Secrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court #1) by D.L. Bogdan

Secrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court #1)

When young Mary Howard receives the news that she will be leaving her home for the grand court of King Henry VIII, to attend his mistress Anne Boleyn, she is ecstatic. Everything Anne touches seems to turn to gold, and Mary is certain Anne will one day become Queen. But Mary has also seen the King's fickle nature and how easily he discards those who were once close to him. . . Discovering that she is a pawn in a carefully orchestrated plot devise...

Details Secrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court #1)

TitleSecrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2010
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, English History, Tudor Period, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Secrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court #1)

  • Misfit
    I'm beginning to see a pattern developing in the latest offerings in historical fiction similar to what I'm accustomed to in romances - you have the solid gritty novels with real historical detail and then there are the wall-paper variety with a prettified historical setting - and in my IMHO this book falls into the latter category. Secrets is the story of Mary Howard, daughter of Thomas Howard the powerful Duke of Norfolk and wife to Henry VIII'...
  • Selma
    Divna knjiga, nezaboravna priča o izdaji i izgubljenoj nevinosti. Sudbina šest supruga engleskog kralja Henrija VIII. od kojih su neke završile pod oštricom mača. Uzbudljiva povijesna priča koja počinje dolaskom mlade Mary Howard na veličanstveni dvor kralja Henrija VIII. kako bi bila dvorska dama njegove ljubavnice, Anne Boleyn.Mary je sigurna da će Anne jednoga dana postati kraljica. Ali kralj je prevrtljive naravi i često se surovo o...
  • Victoria
    I think my main problem with this book is that Mary, as imagined by Darcey Bonnette, is such a whiner. Barely a page passes without her feeling nauseous with fear. Her guts churn, her stomach aches, she vomits – it’s all about her and her belly-aching (literally and metaphorically). So I have a recommendation for anyone about to head out on reading this book. Rather than reading it for pleasure, use it as a drinking game. Every time Mary ment...
  • April
    Free Kindle download.Even though I'm a huge fan of Showtime's TV series The Tudors and have recently read Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl (the e-book version but not in Kindle format, or I would have written a review), I really don't know anything about the main character in Secrets of the Tudor Court. She is Lady Mary Howard, daughter of Thomas Howard, the third Duke of Norfolk, and cousin to Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's second of six...
  • Ana T.
    I just can't resist books where the author grabs a little known historical character and writes a story, within history, for her. That's why I decided to pick this one up. The main character here is Mary Howard, the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk. As his nieces Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard she will also be a pawn in her fathers plans to maintain his powerful position with the King.Unfortunately I didn't find Mary all that appealing as a char...
  • Elaine
    An interesting insight into the court of Henry V111 and his six wives. As such there isn't too much detail given to each of the wives, unlike other novelists who concentrate on one of the queens at any given time-such as Gergory, for example. Also, unlike Gregory et al, Bonnette examines the court in a much darker way, giving much detail about double dealings and the underhand way the courtiers behave in order to safeguard their survival.Narrated...
  • Rio (Lynne)
    3.75 If you are in the mood for some lite historical fiction and looking for a new character to read about, during the Tudor times, this will fit the bill. Mary Howard, the daughter of King Henry VIII's Lord Treasurer, the evil Thomas Howard The Duke Of Norfolk is sent to court during the rise of Ann Boleyn. We follow her years through 5 Queens and her marriage to Henry's illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy. The author portrays the Duke of Norfolk as ...
  • Erin
    Wow. Far and away the most depressing book I've read in awhile. The plot is very simple: the duke of Norfolk is cruel to the heroine, the heroine cries. Over and over and over again. If you like books about abuse and weepy characters, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, avoid at all costs!
  • Laura Greenwood
    Review posted 6th August on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live... Secrets of the Tudor Court follows the story of Mary Howard, a Howard girl eclipsed by those more famous, such as Mary and Anne Bolyen, and Katherine Howard. The story travels through from her father summoning her to court at 11, right through to her death during the reign of Queen Mary I, including her ill fated marriage to the illegitimate son of Henry VIII, Henry Fitzroy and ...
  • Olga Hughes
    Originally published at Crickhollow Books I wasn’t expecting this one to be a literary masterpiece, but the subject, Mary Howard, got me interested in the book. Mary Howard was the daughter of the notorious Duke of Norfolk and wife of Henry VIII’s illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy. She outlived Henry VIII’s and all of his wives. Now I don’t know a lot about Mary Howard but there a lot of other historical inaccuracies I noticed in the book s...
  • chucklesthescot
    I was interested in reading this book because Mary Howard's name is well known to Tudor fans but this was the first book that I've found that tells her story. As with all Tudor books, you have to consider that this is fact based fiction, meaning the author has added their own spin on events and things may not be totally accurate. I can usually take these books at face value and just enjoy the story.History has not looked kindly on the Duke of Nor...
  • Vanessa
