Excalibur (Area 51, #6) by Robert Doherty

Excalibur (Area 51, #6)

EXCALIBUR: LOST RELIC. LEGENDARY TALISMAN. ULTIMATE WEAPON.Once thought of as myth, the legendary sword of King Arthur is now a fiercely pursued reality--the most important artifact in a worldwide chess game for control of man’s destiny. Two rival factions have made their move for domination of the planet. And now former Green Beret Mike Turcotte and his elite team must answer the call of duty. Their dilemma: Which army to align with? Choose wr...

Details Excalibur (Area 51, #6)

TitleExcalibur (Area 51, #6)
Release DateMar 26th, 2002
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Excalibur (Area 51, #6)

  • Elizabeth Adkisson
    Best so far.So far, this is the best in the series. After six books in the series, I am more amped to read more than I was after the first book. The story has never had any predictable parts. Not in six books. On to the next book.
  • Jim
    As usual, this book starts off where “The Grail” leaves off. Lisa Duncan has been shot and the aliens are starting to get organized to fight each other with humans in between. Mike Turcotte and his small collection of very different people are trying to find a way to stop the coming war and prevent the annihilation of humanity. He knows that neither side in the alien conflict give a rats a** about the humans that will be slaughtered or turned...
  • Benjamin Thomas
    This fun series keeps rolling along as we approach the "final" book #7 The Truth. (There are more books in the series, technically, but they are more stand-alone additions rather than part of the 7 main novels).The action continues on multiple fronts as each major character must take an active role in the effort to stop the alien rivalry. The pace has definitely picked up as well with the final 50 pages literally transitioning from one character'...
  • Pruitt
    Excalibur is the sixth book in the Area 51 series, and things are really starting to build up again in the storyline. This was another sub-plot book, that saw a major plot come to a conclusion at the end of the book. There is certainly much more to be discovered about this story in the remaining few books, but I think this book was a turning point of sorts, which should lead to even better stories in the concluding volumes.Overall I have really e...
  • Stacy
    This book was a bit uneven, and felt more like a connector book than a complete book. The first half felt like a lot of recap and very little story. The second half felt a bit rushed and as though the author was thinning the herd, as we ended with less characters than we started with. Overall, it felt like he was tying up one story arc and setting up a whole new arc - hence, a connector book. Granted, I'm pretty intrigued to see where it goes nex...
  • Nai Wang
    These books just get better as we progress. I don't know if the author had the entire road map laid out but the way he has woven all of our history and mythology into this one premise is quite impressive. From what I gather it seemed like when he wrote the first book he just took popular alien conspiracies and wrote a story around it. Once he realized that the book was successful he had to come up with other angles which could have horribly backf...
  • Carlos Trevino
    The series keeps getting better. I felt a good portion of this book was just build up to the last chapter or two but it was definitely worth it. Whereas the last couple of books ended on a pretty low note for the human race, things finally going in their favor brought me much satisfaction. Knowing Artad and Aspasia (and maybe even the Swarm) are sure to strike back hard makes the anticipation for the next book that much stronger.
  • Patty Mora
    Hated it! Got through maybe half of the book before I gave up. Too many changes in place, time, and characters within the each chapter. Gave me a headache. I'm not sure what genre this would fit in because it had a little bit of everything: aliens, soldiers, kings, computers, land, water, air, biblical references, etc.Not my cup of tea.
  • Dustin
    Unlike the previous entry in the series this one is pretty good. A return to the fast paced action, a complete lack of endless readings from the big book of secret history, tense scenes, and the start of the third world war. A great story.
  • Tom McCaffrey
    The grand finale was a little disappointing and Mayer has no qualms about killing off main characters.
  • David Quist
    overall I like the book, but it is not as good as the rest of the series that I have read so far. The story continues to be fun, and am curious to see how the many side stories turn out.
  • Katie
    Finally getting some answers. Looking forward to what comes next.
  • Thomas Roth
    At times I was very confused about who the good guys were. Powerful ending and now on to the next one!
  • Tim Coleman
    Intriguing. Thought provoking.This was one of the most thought provoking books, in the Area 51 series. Every that you think that you are will be questioned.
  • thomas j nobles
    GoodGood notGreat but just enough to keep you wanting to read the next in the series of books which is what I'm getting ready to do
  • Spot Allen
    Good, as expected.