In a Heartbeat by Loretta Ellsworth

In a Heartbeat

For fans of Gabrielle Zevin and Lurlene McDaniel, In a Heartbeat explores the ties of family and the weight of regret when a mistake costs Eagan her life during a figure-skating competition. Left in the afterlife, reflecting on what she could have done differently, Eagan's still-beating heart is given to Amelia who has been waiting patiently for a transplant. When their thought, feelings, and dreams begin to mysteriously overlap, Amelia knows she...

Details In a Heartbeat

TitleIn a Heartbeat
Release DateFeb 1st, 2010
PublisherWalker Childrens
GenreYoung Adult, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Death

Reviews In a Heartbeat

  • Tatiana
    In a Heartbeat is the story of two girls and one heart. Eagan, bold and serious, is an up and coming figure skater with lots of promise. Shy Amelia has a sick heart and little time left to live—unless she gets a transplant. When Eagan falls at a competition (darn that Lutz!), hits her head on the boards, and dies, her decision to check the organ donor box on her newly-acquired driver’s license brings Amelia a second chance at life. But the gi...
  • Hannah Ashworth
    Very nicely pieced together, we follow Eagan and Amelia through a meaningful and extraordinary tale about two young girls experiencing both the good and the bad affects that death leaves behind, all because of one beating heart. The Plot: Eagan has just died after she hit her head at a skating competition, and the reader follows her post-death experience as she is given the chance to look back at her life, every single detail still in place, from...
  • Kailia
    When I got this book, I wasn’t sure how I would like it. But the synopsis got me interested and I picked this book up. When I began reading, I was introduced to two girls, Eagan, the figure skater, and Amelia, the girl who needs a new heart.In a Heartbeat began a story that I came to love. I’ve read a lot of Lurlene McDanilel’s books about heart transplants and the effects on the person who got the transplant. I loved how Loretta Ellsworth ...
  • Sami
    Eagan accidentally dies in a very unusual way while figure skating. After her death Eagan is stuck between the afterlife and the life she can't seem to leave behind. Her tale is of her past, the unsaid words, the people she loved that she'd left behind, and the events in her life that shaped her. Unable to let go of her life and the people she left behind Eagan spends most of the book trying to find her way back to those memories and people she l...
  • Drea
    I was a little unsure of what to think of In a Heartbeat as I started the book. Immediately you are thrown into a duel narration between Eagan and Amelia. My main worry was that I would have no connection to Eagan since she was already dead. However, I have to give major props to Ellsworth because by the end of the book I was very sad to see Eagan go. Going back through her memories and final days really allowed me to see whom she was. It was bit...
  • Kirsten
    SummaryEllsworth’s dual narrative explores the large and small ways medical technology forever intertwines the lives of two strangers. When 16-year-old Eagan, a figure skater with her sights on the Olympics, dies in a fall on the ice, 14-year-old Amelia receives the heart transplant that she and her family have been desperately awaiting. Trapped in a foggy limbo, Eagan must relive the defining moments of her painfully short existence before she...
  • Rea K
    In a Heartbeat is about two girls, Amelia and Eagan. Amelia and Eagan don't know each other, but a mistake of half an inch cost Eagan her life. Amelia has a heart problem and is getting a heart transplant. She got Eagan's heart and is getting strange feelings from Eagan, who is trapped by her stress. Can they save each other?I liked this book a lot, but I didn't really like Eagan's mom's personality. Even though I didn't like they way she acted s...
  • Caitlin
    4.5 starsI picked this up because it's been sitting on my shelf for way too long. I was starting to feel guilty that I was avoiding it because of the cover (because let's be honest, the cover is awful), so I just bit the bullet and started reading it. I had low expectations, but I'm honestly very impressed. This book was so touching, and even though the characters were young, their voices didn't bother me as much as some other young characters I'...
  • Abby Meiers
    I really liked this book. I couldn't put it down. I also got a little teared up from a couple of parts. I really liked the way the author told two stories but put into one book. She split the two stories up. The first chapter was talking about Eagan. The second one was talking about Amelia and it just kept going like that. One thing I didn't was that the author didn't make me feel like I was there with them. She didn't us describing words like mo...
  • BellsBubble
    This book was good, I honestly don't know why I read it, it's about a sixth grader reading level, but it was still fun. Definitely one to finish in one seating. My only complaint is that sometimes I would forget who's perspective I was reading from, and considering the plot, this should be obvious. Overall, 3/5I'm still a bit sad that there was a lot of death :(
  • Lexi O.
    In A Heart Beat is about 2 girls Eagan and Amelia. Eagan is a 16 year old who loves figure skating and cant really see herself doing anything but skating. Amelia is is a 14 year old who loves drawing horses, she has one thing getting in the way though, Amelia has a heart problem and needs a new heart. Eagan has a skating competition on the nigh of her death and gets in a fight with her mom because her and her mom don't get along very well. Amelia...
  • Crystal
    This was a quick but somewhat deep book. I really enjoyed it. And would actually give it a 4.5 stars.It's a story about a teenage girl, Eagan, who is a figure skater, and she's going places in her sport. But she can't seem to shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Well one day it does, she dies. One life is taken and another one gets a beating chance though when her heart goes to another teenager in need. From the moment Amelia...
  • Alicia
    I simply loved this book! It showed the struggles of a figure skater in balancing life on and off the ice. It wasn't written by a skating star yet I could relate to it so well as I try to continue my skating and wonder how far I am willing to go for it. Do I just want the glamour or do I love the sport for what it is? The main character is one who truly had passion and I love her confidence. Go Dynamite!! My favorite part was the ending, it took ...
