The Artist's Way Every Day by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way Every Day

This new book from the author of the international bestseller The Artist's Way guides readers through a year of cultivating a deeper connection to their creative selves.The Artist's Way has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time, fans will have a beautifully designed daily companion to the author's life-changing creative process.With 365 quotations culled from Julia Cameron's most vital works on the crea...

Details The Artist's Way Every Day

TitleThe Artist's Way Every Day
Release DateOct 1st, 2009
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Language, Writing, Inspirational, Spirituality

Reviews The Artist's Way Every Day

  • Jenji
    I have love/somewhat-disgusted feelings about this book. (I would say "series of books," but I never finished the flagship book in the series.) On the one hand, I find some common sense advice for the artist, certainly things I can relate to, such as today's (9/26) gem: "There is a connection between self-nurturing and self-respect. If I allow myself to be bullied and cowed by other people's urges for me to be more normal or more nice, then I sel...
  • Vanessa
    The Artists Way is one of my bibles. I read through completely & actively participated in every activity the first time June 2014. I've gone through it in varying levels of thoroughness every year since then. I recommend this book to everyone because it will speak to you wherever you are at.
  • Wendy Swenson
    One of my favorites!I give this book a five-star rating because I have read it several times and each time again something new. Maybe that's a new insight, maybe a new perspective, or simply a refreshing of the dreams in my heart and spirit. You can pick up and start this book anywhere. Sometimes I read it daily, sometimes weekly, either way it's worth my time. Perhaps you will enjoy this book too. I highly recommend it.
  • Cathyann
    Excellent book for writers, artists or any creatives looking for support and inspiration on their journey of creation. I highly recommend this book!! It is one that will always be on my shelf, and I'll read it again and again. It is the type of book that each time you read it you can find a new treasure in its pages.
  • Colin Rochford
    When I started to read this book I thought, "Oh no it's going to be too Godly." But it wasn't. It was spiritual, yes, but it was perfect. Not just for writers or artists per se, but for anybody pursuing anything in life. This book has it all.
  • Eleanor Thorel
    I took my time with this book, between writing and reading I found it helped me immensely. I know it isn't for everyone, but for the most part there were many gems to glean. I enjoyed the format and the quotes and Julia's candor and honesty in her own personal daily struggles.
  • Patti
    A great daily inspiration tool from the always wonderful Julia Cameron. Perfect, bite-sized pieces from The Artist's Way for a bit of Julia every day!
  • Tina
    I love this book, will repeat again next year with the daily prompts
  • Gayle
    Enjoyed reading daily. Inspiring.
  • Miyuki
    A nice reminder. Perhaps it’s time to do those exercises in the main book.
  • Cheryl
    Ugh. I have not been so glad to finish a book in a long time. In defense of the book, I read it out of order. I should have read The Writer's Journey first. Because I hadn't, it required a bit of research to understand a couple of concepts (morning pages and artist's dates). There were some nuggets that made reading this a worthy task, but I fear most of it was lost on me. To me, this would have been better suited as an affirmation page-a-day cal...
  • Michelle
    If you are an artist, or even just creative in the smallest way, this book is great for advice, inspiration, and insight. For me, it helped me to honestly understand why I am the way I am (and why I suck at math so bad...). If you're not creative, which is not true because human beings were "created" to be "creative," just read it to understand an artist friend or gain some insights of your own as to why the weird art kids in high school really w...
  • Maggie
    lived with this book every day in 2015 -- 365 moments of reflection on devoting oneself to writing ... and it was worth every single second of the morning discipline ... i also kept a daily journal of my thoughts on ms. cameron's words for each day and as a result now have a bound journal of all those odd thoughts on writing that would float around in my head on writing as process and joy. highly recommended but only when the year of dedication p...
  • Lenita Sheridan
    This book can be used as a devotional for any kind of artist. In fact, the author states that we are all artists. The book has an entry to read for each day of the year. The author refers to the Creator quite often in the book. In the book we are spiritual beings. The author addresses spirituality quite well throughout the book. I especially like her entry about self-published authors. She describes them as stubborn.
  • Denise Tompkins
    Has some cool insights and one page at a timeI have months to go. Note: if you have read The Artist Way then read that first and do the course then it will explain some things. could deal with less God and less HE references though. I will finish it as I always like to complete all books I read.
  • Kym
    Love this daily reader.
  • Alice Allan
    I enjoyed the daily reminders from Julia's other books. I'm definitely a fan of hers.
  • Bryan
    Read this every day throughout 2016. Some entries were inspiring, some were too "religious" for my taste, and others I didn't understand.
  • Patricia Brooks
    Love this meditation and creativity book - it is 365 meditations and daily readings to inspire and they do along with my grateful journal and my morning pages.