Uncommon Sense by Gary S. Becker

Uncommon Sense

On December 5, 2004, the still-developing blogosphere took one of its biggest steps toward mainstream credibility, as Nobel Prize–winning economist Gary S. Becker and renowned jurist and legal scholar Richard A. Posner announced the formation of the Becker-Posner Blog. In no time, the blog had established a wide readership and reputation as a reliable source of lively, thought-provoking commentary on current events, its pithy and profound weekl...

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TitleUncommon Sense
Release DateNov 1st, 2009
PublisherUniversity of Chicago Press
GenreEconomics, Nonfiction, Politics, Social Science

Reviews Uncommon Sense

  • Lynn
    As I explained in my summary of Suits and Geeks on my wordpress blog, Gary Becker is an all around nice guy and it comes through in his essays. Posner is a good counterpoint to Becker, but had they disagreed more it would have made a better book.The book is a summary of some of their blog posts from 2005 to 2007. Over the past few months I occasionally read The Becker-Posner Blog and this summary was a good way to learn what has transpired during...
  • Ben
    Anyone who enjoys economics and the economic way of approaching problems should find the ideas in this book stimulating and interesting. Anyone who has read Judge Posner's opinions or his theories on economics and the law should find the ideas in this book insightful and fascinating. Anyone who believes a good book should be polished and refined will most certainly find this book lacking.Uncommon Sense is a collection of posts from the blog maint...
  • Noah
    This book is basically a bunch of blog entries stapled together, which sounds pretty underwhelming until you notice that the authors are Becker, a Chicago school economist with a Nobel Prize and an absurd CV, and Posner, a prolific Court of Appeals judge and legal scholar. There are some dud chapters, mostly when they try to tackle very grand topics like national security or democracy, but for the most part it makes for a great book. Fair warning...
  • Projection
    "Uncommon sense: Economic Insights, from Marriage to terrorism" is an array of exhaustive and extensively researched essay on various topic ranging from marriage to economy. The authors don't needs any introduction as one is Nobel prize winning economist (Becker) and another is US Court Judge (Posner).Through out the book both the authors put up their unique perspective on issues and problems which are highly debatable and have no clear answers. ...
  • Matthias
    Read the full review at excellentbookreviews.com!A tall tale of market efficiency, informed choice and the quest for the right discount rate.I’ve been reading on modern economics lately. Some authors challenge dearly held economic assumptions, others use new and radical methods. Uncommon Sense is the old-fashioned kind of economics. The kinda bad kind.Becker and Posner curated a collection of their blog posts, each one written by one author wit...
  • Scot
    I’m not really a fan of this book, for a couple of reasons.First, Posner and Becker pretty much always agree with one another. So this doesn’t end up being an enlightening discussion on a topic, it’s a repetition of unsupported assertions.Second, the unsupported assertions. Pretty much every argument assumes a) anything done by the government is bad, and b) every decision made by everyone everywhere is made simply evaluating which option ma...
  • Jacklynn Pragosa
    The book was ok. But there were some things that were disturbing that I wish I didn’t know about. But I didn’t have a choice since this book was required for my class.
  • Muhammad Fadel
    This book compiles Becker and Posner writing on their blogs. Their blogs contain their thought and examination using economics analysis to many issues, ranging from marriage, sexuality, terrorism, law enforcement, culture, city, etc. There are 49 issues included, but I skip a fourth ofBefore I read this book, I was never a big fan of Chicago-School Economics (both Becker and Posner adhere it), which promote the idea that Economics Analysis can be...
  • Arithmomaniac
    As someone considering majoring in "social economics", I was excited to read a book focusing on the wide application of economics. It indeed turned out to be a good book, and a lot of the chapters turned out to be quite insightful. Unfortunately, the wonderful ideas at the heart of this book are marred by a very flat writing style and too much mildly amoral "Chicago Economics", where economic arguments are equivalent to moral ones. If you are con...
  • Mikedariano
    A collection of reprinted articles from the Posner Becker blog that allows three interesting observations. That purchaseable books (like 'what the dog saw') are available free online as they were posted. Second, the dating of articles gives them more credance with respect to time relations. Lastly, you can pick and choose the more interesting from the less
  • Jeff
    not impressed with this book - a praise of selfishness - a praise of the semester culture
  • Dan
    Basically a copy & paste of their blog into book format. Good reads but it gets long and boring towards the end.