Tracato (A Trial of Blood & Steel, #3) by Joel Shepherd

Tracato (A Trial of Blood & Steel, #3)

In this third title in Joel Shepherd's gripping quartet, we are reunited with the fearless heroine Sasha, Errollyn and the other familiar characters from SASHA and PETRODOR. The net is really closing in now, with the whole of Rhodia at war and the serrin - the beautiful and dangerous people from beyond the Bacosh - fighting for survival. The revolutionary politics of Tracato, and the clandestine attempts by the feudalists to hold onto power, are ...

Details Tracato (A Trial of Blood & Steel, #3)

TitleTracato (A Trial of Blood & Steel, #3)
Release DateJan 21st, 2009
GenreFantasy, Adventure, High Fantasy

Reviews Tracato (A Trial of Blood & Steel, #3)

  • Naomi
    The visual pictures Shepherd painted were amazing, clearly bringing to life the pain & agony of warfare and complicated factions and divisions of politics. Definitely one of the best fantasy novels I have read.
  • Dan
    Pretty good.
  • Stefan
    Tracato is the third installment in Joel Shepherd’s excellent A Trial of Blood and Steel fantasy quartet, and not only is it the best book in the series so far, it’s also one of the best new fantasy novels I’ve read all year.The continent of Rhodia, shared by a fractured human civilization and the non-human serrin, finally begins to inch towards full-scale war. The northern Verenthane countries, with their conflicted and somewhat reluctant ...
  • Anand Chelian
    Still liked it a lot. But it was a shift in scenery and caught me off guard with the change in scope.
  • Clay Kallam
    Joel Shepherd aims high in A Trial of Blood and Steel, and “Tracato” (Pyr, $16, 354 pages) is a grim third installment in a fantasy quartet that may confound the expectations of the genre. After all, “Tracato” offers little in the way of redemption or triumph as it chronicled the story of a pre-industrial world where almost-human serrin and human beings try to co-exist.Along the way, the humans battle over religion, power, money and sex, ...
  • Peter
    Containing lots of action, character growth and difficult questions for the main characters, this novel is an entertaining read. Giving the motivations of the various groups in the story a better foundation helped a lot in making the story believable and the increasing tensions between the main characters loyalties keep one wishing for more. The world building in this novel is interesting as we get to learn more about the Serrinim, the Lenays and...
  • John
    Sasha finds herself in the middle of a French Revolution style revolution, barely escapes with her life (other major characters do not) and joins her Lenayin homeland's army to battle the disciplined armies called the Steel. A little too much torture for my taste, and even talkier about politics and religion than previous volumes---but skip those parts and it's a pretty a well told tale. The climactic fray and closing scenes are particularly fine...
  • Craig
    A little less of the faults in the second book, but this one has a few plot-points left incompletely explored. A little strange how close each of the titles in this series is to being 5 stars, but misses for different reasons. Can't wait for the 4th though.Re-read 8/13. Back to 4.5Re-read 9/15.
  • Vj Parker
    poor Sasha has more to deal with when she is introduced to her mentors teaching, her life changes for the worse, when she stands up for her sister, life could not get any more complicated or could it?another great read, Joel has penned a wonderful story with more twists and turns he captures the raw emotions of the characters well.
  • Jdjade
    Joel Shepherd is a superb writer, very good action scene and sword play.Spellbinding tales. Love Shasha and Errolyn [really remind me of Lagolas, but Joel makes him more elf like and real]. If you like elfs and kick ass female heroine, this is the books for you. I am not too happy with the ending of book 4. Especially Jaryd.I hope there is a book 5.
  • Rachel
    Tracato is the grim continuation of this story. I appreciated the addition of depth to Sasha's character, her idealism tempered with the reality of other's greed and power. I don't know what tragic conclusion we're running headlong into, but I want to see where the characters go.
  • Tom
    This series just keeps getting better!
  • ~Anita~
    I enjoyed this despite the fact it had been years since I read the first book. It ends so soon after the major battle that it leaves you hanging.
  • Brittany
    Am loving it so far!!Love Joel Shepherd as an author, very clever man!
  • Rachel
    Really enjoyed the whole series! One of my favorite things I've read in awhile.
  • Shae Hart
    O overall, this was an enjoyable installment in the series.
  • Brennan Griffin
    Well done fantasy that takes a realistic approach to politics in a semi-feudal world. Morally complex, well-written stuff.
  • Krishan
    I loved this book! it was awesome and I hope that the author brings out more books like this!
  • Satima
    See my review of this series under book 2, Petrodor
  • Vickey Foggin
    Book three is a much better showing than two and the various forces of the land manoeuvre towards war. All the main players develop over the course of the book, the action is taut and kept me reading all day, and I was legitimately shocked by some of the turns of events. This book is more grimdark than the other two and for the first time I can see why this series has been compared to A Song of Ice and Fire. Worth reading book one just to have th...
  • Riggs
    An engrossing and powerful story that will draw you in deep.Joel Shepherd has become my favorite author. I came to him through his science-fiction series, and once I had run through that, I came to this story about Sasha. The twists and turns of the story are amazing, his world is unbelievably detailed, you deeply care about these people as if they were your own family. Joel is a masterful writer and I recommend everything he writes.
  • Vleigh
    Sigh - wondering if this series will have a happy ending because things are not going well for Sasha or her friends. And if you are hooked by this book, you'd better have book 4 to quickly recover from the puzzling ending. Turns out there is a map at the start of the ebook version but I had to scroll backward from the first page to see it. This series is so engrossing!
  • Efenzie
    I think my rating is for the entire series. I found the author's style of writing, a little too detailed, but in all, it's a pretty good tale. I particularly enjoyed how Sasha truly matured across the span of the series.Not a bad read at all.
  • Jeanette Schaeche
    No sheth an sary, no sheth an sary I'm going to try and keep this review short and sweet. I loved Tracato. I loved the writing, the story-telling, the pace, the plot. Everything worked so bloody well together that it's possible that this third book is the best in the series. What I didn't like though was that Sasha didn't seem to have as active a role at the beginning of the novel. Oh well, you can't have everything. This book is actually the fir...
  • Kaydern
    Finally, something happens! The war that I've been expecting since the first book, Lenayin's invasion of the Saalshen Bachosh, has finally started! I feel like it certainly took long enough. On that note, one thing I noticed is that this book, unlike the previous two in the series, jumps right into the action. There is very little time spent on new character development, which seems fair. We already know all the main characters pretty well at thi...
  • Angus Pratt
    I could put it down for a week at a time and that is perhaps its most damming criticism. It just didn't hold my attention though when I picked it up again I could easily carry on with the story. The development of Sasha has become much more realistic. And her relationships are richly complicated.
  • Laz the Sailor
    Intrigue followed by war followed by more intrigue and some assassinations, then one more war.If it wasn't so well written, it would be boring. Sasha is great, but it's not really safe to get too close to her.Looking forward to book 4.
  • Volpot
    5 stars.
  • Gail
    Another city, another set of dramas.