The Cult of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #5) by Andy McDermott

The Cult of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #5)

A BURIED EGYPTIAN TEMPLE.A SECRET KEPT FOR 6,000 YEARS.A RACE FOR LIFE WORTH KILLING FOR.  An international TV audience waits breathlessly as archaeologists prepare to break into a long-hidden vault beneath the Great Sphinx. But student Macy Sharif has already made her own shocking discovery: a religious cult raiding the site. Their prize? A map that will lead to something far more astounding: the lost pyramid of Osiris. Framed by corrupt offi...

Details The Cult of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #5)

TitleThe Cult of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #5)
Release DateNov 12th, 2009
GenreAdventure, Thriller, Fiction, Action, Mystery

Reviews The Cult of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #5)

  • Hailee
    I’m a big fan of this series. Action/adventure thrillers isn’t my usual genre but I do have a couple on my tbr and I tend to stick with the series if they have characters that I love rather than the story plot itself. And this is definitely the case for the Wilde/Chase series.I love the relationship between the Nina and Eddie. They bicker constantly like an old married couple despite the fact that this is the first book where they actually ar...
  • Barbara ★
    Though I own the first five books in this series, this is the first one I've actually read simply because I needed it to complete a challenge. Unfortunately for Mr. McDermott, it comes directly on the tail of me reading two excellent thrillers last month - The Alexandria Link and The Six Sacred Stones which were far superior to this book. I love anything to do with archaeology especially Egyptian. However this book doesn't actually have any excav...
  • Jordan Anderson
    After 5 books in this series (and another 4 or 5 I haven't gotten to yet), one would think that McDermott couldn't possibly keep the continuing story of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase interesting or entertaining. After all, each novel is basically a rehash, retelling, retooled version of the previous entry, complete with basically the same scenarios, same one-liners, same escapes from near death, and, of course, the same over-the-top action and requi...
  • Tracey
    I have not read any of Andy McDermott's work before, so I was unaware that this was a series of books. So I have came in when the characters are already down along the path of being developed.There are lots of explosions, lots of broken bones, lots of bad guys, the obligatory useless Hollywood action here (think Charlie's Angels, lots of references to Indy, Lara and and you have a book screaming out make me into a movie. To be honest, this book w...
  • Kristen
    I love this series. As long as you approach these books with the appropriate mindset, they are tons of fun and highly entertaining. This series is not high-brow literature - it's basically a Jason Statham/Bruce Willis/Sylvester Stallone action movie in book form and as long as you know that going in and are into that type of story this is a fun, easy-reading kick-ass adventure.Once again, Nina and Eddie end up in a death-defying adventure, this t...
  • Jacob
    If some books are action movies, this one is almost a Michael Bay movie in terms of explosions and property damage and high-octane action. Fortunately, it's not as frenetic and plotless. And yes, I figured out the book was this way even before the author gratuitously crushed a Lamborghini.Normally, I try very hard not to jump into a series in the middle, but the topic of this one interested me and it didn't feel like it would matter that much. Ye...
  • Mark
    Another rip-roaring action-packed thriller in this ongoing series.For those following the trail, both Nina and Eddie are down on their luck in New York at the start of the book (but now married), having lost their jobs at the IHA after the plot of the last book. Eddie is working as a bodyguard/chauffeur to a movie-star which proves quite useful at some points in the plot, whilst Nina is wallowing in her self-pity until she's drawn into the plot o...
  • Warren Thoms
    3.5 stars A pretty good book. If you have read any of the others in the series than you know what you are getting. A half decent story and lots of action. This time Nina and Eddie are just scrapping by as Nina has been kicked out of the archeology company that she had been in. A girl working on a dig in Egypt sees that a side dig is going on and looks into it. What she finds sends the "bad" group after her to stop her from telling anybody. She ge...
  • Lyn Richards
    I normally love McDermott's action thrillers with the continuing story of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. However I found this story easy to put down and hard to pick up; it wasn't all bad though and I did get a few laughs throughout the book with the dry humour from the Eddie Chase character. The rest of the storyline was predictable and at times simply ridiculous. Nonetheless I read through to the end and it gave me some entertainment. I am hoping ...
