Dead Certain (Dead #2; John Mancini #4) by Mariah Stewart

Dead Certain (Dead #2; John Mancini #4)

Three devious prisoners vow murderous revenge. Now the second is free.With her stalker captured, antiques dealer Amanda Crosby can finally sleep at night. Having worked hard to put the nightmare behind her, Amanda has vowed to never be a victim again. But when her business partner, Derek England, is found with a bullet through the back of his head just hours after she left an incriminating message on his voice mail, Amanda finds herself in danger...

Details Dead Certain (Dead #2; John Mancini #4)

TitleDead Certain (Dead #2; John Mancini #4)
Release DateJun 29th, 2004
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Mystery

Reviews Dead Certain (Dead #2; John Mancini #4)

  • Anita
    Being that I was reeled into this series due to the premise and the summary blurbs, I decided to give Mariah Stewart’s Dead series a second chance to appeal to me. The first book didn’t do well. Knowing what to expect, I adjusted my mindset a little bit and went into Dead Certain with other expectations (which, I admit, may not be very fair to Dead Wrong, but that’s how I roll).I’m not certain that the read was a much better experience th...
  • Elina
    Το διάβασα σε ελληνική μετάφραση με τίτλο "Λάθος κίνηση" από τις εκδόσεις plaza. Pageturner!!!
  • Deborah Robb
    Amanda Crosby is furious with her business partner Derek England. Amanda and Derek have an antique shop and Derek has bought a questionable piece while out of the country. Amanda insists that Derek come over to her house upon his return so they can work out the mess he has created with his purchase. Unfortunately, Derek never makes it to Amanda's house-on his way there someone has put a bullet in his head. Due to the incriminating phone messages ...
  • Lori Schiele
    The second in a trilogy (based around the concept of the movie "Strangers on a Train") where three inmates--each in for a different reason--who meet in a holding room at the courthouse one morning develop a plan where they will each kill three people for one of the other inmates. This second one follows the release of the second prisoner--and the next 3 victims on the list. It is not as much "serial killer" as the first one, but almost more of a ...
  • L.J. Sentivanac
    Disappointingly un-thrillingThis second in a series serial killer novel was s letdown. The main characters were simple, one-dimensional and predictable. The killer's motive was known all along, so there was no drama. Additionally, the killer was inept. The final capture scene was a non-event. The set-up for book 3 doesn't promise much better, but I already downloaded it to my Kindle, so I'll give it a go.
  • Katy
    Amanda's stalker is in prison, so she is safe. Yet when the murders of two very close friends, her business partner and another shopkeeper, only have a connection to her, she is under suspicion by the police. And then, she begins getting the calls with no one speaking and the single rose, elements her stalker had used previously. Amanda decides, with the help of her policeman brother and the local chief of police, to fight back.
  • Randy
    A quick and easy mystery novel. While this is book 2, the author does a good job giving you an understanding of book one. You don't need to read book one to read this one. Some characters cross over.
  • Jane
    Great read!As usual, this was a real edge of your seat read. Plan on staying up all night as you begin #2 of a four part series. And then, be ready to jump into the next book and hold on for your life!
  • Nell
    A good continuation. Not much on the suspense as you know in the beginning who the killer is, but still good.
  • Γιώτα
    Ανευρο και σαχλο. Ελαφρύ σαν Αρλεκιν.
  • Jay Jessmer
    I am soooo enjoying this series!! I have just read the first 2 in 3 days time, so obviously, if you like a quick addicting read in the suspense/thriller genre, this series is a must for you. I don't know if all of Stewart's work is this entertaining, as this is my first go round with her, but I will be reading more after this series. She seems to have an innate ability to write characters who the reader can identify with--and get attatched to. To...
  • Dotti Elrick
    This is the second book in the "Dead" series. It picks up where the first one left off. While being part of a series, the books can be read as stand alone novels, the author gives you enough backstory for the story to make sense.Three convicts have a chance meeting and come up with a "game" to each take care of three people one of the others wants dead. This is the story of the second criminal, Vince Giordano. A convicted murderer whose sentence ...
  • Louise
