A Pattern of Blood (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #2) by Rosemary Rowe

A Pattern of Blood (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #2)

Libertus witnesses the stabbing of Quintus Ulpius, a wealthy decurion—but he is not fatally wounded. Libertus is commanded by his wealthy patron Marcus to investigate the attack, but Quintus is soon found dead. When one of his enemies is found with blood stains on his toga, for Marcus the case is closed. But Libertus thinks otherwise.

Details A Pattern of Blood (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #2)

TitleA Pattern of Blood (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #2)
Release DateSep 1st, 2000
PublisherHeadline Book Publishing
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Roman

Reviews A Pattern of Blood (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #2)

  • Steve Caudle
    See my review of "The Germanicus Mosaic" by the same author.
  • margaret chalmers
    An interesting patternA well deserved four star. This series is improving. Our regulars are established, our native Celtic detective is growing ever more sympathetic. In this tale he gets a possible clue to his lost wife 's whereabouts. Interestingly she was sold with a male companion. Perhaps a son? During his search our hero sees a stabbing and then his patron takes him to meet victim with a view to a mosaic commission. Victim is stabbed again....
  • Susan
    This series tends to focus on the dynamics of slavery in Roman culture, so it is fitting that the protagonist is a former slave who has been freed and become a citizen, appropriately named Libertus. When he was captured he was separated from his wife, who was also sold as a slave. Ever since he has had a longing to find her again and is glad to have an excuse to visit Corinium to look for her. Unfortunately, when a rich aristocrat is murdered, hi...
  • Alison
    I enjoyed this more than the first in the series, possibly because the characterisation was a little deeper, and it really does have good pacing. The Upstairs/Downstairs nature of the household was engaging, as that sort of thing often is. The culprit was both obvious and yet, lacking in rational motive (but less so that the first installment, so yay?). This is more engaging-enough-fiction-in-my-fave genre to keep reading, but it isn't in the top...
  • Cheryl
    A pleasant enough mystery, but not compelling enough to interest me to search for the numerous other books in this series.
  • Eustacia Tan
    A Pattern of Blood is the 2nd book in the Libertus Series. As I mentioned before, I'll be starting with this book because of nostalgia.A Pattern of Blood follows Libertus as he's sent to investigate an attack on a decurion named Quintus Ulpius (which he coincidentally witnessed while looking for his wife). Unfortunately, Quintus is successfully murdered before Libertus can even talk to him. Libertus's patron Marcus is convinced he knows who the m...
  • Graham Crawford
    This is another one of those formula Crime books - Medieval Miss Marple/ Roman Poirot. They are starting to be called "cozy murders" - in this case maybe toasty because they have hypocausts :-) I wouldn't say it's a bad book, but I predicted who dunnit in the paragraph where the murderer was first introduced....I just had to wait for all the usual contorted antics and red herrings to get to a motive and means. There is an overlay of a roman histo...
  • Ian
    The second in the Libertus series, later Roman Briton. A decurion is murdered, mysteriously, Libertus investigates with his powerful patron. After the usual twists and turns, the truth, with its usual myriad complexities, is revealed. The doctor did it, for money and a woman!Entertaining. The glimpses Libertus provides of his life are interesting. His search for his 20 year lost wife.
  • Catherine Khalili
    I am enjoying this series. It is about a freed slave in Roman Briton who is adept at solving crimes. He is often forced into it by his Patron. I enjoy the history and the mystery that each book has. Unfortunately, my library doesn't carry this series so I am buying it on my kindle.
  • Katharine Harding
    Roman crime novels are my guilty pleasure and this series hits the spot nicely.
  • Lollyletsgo
    Really nice read. I thought I figured it out, but there was a nice little twist at the end. Again, Well, played Rosemary Rowe, well played.
  • Cynthiaj
    Libertus is not Marcus Didius, but then....Still, an entertaining whodunnit. Definitelyenough to keep me in the series.
  • Lizzie Robinson
    Good read!