The Sacred Vault (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #6) by Andy McDermott

The Sacred Vault (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #6)

Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are back in another epic contemporary adventure thriller. As the story opens Michelangelo's David is stolen from its plinth in Florence, Italy, in the latest of a series of audacious raids of the world's greatest treasures. When another treasure, the Talonor Codex - an account of the travels of a great Atlantean explorer, which suggests a link between the ancient Hindu civilisation of India and the Atlanteans - is stole...

Details The Sacred Vault (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #6)

TitleThe Sacred Vault (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #6)
Release DateJul 1st, 2010
GenreAdventure, Thriller, Fiction, Action, Mystery

Reviews The Sacred Vault (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #6)

  • Mike
    I still am 100% for this series. I say that because I sense that some fans are probably dropping off a bit, both from reviews I've seen here and the fact that it's the 6th book in a series which usually leads to a decrease in popularity or quality. Well, I disagree. I think this is just as good as the first and is still extremely fast paced and fun.My only complaint was that the villain was SO obvious that I could tell who the main villain was th...
  • Tyson Adams
    Australia has Matthew Reilly. The US has Clive Cussler and James Rollins. The UK has Andy McDermott.The Sacred Vault is Andy's sixth Nina and Eddie adventure and they just keep the adrenalin pumping as much as ever. I've met archaeologists, they make soil scientists seem exciting by comparison. Yet the world has more archaeologist adventurers than any other science: Indiana Jones, Jack West Jnr, Dirk Pitt, Nina and Eddie, the list goes on. But wh...
  • Meredith
    More or less I enjoyed the adventure. There just happened to be bits that weren't even internally consistent, which always frustrates me. Like the amazing cat burglars who intentionally work out every detail of their heist, including how such things work best when the fewest people are around. Until their final heist, which is right in the middle of a high profile gathering. And every so shocking, it doesn't go smoothly. Does it make for wild act...
  • Jeff Lyons
    I actually read this one before reading any of Andy McDermott's earlier books - mainly because I found it on sale somewhere and thought...what the hey? But I immediately fell in love with Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde. It started out a tad slow with a social event but then Eddie was chasing after a bunch of bad guys within a dozen or so pages. The words that best describe McDermott's books are action-packed, improbable, thrilling, and a good laugh. ...
  • Emma
    2.5 stars
  • Jeff Dickison
    Long on action, short on sense. McDermott is one of the top action writers around, unfortunately the plot is aimed at the 11-year old that resides inside all of us. To think that anyone could survive an airplane shot down by a missile is a bit much. Recommended only to action junkies and their inter 11-year old.
  • Plamen Kolev
    Andy McDermott knows how to write a great non-stop action page-turner, while still preserving at least a sense of credibility and realism. Yes, the main characters always surviving against the odds, in the last possible moment is a bit too predictable, hence why I cannot give 5 stars. However, I still throughly enjoyed the book and the journey around the world, and Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are two of the most likeable characters in any book ser...
  • Suresh
    well, after (re)discovering atlantis, locating hercules's tomb, unearthing the pyramid of osiris, visiting the garden of eden, pulling out arthur's sword etc. what do our heroes (still have to) do? [btw if i were these ppl i would choose labours of hercules instead. won't u give these blokes a well deserved break andy?]. locate (sigh! word reuse... hmmm... let it be "open" then) shiva's valut (hey! is the tile not "the sacred vault"? someone had ...
  • Paula Howard
    Priceless and precious art is being stolen from around the world. No one claims responsibility. No one seems to know where they are. They just disappear. Nina and Eddie are present at an exhibit when the Talonor Codex is stolen even though there is heightened security. The Talonor Codex was one of the items our pair found in Atlantis. The Talonor Codex gives clues to the hidden location of the Vault of Shiva. The Indian couple, the Khoils, plan t...
  • Athira Gopinath
