One Dark and Scary Night by Bill Cosby

One Dark and Scary Night

Little Bill overcomes his fear of bumps in the night in this easy-to-read chapter book by comedian and storyteller Bill Cosby! This Little Bill adventure is now a Scholastic Reader! As Little Bill lies in bed, he hears noises in the dark and sees strange lights on the wall. There is something scary hiding inside his closet! First, he wants to sleep in his parents' room. Then he wants to sleep in his great-grandmother's room. At last, with her gen...

Details One Dark and Scary Night

TitleOne Dark and Scary Night
Release DateAug 1st, 2005

Reviews One Dark and Scary Night

  • Laura
    Cute book. Little Bill's great-grandmother helps him overcome his fear of things that go bump in the night.
  • Francisco Guevara
    A boy dislike his room. He is scared in the room. When something in it, he is running to his parents room and grandma too. They help little boy calm and back to room. He run to his grandma again. She helps him sleepy. At least he is fine.
  • Allison
    Young students will feel a personal connection with Little Bill and his trouble sleeping.