  • Hayley Pieper
    This is such an AMAZING book. It is a very sad story but has a lot of meaning to it. It has a lot of turning points and the story is so inspiring. Is about a girl named Eagan who dies in a skating performance. Then there is a girl named Amelia who has heart failure. She finally gets a heart donor and the heart that she gets is Egans. Amelia goes and meets the parents of Eagan and then her journey begins there. It goes back and forth between the d...
  • Emily
    Eagan has been figure-skating practically since she could walk, and she's good. Really good. It's just not feasible that she could ever hurt herself while skating. But she does. Coming down from a triple axel, Eagan lands too close to the boards, smacking her head.Amelia has lived the past few years of her life quietly, without moving much or making too much of a fuss about anything. Amelia has a heart defect, and needs a transplant. One morning,...
  • Lakelyn Coppinger
    In A Heartbeat is a sad but exciting book. It's about two girls and one heart. Amelia needs a heart transplant, but has trouble finding one. The other girl is Eagan. Eagan is an ice skater that gets into an accident while ice skating. You don't really get a idea about Eagan at first, because she dies in the first couple of chapters. Later on, you find out about her past life and wish that she was still alive but atthe same time want Amelia to liv...
  • Christie Tulloch
    In a Heartbeat was a sad, rather heartwarming and charming story about a 14 year old girl who donates her heart to a girl who needs a heart transplant as a last chance. Amelia and Eagan are two girls who tell their story and save eachothers lives. Loretta Ellsworth is a charming author and I would read this heartwarming book again.
  • Eunseo Lee
    It was creative and I haven't saw about like this topic. But it was kind of too easy or not impactive to the readers, and I could recognize the girl who appeared in the girl who was died was the sister of the skater girl.Anyway, this book made me to want to read this every night and every day.
  • Amy
    Good realistic fiction that highlights two girls whose lives intersect when one loses her life and the other benefits through a heart transplant. After-life issues and discussion of cellular memory make this a read with some depth.
  • Karen
    I like how this book started out and where it started to go, but I don't think the end was quite up to the rest of the story...I liked how the story alternated between points of view...
  • Eanaa
    When I first bought this in the past which was in 2011, I was reluctant to read this book. Probably because I was young and had apphensive feelings regarding death. Even now, an acquaintance death affects me greatly but I'm glad I managed to go through with this book until the end. I actually made a random choice and groaned when this book was chosen but when I finally start, I didn't regret anything. It was probably just my fear getting in the w...
  • Heather
    What a great read In a Heartbeat was. This was basically a story of two girls and one heart. I loved how the author told the story from both Amelia's and Eagan's points of view. Af first I wasn't sure about Eagan's narration since she was already dead, but the author did it well, and by the end I was sorry to see her go.Both girls were relatable and I thoroughly enjoyed following Amelia's story as she struggled to adjust to her new heart and the ...
  • Lisa
    Great book for MS kiddos to read. Reading level is a 2.2, and Lexile is HL580I have this on the shelf at school and wanted a quick read, so I could booktalk it to kiddos, to encourage them to check it out from the library. At the very beginning you are thrown into 2 narratives, Eagen and Amelia and it flips back and forth thru the entire book. A lot of my kiddos find this confusing, but I feel that if they stick with it, for a few chapters, they ...
  • Natalie
    Amelia needs a heart. She doesn't know i she'll get one before her heart gives out. She's lived most of her young life avoiding activity, stress, and school. Eagan has always wanted to be an Olympic skater. She and her mom don't get along, but they both agree on her skating. Then tragedy strikes and Eagan dies in the middle of a competition.Now Amelia gets a new heart but she can't explain why she has a new craving for purpose, skating, and exerc...
  • Hannah
    This book was a really well thought out book about 2 girls, where one is dead and one is alive. The author shares both stories of these girls and what there going through in their lives. Amelia and Eagan are both 2 very strong girls throughout the book. Amelia understand what’s going on and knows that if her heart doesn’t work then she could die but Eagan at first is very confused after she dies and somewhat scared but both of them are inspir...
  • Carro Herdegen
    Language - PG (27 swears, 0 "f"), Sexual Content - G; Violence - GWhen Eagan dies in an ice-skating accident, her heart is given to Amelia. After the transplant, Amelia starts taking on characteristics of Eagan which drives her to find Eagan's family to get the closure they all need to move on.I thought this was a very interesting book. It was weird and a little creepy when Amelia started taking on characteristics of Eagan, but it was an overall ...
  • Jessie
    Wow this book came to me at such a relevant time in my life! My cousin just passed away in March after a transplant rejection, so I have obsessively been thinking about the meaning of life and been researching organ donation like crazy. I also started up figure skating lessons, am a huge horse lover and I’m constantly drawing, so seriously this book consisted of everything I love. Don’t take anything for granted, especially your health and ev...
  • Leslie Hayden
    I wasn't sure of what my feelings would be for this book when I started to read. however, while reading I became engrossed and attached to the characters. I enjoyed it very much for many reasons, the biggest being it was so raw and emotional.
  • Maddie Dec
    This story is about two girls, Amelia and eagan. One wrong move at the figure skating competition costed Eagan her life, but her heart was still going. Amelia had developed a heart problem witch almost killed her. Eagans heart had been donated to Amelia. "Amelia lived because eagan died".