    This is the "second" Mariah Stewart novel I've registered today! I finished one early in the morning, began this one and read it in a few hours. Riveting, to say the least."Three devious prisoners vow murderous revenge. Now the second is free.With her stalker captured, antiques dealer Amanda Crosby can finally sleep at night. Having worked hard to put the nightmare behind her, Amanda has vowed never to be a victim again. But when her business par...
  • Jim
    A little too much inside the killer's mind. A little too descriptive foreplay. Otherwise, Stewart just keeps this story going.As with the first in the series, it sets up for the next book in the series, so doesn't end here.A sides story: Usually I request a book on-line and pick it up from the hold area of my branch. This one I actually looked for it in the library. Much to my surprise, it was in the Romance section. First I asked the librarian t...
  • Colleen
    Enjoyed the 2nd book in the "Dead" series as much as the first. My only complaint (once again) is that I wished it had a tad more romance in it. It has just enough that you can pick up the attraction between the two main characters, but it doesn't go much further than a few kisses. Also, both books have left me wondering what happens to the main characters in each story. Like another reviewer stated, one or two love scenes could have gone a long ...
  • Denise
    This was such a good book! The only problem was I read the series out of order. If I hadn't of done that, it would have been even better. I didn't realize till the last two chapters that I did, so I guess it doesn't matter :) Mariah Stewart is a great author who gives good details, but I don't feel the same as I do with other authors; I don't feel like I become emotionally involved with the characters. Her books are good, the plot is good, the ch...
  • Cindy
    3.5 out of 5This is either a suspenseful romance or a romanic thriller depending on how you look at it. Either way it's a fast, tightly plotted read. This is the second in a series of three books somewhat based on the "Strangers on a Train" premise. Three criminals swap their revenge killings. The ending is open and leads into the final installment. I highly recommend that this be read in order to get the most from the action.
  • Jaime
    This was just ok for me. I understand that the concept of the series (three guys in jail make a deal that requires each of them to kill the people another guy wants revenge on) requires that the books have similar plots, but this book just gave me a lot of deja vu. I’ll probably continue this series, but only because the 3rd bad guy is the weakest of the three and I want to see how that is handled.
  • Kerry
    Mariah Stewart is listed as a 'romance mystery' writer....I'm not certain her books have any more (or less) romance than other writers of 'who done it' novels. That said, this one in particular is a good read. Stewart let's us in on the whole premise of the book in the prologue and then takes us through the the twists and turns by the police to figure out the actual killer. Quick read for these cold winter days in front of a fire.
  • Jessica
    Dead Certain was the romantic mystery/suspense I was hoping for. Love Sean and Amanda, love the Strangers on a Train plot (I'll need to watch that movie sometime...), love the small town, love the short chapters from Vinnie's POV, love that we knew from the beginning who it was and how it all came about. Super intriguing.
  • Mo
    Pretty similar format to the first one, which made certain aspects predictable & flat. The romance was a bit far-fetched, forced, & unnecessary. I'm assuming (view spoiler)[Sean & Greer's family tree situation (hide spoiler)] will be further explored & resolved in the next book? And maybe tie in with (view spoiler)[Mara's missing ex-husband & daughter (hide spoiler)] (from the first book)?
  • Pat Z
    Okay for a quick read but the characters are pretty stock and not well developed. The story line is interesting but the writing is sketchy and does not flow well. I would not read more of her books unless I had no other thriller to read.
  • Suzan
    I am loving this series. Book two was even better then one. The author does a nice job of fallowing the story line but if this was the first book you read you would not be lost. Looking forward to book three.
  • Amanda
    Not her best book it ended a little abruptly. But, just like her other books it was a good read even though the ending was unexpectedly short.
  • Biba
    I was a bit disappointed with this book, especially after loving book #1. I guess I didn't connect with the characters. On to the next book in the series.
  • Joe O'Connor
    Excellent; one of three books tied to an agreement between criminals to kill each others' enemies; here a woman who had been stalked sees her friends murdered and realizes she's next.
  • Mary Lee
    page turner!
  • Kristin
    Didn't like this book in the series as much as the first but it was still good.