    If you have seen Mission impossible and Indiana Jones, there is nothing much else in this book for you. Of course there are action and racing sequences in a busy road in Frisco and the lonely scenic Himalayan mountains, but you'll soon realize that you're re watching just another flimsy action film. Everything stinks of cliche. but you will tolerate all that through the first 200 something pages just out of curiosity- what exactly is in this Vaul...
  • Mikaela
    If I were to review this book as a stand-alone novel, rather then part of a whole series- I'd have to say I would give it at least four stars.But as part of a seires... well. Everything just seemn a little repetitive. 1. Everything is happy2. Evil billionare tries to destroy/take over the world3. Nina/Eddie somehow get involved4. World is savedAfter 6 books, it's starting to seem a little far fetched. Once or twice, maybe. But SIX TIMES? Come on ...
  • Kit Harris
    This was my 6th Andy Mcdermott book and i found the formula getting a bit tired. How many egoistic Billionaire maniacs can there be in the story world? Andy is a very good writer and has created a wonderful series with Wilde/Chase no doubt, but this book could have benefited with more research. The concept is great, the link to Atlantis is clever and some of the characters are stereotypical-yet-good - however the plot is predictable. Such a shame...
  • Keith
    another fast paced adventure with nina and eddie
  • Brenda
    Another exciting entry in the Nina and Eddie saga. I don't think those two could stay out of trouble if they tried. I can't wait for the next one!!
  • Jordan Anderson
    As seems to be the case with damn near every McDermott book, The Sacred Vault follows pretty much the exact same formula: Nina and Eddie get wrapped up in some eccentric billionaire's evil plot to take over and/or destroy the world, and in doing so, they come across some ancient tomb, or in this case, vault, that holds the key to defeat the villain and save the day. For 6 books now, the team has pretty much done the exact same thing, somehow mana...
  • Jeffrey Lyons
    I read several of McDermott's books out of order until I wised up. This is the sixth book, which I read before the first 3 books I believe. But it was on sale somewhere and I figured why not grab it at a discount. And I'm pleased that I did so.It didn't take long for me to fall in love with Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde. Eddie, the wise-cracking, sarcastic,"oy" former Brit SAS agent/bodyguard for the luscious, red-haired yet headstrong archaeologist...
  • Mc510
    I like a nice suspend-your-disbelief action book as much as the next guy, but this one is just terrible. It reads like a cross between a Vin Diesel movie and a very, very dumbed-down Dan Brown novel. At least half of the book is blow-by-blow description of preposterous fights, chases, escapes, etc.; after a little bit I just started skimming over these sections. Since you always know that Eddie and Nina will prevail, there's really nothing very i...
  • Steven Leitman
    This is my last one, I had trouble reading this and the motivation just wasn't there. It is the same formulae over and over and over ad nauseam. The originality is gone and for crying out loud there is absolutely no sense that archaeology actually plays a role here. the only thing this one had going for it was that all the character they've met and some nasty nasty villains were here as well.
  • Jayal Yapa
    If you're looking for a serious literary experience, you're knocking on the wrong door. But y'know, sometimes in life, you just need high adrenaline car chases, impossible escapades and a lot of blood in a lot of innovative ways.And for those times, this book works like a charm.
  • Tressa
    I did not finish listening to The Sacred Vault. Ive also decided not to continue with the series. I thought Nina would be more suspicious during the taxi scene. I know that she had a lot on her mind, but I expected better from her because of the prior books. I did not finish listening to The Sacred Vault. I’ve also decided not to continue with the series. I thought Nina would be more suspicious during the taxi scene. I know that she had a lot...
  • Greg
    Enjoyable. Just found book 1 so will get a better understanding of the characters.
  • Leon
    Good readStory is similar to the other Nina and Eddie books. Good read but plot could be better. I will be reading more by McDermott.
  • Beth Vanda
    Ok, they got more formulaic by this obe
  • GBC
    A good read....I was pleased that the book focused mostly on the action. It was enjoyable to read
  • andrew knight
    Ths sacred vault by Andy McDermott The sacred vault wild/chase 6 by Andy McDermott great read and a good story can't wait to read next book
  • Keith Beddard
    Excellent thriller. Characters continue to develop with a sting right in the tail of the book.Could not put it down.
  • Diane
    Along the lines if an Indiana Jones adventure.
  • Cynthia
    Another fantastic tale. I love this authors books.