characters were definitely relatable and there was enough going on in the story to not make it boring.
  • Ellen
    Fun book, easy and light reading canned a bit, but sweet. Find it interesting that there are recipes in the back. Think I may to try the biscuit recipe and the pound cake.
  • Vickie
    Banal. Waste of time unless you enjoy fluff.
  • Vicky
  • Renee Kirby
    Very predictable. Little plot. The audiobook was extremely subpar. I enjoy this author but this was definitely not worth the time.
  • Nancy
    c2004 Berkley ~360pp Setting: Lowcountry of SC (primarily) Interesting. Solid plot and good characterization. This may be too wordy for some and the changing point-of-view can be confusing but I am glad I persevered. I would read more of her books.PS There were parts that I really didn’t like at the start narrated by the daughters (their language!) and Brad’s Amy tale. As a novice reader they could have derailed me... But then there was humor...
  • Diane Harris
    I am smitten with Frank's books of the Lowcountry! I blew through Shem Creek in two days, granted I got nothing else done! I'm even thinking things with a southern accent, saying "ya'll" and ending my internal sentences in my head with a southern lilt. The theme of hope and restoration are woven through the story of Linda, Brad, her girls Lindsay and Gracie and the characters who work the Jackson Hole restaurant. It made me want her job! I always...
  • Valerie
    Well, this was my beach read for the year. I do like Frank's sensuous description of the low country--I can smell the mud in the marsh as well as taste the salt in the creek. Nevertheless, I feel as if I am watching a Hallmark movie where there are likable, love starved protagonists, lovable quirky supporting characters, temporarily wayward children, and obstacles to overcome before the guaranteed happy ending. This book, however, had the bonus o...
  • Bonnie
    This story seemed to follow a formula. Divorced mom, leaves the stresses of raising her two teen girls in the big city of the north and returns to her roots in the friendly southern hometown of her youth. Her optimistic manner gets her a job, new friends, and support from the other characters and eventually a new love. It was a quick read with some touching moments but did not rate high with me.
  • IrishFan
    I liked this story a lot better than the previous book in the series. The characters were much more likable and the story flowed easier. I liked Linda and really wanted her to find what she needed in Shem Creek and she did. I was worried that something bad was going to happen to Gracie, which it did, but not because of her reckless behavior, but because she was trying to do right. I would like to see more of these characters in this series.
  • Martha
    Sweet love story with no real surprises. It’s fine for a diversion but not memorable. I read it because I as going to Mount Pleasant, SC and thought I might learn something about the area. In truth, I learned that I might want to visit Bull Island but other than that, there just wasn’t much to it. Oh well, time filler it was.