Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards

Drawing on the Artist Within

Whether you are a business manager, teacher, writer, technician, or student, you'll find Drawing on the Artist Within the most effective program ever created for tapping your creative powers. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of instructional drawings and the work of master artists, this book is written for people with no previous experience in art.AH-HA! I SEE IT NOW! Everyone has experienced that joyful moment when the light flashes on -- the...

Details Drawing on the Artist Within

TitleDrawing on the Artist Within
Release DateApr 6th, 1987
GenreArt, Drawing, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews Drawing on the Artist Within

  • Becky
    If you have ever said or thought, "I can't draw for shit," or envied someone with that "natural artistic ability," READ THIS BOOK. Edwards breaks down the mythical assumption that creativity and artistic talent are gifts one must be born with. Her hands-on, psychological approach confronts, interestingly, the left/right split as the crux of the problem for those of us who buy into the cultural delusion that drawing, unlike math, science, reading,...
  • Barbara Carter
    I found this book much more interesting than Drawing on the Right Side of the BrainI love the insights to our innate ability of how to express emotions with lines. This wonderful inner knowing we possess.I've used bits and pieces of this book in art classes I've taught. And one of the paintings I did as a teen has an eerie similarity to a drawing in the book, only mine was upside down to the image in the book. I recognized the shape immediately a...
  • Katelyn Jenkins
    A book to inspire the artist within.True to the title, the aim of this piece of literature is to get non-artists their start in expression of the mind, and to trained, tried and true artists to assist in understanding their own mind and innate known concepts. It provides much insight into the nature of visual arts and it's AMAZING accessibility to every person, regardless from where they attain their beginnings. It shows the underpinning of expre...
  • Camille
    This book and "Drawing On the Right Side Of the Brain" are highly recommended because of the benefits you'll get from the exercises. Every so called non-artist who is interested in doing art should get these books immediately.
  • Debby Sinera Mohamed
    Excellent book that I read in part and then completed my first portrait sketches. They turned out beautifully as others have told me.
  • Yoby
    Don't like this one as much as her other book , but is still pretty good. Out of the technical aspects of drawing and into more of the experimental aspects of art.
  • Ashok Banker
    Perhaps the best book on drawing for non-artists. It empowers you to draw regardless of talent, experience or lack of both. I'm not an artist and don't aspire to become one but as a creative person, I wanted to try my hand at art. This book was recommended by an American friend and it was amazing. Like a self-help course in art. I haven't seen the new edition but I'm told it's even better. Highly recommended.
  • scherzo♫
    Nathan Goldstein Art of Responsive Drawing, ThePhilip S. Rawson The Art of Drawing: An Instructional GuideRudolph Arnheim Visual ThinkingFred Dubery Perspective And Other Drawing Systems
  • Marta Dominguez
    I approached this book as a business manager and professor for my research on the topic of creativity. The fact that I am a self-taught painter and sculptress was secondary. I reckon I was expecting some scientific and bore work. Instead, and much to my surprise, I got myself totally engaged in the art class for non-art-work-seekers that this teacher book is about. A mixed of literary review, student exercise book and phd paper on the topic of dr...
  • Alexandra Dylkina
    Even though I finished art school I found so much new information here! I’m also blown away by the feeling that the author is reading my mind while I’m doing all the tasks (btw highly recommend to do all the practice). Moreover it’s one of the best books for self exploring with high potential to change your way of perceiving not only visual but all kinds of information.
  • Ryan
    Not what I thought it would be. Too much student work in a book about creativity and design thinking for me. The student’s progress is noteworthy but the abundance of examples seems unnecessary. Would have loved more discussion on the five stages of discovery.
  • Joanna
    3.5 stars. Some of the ideas were very interesting regarding literacy and the necessity of including visual literacy. The book made me think but I can’t say my after drawings were any better than my before.
  • Maria De La Fuente Caro
    Decent, but slow.
  • Bella
    Not my kind of book. I was expecting a continuation of the original (“drawing from you right brain” or something or other), but this is page after page of what seemed to me theorizing.
  • jack robinson
    betty Edwards gifted way inspired me.This review is meant to convey how unique and creative her idea of using the right side of the brain to improve your creativity.
  • moxieBK
    This was one of the first books I ever bought for my Kindle touch. I bought it after the paperback copy I lend to a friend never came back. Saddened by that, I thought I'd try it out on as an eBook. Honestly, it's just not the same thing, as far as usefulness on a screen. My old paperback copy had notes all over it, and some of the exercises I drew right on the page. It was that kind of a book....one where it felt OK to mark it up and make notes....
  • J
    Great resource for artists.
  • Christy Wrenn
    Thinking like an artist is hard work. Drawing and thinking like an artist is harder, but this book has given me a good start on my way to becoming a great illustrator of Children's books.
  • Hisham Alamoudi
    It will simply make you beleive you can draw as good as you can read and write. The wisdom behind it is to beleive in yourself and disbeleive in Myth created by people.
  • Mike Porter
    After doing art lessons for the past 8 years, I've been rereading this book and have acquired some new insights on learning to draw and paint. I appreciate this book even more!
  • Jason Das
    Pretty sure there's nothing I liked here that isn't in "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." Some really unpleasant, unprovable ideas posited here. I abandoned a bit over halfway through.
  • Apryl Anderson
    Great exercises to help me understand what's going on inside.
  • Betty
    Not as good as "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". She goes into a little more depth, but sometimes I think she loses it.