After the Death of Anna Gonzales by Terri Fields

After the Death of Anna Gonzales

A look at the effects of one girl's suicide on her high school"I can feelThe whispering of the hallway wallsGrowing louder as the groups gather.Each clique adding to its morning input."Did you hear?""Who told you?""Do you think it's really true?"New at this school, I stand alone.Watching . . ."This collection of voices centers on the suicide of high school freshman Anna Gonzales. Each piece, read alone, portrays a classmate's or teacher's persona...

Details After the Death of Anna Gonzales

TitleAfter the Death of Anna Gonzales
Release DateNov 1st, 2002
GenrePoetry, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

Reviews After the Death of Anna Gonzales

  • Sara
    Summary and Analysis: After the Death of Anna Gonzales is a novel told in verse that would be appropriate for high school students. After the Death of Anna Gonzales takes place in a high school the day after a student, Anna Gonzales, has committed suicide. This comes as a big shock to everyone and no one really knows why she did it or saw any signs that she was considering suicide. The book focuses on the people who were left behind and their rea...
  • Jessica
    The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'll probably never read it again. I gave it 4 stars because it is such an important, well-written, well-thought out, meaningful book. The effect it had on me while I was reading it was very powerful. The responses of the students were so well-crafted, I almost wonder if the author studied psychology. I could tell before I read the blurb that she had education experience. Each was w...
  • Sydney2adams
    I picked up this book because it fulfilled the poetry requirement for my young adult lit class. I also thought it had a really neat concept of poems from various high school student's perspectives. I'm a big fan of poetry so naturally I was really excited to read the book, plus it seemed like a quick and easy read.Overall I think the writing was good. It was obvious by the writing style that it was written by an adult though. Thinking about my gr...
  • Eva Leger
    This is a very, very, very fast book. It's a very "light" book, even with the topic. One could imagine the pages to be more heavy because of what Anna did yet it's not IMO. I think this would be a great book to hand to someone who likes to read but isn't "hooked" although that person would need to be the kind of person okay with reading about this sort of thing. Even though Anna herself isn't met in the book and even though the suicide isn't fron...
  • Rachel
    This book was interesting.... it wasn't really a book as much as a collection of stories or after thoughts. Some of the stories were very good with lots of emotion, and wittiness while other were random, and had no revelation to the story. I don't think the school was at all affected by the suicide of Anna. Except for the teachers, and several friends most took advantage of it. There have been several suicides around my area in schools, and I kno...
  • Alicia
    Anna has committed suicide and that has left the student body grappling with their own lives and what they did or didn't mean to Anna. Each poem is another character, adult, friend, teacher, student who has thoughts of Anna after their principal announces that "she took her own life". Nothing is uniquely special about the poetry (reminding me of Mel's work) which creates a powerful message when the last "poem" is Anna's suicide note "I am just no...
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    Terri Fields has written many, many books including picture books, middle grade books and young adult books. Some of her young adult books include MY FATHER’S SON and HOLDUP, and AFTER THE DEATH OF ANNA GONZALEZ, which all focus on the teenager experience. Not only does Terri Fields write, but she also teaches and makes sure many of her students write as well. She is a teacher in Arizona and has won Arizona’s Teacher of the Year Award and was...
  • Courtney Priestley
    This book is a collection of narratives from a high school where a student took her own life. I normally don't like sad books, but I thought that this was a great read. This collection of narratives comes for a variety of perspectives from classmates, teachers, and the principle. The narratives are simply the author's reactions to what is going on in the community now that this girl is gone. The personal experiences of these community members rem...
  • Ashley Brady
    POETRY/VERSE NOVELI really enjoyed this book. It's written in verse, which really adds to the effect of the story. Each page is a different poem written by a different person in the high school where Anna Gonzales went to school before she committed suicide. Each poem shows how different people react to her death; some were devastated and others barely noticed she was gone. It's incredible to see how her choices affected so many people though. I ...
  • Savannah Dodd
    I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. I hadn't heard anything about it, except that one of the students in my English class was reading it. So, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad that I did. The book is written entirely in prose, which was super interesting and unique. Although the story doesn't follow a certain character in particular, I thought that the depictions and reactions of the different students was chilling and...
  • Valeria
    I think this is something that helps get a better understanding on what suicide does to those that are close to the victim. It also opened my eyes to people who weren't even affected by the death of a classmate. That really broke my heart. But I really enjoyed this book.
  • Karyn Buchanan
