Caroline's Sister by Sheila O'Flanagan

Caroline's Sister

To her younger sister, Tessa, Caroline O'Shaughnessy has everything - great looks, easy charm, and the distinctly desirable Damien Woods. But for Caroline, things don't feel quite so rosy. She'd dreamed about moving in with Damien, but not about having his child, just yet. And though he did the honourable thing when she told him she was pregnant, it obviously wasn't what he wanted either. And as both of them struggle to make the best of a bad job...

Details Caroline's Sister

TitleCaroline's Sister
Release DateJun 5th, 2006
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Adult

Reviews Caroline's Sister

  • Hannie
    Een heerlijk boek. Het leest echt heel vlot. Het boek is ruim 700 pagina's dik. Toch heb ik het vrij snel uitgelezen, aangezien ik ook een paar dagen weinig heb gelezen. Het had van mij trouwens nog wel dikker mogen zijn, want ik vind het gewoon jammer dat het uit is. Dit is zo'n verhaal dat nog makkelijk door had kunnen gaan. Ik heb inmiddels al een aantal boeken van Sheila O'Flanagan gelezen en meestal teleurstellen ze niet. Het zijn wel chickl...
  • Amanda Booth
    What a couple of sad sacks the sisters were and men bar two were complete shits.
  • Zoe
    I always have to prepare myself before reading a Sheila O'Flanagan novel - purely for the sheer length of them! 'Caroline's Sister' managed to successfully fill 726 pages and yet despite that, I enjoyed all of it and didn't once think "WHEN will this END?". Sheila doesn't simply have a 'start' and 'end' to her books, she follows the characters through a period in their life in detail. No twists and juicy cliff-hangers, just decent story telling t...
  • Charlotte Sinclair
    I love, love, love Sheila O'Flanagan and I can read her books again and again and Caroline's sister is no exception.In this book we follow the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of Caroline and her sister, Tessa from their teenage years into adulthood. We explore the reason for their family fallout and how the two sisters overcome this.Also explored is the sexist world of finance that Tessa finds herself in. The story is very well written. It ...
  • Shereen Lang
    It took a bit of time for the story to get going but once it did, it was easier to read.I did enjoy this book, and will read more of her books in the future.
  • Jonita
    Life comes easy for Caroline O'Shaughnessy. She has good looks that make those around her adore her. She's her father's favourite. When she gets pregnant the first time she sleeps with new boyfriend Damien, he marries her and they create a family together. Caroline's little sister Tess doesn't have it as easy. She lacks her sister's good looks and easy charm, and it seems that absolutely nothing comes easily for her.When Tessa makes a monumental ...
  • Nathalie
    This is such a long book, which I don't usually mind but it did feel at times like this was padded out a bit, and it wouldn't have hurt the story if it had been shortened a little bit. It took a bit of time for the story to get going but once it did, it was easier to read.I did enjoy this book, and will read more of her books in the future.
  • Janice
    I do love reading stories based in England and Ireland. Just the vivid setting, the lingo and the characters. Great read, filled with trials and tribulation, love, lust, life, decisions and how to live with what we have chosen. Well worth reading.
  • Julie McCoy
    Really got sucked into the story, however, the characters were a bit flat and the book itself was very long. Did enjoy it though.
  • Emma Long
    Loved the book, couldn`t put it down! Loved the book, couldn`t put it down!
  • Amanda Rees
    These books are great when you want an entertaining light read.
  • Anita
    It was a good story although I felt the ending was a bit rushed for such a long book.
  • Dianne
    Enjoyed this, although i felt the story could have been shorter. It did seem to go on a bit longer than necessary for me.
  • Shannon
    Have read ALL of Sheila O'flanagan's books and is my favorite "chick-lit" author! What is it about these Irish authors??????
  • sarah collins
    I very light read, but I couldn't put it down!
  • Loxi Lowndes
    predictable and dull. my life is more interesting, that is saying something!
  • Michele Nevin
    good storytelling - set in dublin. two sisters with different lives.
  • Debbie
    I read this book years ago and loved it and I plan to re read it now on a rainy sunday afternoon....come on winter. :D