Fairy Tail, Vol. 11 (Fairy Tail, #11) by Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail, Vol. 11 (Fairy Tail, #11)

WHEN CHECKMATE MEANS DEATH! Erza's childhood friend Jellal has started to play an elaborate board game--with Natsu and his team as enemy pieces to be eliminated. Meanwhile, Siegrain is trying to get the Magic Council to fire a weapon that will wipe out Jellal's tower, killing everyone within it--including our heroes from Fairy Tail!

Details Fairy Tail, Vol. 11 (Fairy Tail, #11)

TitleFairy Tail, Vol. 11 (Fairy Tail, #11)
Release DateJun 22nd, 2010
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Magic, Comics

Reviews Fairy Tail, Vol. 11 (Fairy Tail, #11)

  • Kanna Ogihara
    The story was complicated. No!! Many ways of translations make me confused!!! Who is Jellal? Are Jellal and Gerard same? There are a lot of ways to call Jellal. Julia is also. Moreover, a construction of R-system is not clear for me. I need to read this volume in Japanese. I could understand the contents somehow but I couldn’t enjoy.
  • Isabella
    I ♥ Fairy Tail!!!!
  • Joseph R.
    The Tower of Heaven story arc continues as the Fairy Tail team arrives at the tower to take out the crazy evil Jellal. Unfortunately, Jellal has brought in a trio of magicians from a guild specializing in assassination. Maybe Natzu could take them out if he hadn't got a gigantic cat's head mask stuck on his head! Meanwhile, the Magic Council is discussing whether to use a weapon of mass destruction to take out the tower before Jellal has a chance...
  • Kaitlin
    I am happy with this volume. I learned about Erza being a slave for a black magic cult to resurrect Zeref. I learned that in escaping Jallel, a friend of hers, has Zeref in his body and she was banished from there to save the lives of her friends even though Jallel told them all that she betrayed them. She also developed her powers. I hope that Jallel is redeemed and that Zeref dies.
  • Hannah Belyea
    While Ezra, Lucy and their friends attempt to stop her old companions, including the intelligent Jellal, from eliminating them in the Tower of Heaven, Siegrain is planning on convincing the Council to blow the whole thing up - with them inside! Mashima will keep readers on the edges of their seats with this entry. Time is really not on the side of Lucy and her team this round!
  • Teresa cox
  • Courtney
    This is my favourite of Erza's armour collection. It focuses completely on her strength as opposed to defence!
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume.
  • Inês Mendes
    Lets continue on with the adventure!
  • Jeni
    Okay, at first, when Jellal announced his plan, all I could think was "How is 3 vs. 7 a good plan?" But I can see where he's coming from after seeing the fights. I liked how it seemed that all of the Fairy Tail members were met with opponents whose powers were basically their opposites. Juvia fighting someone who can take any liquid she throws at him, Erza fighting a woman with a sword that can cut through any armor. I also liked the backstory be...
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    I liked this one, but it seemed like there was an insane amount of Juvia and Erza fan service and I didn't enjoy it. Constant butt and armor strip shots. It was rather annoying. I understand catering to your audience, but not just guys read this manga...Overall, I like where the story is heading.I'd like it more if the women in the next volume say in their clothes for longer than a page.
  • Strangerealms
    My review is for the whole manga so far (50 volumes). Fairy Tail is set in a fantasy world where wizards join guilds to make a living, and help the population who have no magic and cannot face certain threats. Lucy is such a wizard looking for a guild, and after meeting Natsu she joins his guild Fairy Tail. I watched the anime first and I prefer the anime look, but the drawings do get better after some volumes. The regions do look pretty, and the...
  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    This volume continues the Tower of Heaven Arc on Chapter 83: Find the Wy.At the Magic Council, Siegrain continues to press that the magic Etherion is cast to distroy the Tower of Heaven. Some members are reluctant to consider that option however. Elsewhere Erza goes over many of the times the guild has come against Zeref's inventions. Jellal's intentions are to bring back Zeref. In seperate groups the team fights different foes.Sho vs Grey and Lu...
  • Scott Lee
    I've thoroughly enjoyed this arc as it sheds so much light on Erza. I like that we were introduced to the characters first, so that we could get to know them in the present on their own terms, but I also missed the knowledge of who these characters are that would have come with more backstory. We get a vague picture of who each character is the way it was done, but there isn't nearly enough time spent having the characters reveal themselves to mo...
  • Ashley
    Fairy Tail vol. 11 Summary: WHEN CHECKMATE MEANS DEATH! Erza's childhood friend Jellal has started to play an elaborate board game - with Natsu and his team as enemy pieces to be eliminated. Meanwhile, Siegrain is trying to get the Magic Council to fire a weapon that will wipe out Jellal's tower, killing everyone within it - including our heroes from Fairy Tail!Rating: 4 starsOpening Line: "We have to wipe the Tower of Heaven off the face of the ...
  • Gabriel Wallis
    I'm still enjoying the Fairy Tail manga series. I had a hard time getting into this volume, for some reason, though. It was just a little too strange for me. I still like the characters and the storyline, and I love the humor threaded throughout the manga, but this volume just couldn't get me to drop everything and read it. I'm gonna keep reading the series, though. Looking forward to reading volume 12.
  • Lissibith
    This is a shonen series, so it was inevitable that we'd just get mired in fights at some point. They aren't bad fights - they're actually pretty fun and maintain kind of a light tone except for Erza's fight, which is full of self-examination and some realizations.not a bad issue. But it just lacked some of the impact of the previous two volumes.
  • ♚ ember
    NOPE.i just cannot stand Jellal/Gerard and i never fully understood what he was aiming to. his plan made no sense whatsoever and his woe-me-i-am-the-worstest-villain-in-the-world was plain annoying.Erza is such a good character, it would be a pity if she were to be ruined by that jerk.
  • Karla
    Erza's old friends Jella makes a game for Erz's friends. If they defeat all 4 (i believe) people from Assassin Group.(don't remember the name 's group)
  • Дени Проданова
    Такава голяма тайна е заложена тук, а тома свършва точно преди развръзката. Е, не е честно!
  • Jessica
    This is some crazy guy, thinking life is a game. But people aren't born this way, they are made this way... How will Fairy Tail react?
  • Angela
    Zooming through these chapters now. It is a bit confusing though with the name differences between the manga and the anime. Otherwise, this is definitely on my fav's list.
  • Grace Kroeger
    I think the series is good and does have adventure in them.
  • Anthonia
    An excellent addition to this manga series that i enjoyed reading. A must read for manga lovers everywhere.
  • Shala
    I really enjoy this arc. You get to see multiple characters grow in different ways, and it's amazing!
  • Dies Irae
    Il tono si fa pesante, greve. Elsa regge l'intero volume ma la totale assenza di tempi comici ne penalizza la fruibilità. Un po' noioso.
  • Lisa
    So much fun and of course a cliffhanger.
  • Polly
    Not much story to this volume, just a lot of fighting.
  • Citybones
    "A Juvia le llueven los ojos" Como me encanta cuando actúa como la gran y fuerte maga que es.Ya se me había olvidado que comían a Natsu XPEs tan dramático y atrapante como recordaba.
  • Anita
    Aztán jött a KISS arcfestésű tag meg a bagolyFEJŰ tag....
  • Dilan
    Erza :') Ben de Fairy Tail'e katılacağımm!! :D
  • Jesus Flores
    So the group fights the villain helpers some good fights other not so much.
  • Kelley Shim
    Fairy Tail
  • Marialys Scarano Rodríguez
    83 - 91