    A small collection of poems that tell the story of classmates, teachers, and staff dealing with Anna’s death and trying to come to terms with it. I think this piece has a lot of insight and heart. Anna’s letter is very sad.
  • Joanna Hahn
    Very short. Read it in about 20 minutes. Written in verse. But really well done. Every page is a different students thoughts following the announcement that a fellow student killed herself the night before.
  • Jen Brooks
    Not sure if this made me feel even more depressed about an already terrible topic. Little hope in this book.
  • Belinda
    47 voices all touched by suicide, some profoundly others with indifference. Short and moving.
  • Terri
    WowWow this book was Nothing like I expected. It was a quick and easy read. But still intense and powerful.
  • Marissa Comeau
    Heartwrenching thoughts put together about the suicide of Anna Gonzalez. A good book for sure that gave different points of view.
  • Courtney-Paige
    Some people are just dicks.
  • Tweller83
    This book about suicide just left me with more questions than answers. Not one I think I will recommend to students.#spooktober: poetry or short story collection
  • Jessica
    The first half of this book is really interesting and thought-provoking. It makes you really think about how the life of one person affects so many people, and how the sudden absence of that person creates ripples in the lives of those they knew, as well as those they were around. I also liked how the author showed a wide range of reactions to this teenager's suicide. There were teenagers who were shocked and devastated, those who were irritated ...
  • Sarah Denson
    Terri Fields, the author of After the Death of Anna Gonzales, purpose of writing this book was to show the feelings that people endure towards when somebody takes their life away. Fields experiences despair over teenage suicides and wanted to show readers that if somebody were to kill themselves, it impacts the people around them, whether they realize it or not.The theme of After the Death of Anna Gonzales is powerful and something that stuck wit...
  • Savannah Renken
    Terri Fields, the author of After the Death of Anna Gonzales purpose of writing this book was to show the feelings that people have when somebody takes their own life. Fields shows that a suicide impacts everybody around: students, teachers, friends, strangers, etc. The theme of After the Death of Anna Gonzales is that even though you may feel invisible, that no one would care if you killed yourself, is that people do care. People will be affecte...
  • Molly
    I choose this book based on the recommendation of a professor, having never heard of it before. I hope I can tell more people about it.The work is composed of a series of short poems told in the perspective of various students and faculty as they learn and react to the suicide of Anna Gonzales. It's a very real treatment, respectful and beautiful and painful and real. It shows the far-reaching effects of a suicide, the ripples and pain it creates...
  • Brianna
    I read "The death of Anna Gonzales" I really liked this book because I liked how the author incorporated many other peoples feelings not just about one person and how they dealt with this death. This book was set up in a different way than many other books which made me enjoy it even more. It went through many different characters telling how they felt about this death and some were sad because the main character felt like all these people didn't...
  • Bobbie
    This book was a wonderful collection of poetry. Each poem is written in the voice of a different person at Anna Gonzales' school the day after she has committed suicide. Teachers, faculty, staff, and students respond differently. Some are deeply moved; some are confused; some try to take advantage of the situation; and some seem completely unaware of what has happened. This book will make you cry. It would be a great book for a student who has lo...
  • Sarah
    This is a really quick read. It's all poetry; I read it in about fourty five minutes, and it was good poetry. I normally don't care much for poetry; I prefer long novels with story arch's. But in a way this book did and did not have a story arch; it follows the reactions (or lack of) of the students surrounding Anna Gonzales after they learn she's killed herself. Having been in a school where, in the course of my four years there, there were at l...
  • Karen
    I wanted to read this book because it had been recommended in class. What intrigued me were the different reviews of the book. One person said that they didn’t really like it while another said she loved it. I was excited to find out for myself how I would feel about the book. I really enjoyed this book. While it was something I definitely would not have gone out of my way to read, it was a nice experience. It wasn’t my favorite book, but I l...
  • Madeline
    I'm not a big fan of poetry, or at least I thought. This book changed my mind and made me realize the impact that poetry can have on young adult readers. This collection of poems hit home for me and brought me back to my Junior year in high school when a girl in my grade, Rachel Keizer, committed suicide. Reading through these poems and the insight of these students, I can remember people using the death as a way to get out of class. It's hard be...
  • Sarahi
    After the Death of Anna Gonzales written by Terri Fields is a novel about poems told of students who have experienced the death of one of there teammates. Anna Gonzales is dead, her family has to suffer the pain of their daughters suicide. Forty-seven voices, including students, teachers and other school staff are left behind saying the aftermath of a high school student's suicide. They live to tell what happend and what is left to come. Nobody s...