  • Marilouise Gilley
    OK, I'm hooked! This is the second book that has been a "Wilde Chase" across many countries and with Nina and Eddie at hand it truly is a ride you won't forget. The characters are absolutely fun to read, and the villains are just downright nasty and hardcore bad to the bone. Love Eddie's English, it is filled with little what did you say.............."Ay Up", and "innit" funny sayings that you actually get used to hearing from him that make you l...
  • Meredith
    First, why there was a decision to change the name for the American addition is a mystery to me. Took a while to figure out that the Pyramid of Doom was the same as Osiris. Overall, this adventure was much better than the previous. It helped characterization-wise to remove the endless funds and backing that Nina and Eddie have had. Plus there was the addition of interesting secondary characters and their natures interacting with Nina and Eddie ad...
  • John Mac
    Painful dialogue and some truly far fetched scenarios are partly redeemed by a nail biting finish. This story gets off to a good start and ends well, but it really sags in the middle. I've read six in this series now, having read one out of order, not realising it was a series. It's not literature, but it passes the time without requiring any brain work. This is probably the weakest in the series thus far.
  • Peter Ahern
    A great book in a great series. If you take life too seriously and regularly find yourself picking holes out of the plot of a Bond film, or Die Hard, then this isn’t for you. But it’s good, ridiculous, light hearted fun, based loosely on historical fact. You really need to read the other books in the series to make sure you’re acclimatised to the nature of the storylines, otherwise you may find it too far fetched.
  • Steven Leitman
    while it still remains very formulaic there are a couple differences where we see him trying to change tracks with the characterisation here. while we see more archaeology if the series is going to be based on that premise maybe just maybe there should actually be some. more than running through trap laden places but actual archaeology this isn't Indiana Jones, though they had more archaeology than we see here. It is still a fun mindless toilet r...
  • Malcolm Cox
    If this were a movie, it would be a high-octane action film with lots of explosions, vehicle chases and over the top baddies. The pure enjoyment of it would forgive all the far-fetched stunts and gravity-defying leaps. Thankfully, this book reads just like it would look on screen, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Nemanja
    This was my first book from Nina Wilde adventure series. Interesting, fast paced, dynamic, maybe a bit over the top with all the chases and gun-loving-explosion-filled-action scenes, but it was fun to read though...I loved the Indiana Johns typed adventure...
  • Conor Grath
    A brilliant book I have not read any of the other nina wilde and Eddie chase books but the previous one at home. This is a bit Indiana Jones or lara croft but mixed with a great adventure thriller. Nina and Eddie are brilliant characters but in this one they are a married couple.
  • Jean-Michel Desire
    Fantastic! This one great treasure-hunt with the usual booby traps, only this is the result of a great imagination. I often wonder how authors will get creative with another treasure hunt, but Andy nailed this one down to perfection. This was really fun reading. I strongly recommend it.
  • Lina Ramos
    This should be a movie.
  • Claire
    Action-packed thriller which is a great page turner
  • Hana
    It had everything you could expect fro the series: suspension, action, humor. I really liked it despite some of its grossly descriptions. What a ride...
  • Tressa
    The Pyramid of Doom was enjoyable, but there were some gruesome deaths. There does seem to be a lack of regard for the lives of secondary and tertiary characters.
  • Panos Panagiotidis
    As always this was with action, humour and twists. Really liked this one. Now to number 6.
  • Miss Shelley Winter
    Awesome Really enjoyed the book, brilliantly written as always and captured my imagination from start to finish. Thoroughly entertaining reading again
  • Renee
    Great! Lots of action!
  • Jeff Dickison
    A lot of slam bang action from beginning to end, but in the end, it is pretty juvenile, more interested in body counts than in logic. Recommended only to fans of sophomoric non-stop action.
  • Natasha Shea
    Very good book. Keeps you wanting more at every turn of the page. Great series to get into.
  • Sandra
    Another fun read! I really enjoy the Wilde and Chase characters. This one was a bit hard to get into, but I finally got into it towards the middle.
  • Omkar Malvade
    keeps up the expectation in all the ways