    This is a tricky one to rate! On one hand, the writing was really good and very vidid (definitely made me feel like I was right there). On the other, there was something that really bothered me ... and bothered me enough that I can only give this book 3 stars.First, there is the theme of domestic violence - and the victim's acceptance of said violence - throughout out the story. Mary's father beats and threatens both her and her mother repeatedly...
  • Lady Jane Grey
    I wrote a review for "Rivals in the Tudor Court" and a lot of it ties in with this book. I really think it should be read before this one even if they weren't published in that order.Something new for this review is that I love reading about different smaller characters in Tudor history. In the genre, I would estimate half of the books are about Anne Boleyn. I love seeing the supporting characters and extras get leading roles. You don't hear too ...
  • Tocotin
    I liked this book better when it was called "The Other Boleyn Girl".No, seriously. The first part of it was nearly a rip-off of TOBG, complete with the heroine feeling sorry for the poor Catherine of Aragon and hating her own family for, let's see, essentially behaving like every family depending on the king's favor would behave. It got a little better afterwards, the main character (Mary Howard, the wife of Henry VIII's illegitimate son Henry Fi...
  • Laura
    The Tudor/Elizabethan eras are two of my favourite eras to study so therefore this book immediately appealed. I couldn't stop reading (even though it suffers from long chapters; my personal pet hate with books.) I felt it was a good balance of drama and historical fiction and offers a different perspective on that era.The character of Mary is one where you remain sympathetic toward throughout. Norfolk is the type of person you never wish to meet;...
  • Erica Hunt
    have recently finished reading Secrets of the Tudor Court by D.L. Bogdan and I have to say that it fits my Tubor England mood well. I have been really into this time period lately and I am fascinated by how the English lived and dealt with King Henry. I also love reading about what life was like for women and the roles that they played. The parts of this book that I found extremely interesting was the in depth look into the life long feud between...
  • Melissa
    I really enjoyed this book! When I wasn't reading it I found myself wanting to sneak a few more pages in, which is always a good sign. I don't know a whole lot about the Tudor dynasty past the movies and shows I've seen, so I don't know how historically correct this story was, but I definitely would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the topic.
  • Amanda Villani
    Meh...written from Mary Howard's perspective (daughter of the Duke of Norfolk, widow of Henry Fitzpatrick). Supposedly she was next in line to woo the king, too bad he died first. Another story of how women in the Tudor court were property to be bartered with. Kinda sad. Duke of Norfolk sounds like one bad mamma jamma.
  • NayNay
    Secrets of the Tudor Court(Tudor Court series) had me breathless - clever dialogue, captivating characters, fast paced pulling the reader along, rich and exciting. This one is a winner, I can't wait to read the second book, Rivals in the Tudor Court.
  • Amanda
    I've read enough Tudor era historical fiction that it's all blended together. While the read was enjoyable enough, I found absolutely nothing in this one to set it apart. Totally unobjectionable. Which is...well...unobjectionable I guess. Damning with faint praise, huh?
  • Delicieux
    I really enjoyed this book. I really felt Bess's heartache at being separated from Will. It's hard to imagine in this day and age the Crown telling you your marriage was illegal and then suddenly becoming legal again with a change of monarch.
  • Amy
    A truly amazing read!Where to start? This book was beautifully written, I found myself living the world of the Tudor court alongside Mary. My heart breaking with hers and preying she finds the happiness she deserved! Living her fear and heartbreaks alongside her in this greatly written book. The way Darcey Bonnette brought the characters to life was amazing. The historical beauty of Royal Court, The terrifying reign of King Henry VIII, the demise...
  • Veronica Garcia
    Overall this story contained great historical content from the view of Norfolk’s daughter. That is the only good thing. The character depth is what made this book so hard to read. It was puddle deep. She was annoying, weak, so naive, and had see-sawing emotions. I had high hopes for this read and was so disappointed. It had such great potential. My favorite part, the last chapter, of you can call it that. It was the epilogue, written from the v...
  • Michael
    Interesting look at the Tudor court through the eyes of Mary Howard. A tortured woman who tries to survive the fickleness of Henry VIII court. It is a very dim view of most of the people involved but the dialogue is very well done. My own personal knowledge of This Tudor court is limited, so I can’t speak on the historical accuracy or inferences made by this author. Definitely shows that the plight of women, even aristocratic women was not one ...
  • Cathy
    Another book that came to me via someone else that I might not have picked up otherwise, the cover suggesting, to me, a more romance led book. I love the Tudors, and I thought this account of a highborn woman on the fringes of the inner court was an interesting take, and certainly showed well just how the court functioned, was manipulated and controlled by various competing characters, and how the axe, noose, or much worse, was never far away, fo...
  • Lata
    I love reading historical fiction. Yet when I started reading this one, I had no idea about the history of the Tudors. The history here is indeed stranger than fiction. In fact, I then looked up the internet to see if it really is true. I loved reading this book. It starts off a bit slow but post 50+ pages, the drama unfolds. Amazing and very true depiction.
  • Louise Fry
    I found this book particularly interesting a quick read so and easy writing style made it enjoyable as a reader would read this author again and more of the series as I highly enjoy the Tudor period
  • Lori Gronewold
    Did they really use the term daddy in the Tudor time?