Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw by Will Ferguson

Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

Canada's number one humorist, routinely compared to our own Bill Bryson, has written a funny, idiosyncratic, and warmly humane book full of sly observations and witty stories culled from his travels among the people and places of our neighbors up north.Will Ferguson spent the past three years crisscrossing Canada. In a helicopter above the barren lands of the subarctic, in a canoe with his four-year-old son, aboard seaplanes, and along the Underg...

Details Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

TitleBeauty Tips from Moose Jaw
Release DateMay 5th, 2005
PublisherCanongate U.S.
GenreNonfiction, Travel, Cultural, Canada, Humor, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

  • Kkraemer
    Honestly, I chose this book because of its title, a sort of Fredericks of North Dakota sort of appeal.I've been to Moose Jaw, and have always loved the name. I also have traveled extensively in Canada, and was intrigued to read about the country that everyone seems to forget.Will Ferguson wrote the chapters in this book over a number of years, randomly traveling hither and yon. He is a writer who captures the look, feel, history, and humor of the...
  • Kate
    January book club selection ... Another gooder from Will Ferguson. I love his descriptive and evocative writing style - Ferguson creates such vivid mental images for me. ("The pavement keeps bucking beneath my feet, trying to throw me off ... " "History is not contained in museums; it lies in layers all around us." "{Driving through prairie towns} as though carried on a conveyor belt.")This book truly is a "travel guide," but unlike any other tra...
  • Chris
    This is one of my favourite books I've read in recent years.Part travel memoire, part-history tome. Will Ferguson takes you from west to east through Canada by visiting the places that, though off the beaten path, somehow capture Canadian life and identity with accuracy, wit, and a heaping load of nostalgia.In his chapter on St. John's Newfoundland in reflecting on the town he says, "Is it possible to be homesick for a place you haven't even left...
  • Becca Arend
    Light, witty, beautiful, and significant, all wrapped in one man’s travel journal across Canada. As an American, the stories were easy to follow (despite my almost complete ignorance of all things Canadian) and very informative (which gently remedied that ignorance). This book was intellectually fascinating and still so enjoyable! I’m armed with a lifelong supply of Canadian fun facts and a much deeper appreciation for the country of outposts...
  • Adrienne
    In order to remedy the terrible deficiency in my knowledge about our Neighbor to the North, I checked out Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw, a wonderfully named travel book, written by a Canadian, all about travelling from the western edge of the country, to the eastern edge, to the Great White North part, and many stops in between.After reading the book, I learned a lot more about Canada that I didn’t know before. For example:- Victoria is “more En...
  • Marigold
    When I travel I like to buy a book in my destination city/country, related to the destination city/country if possible. Even if I can't find anything I will buy something in the airport! So my husband & I went to Victoria for our anniversary & I picked up this book, used, at Russell's Books. I think Ferguson is funny & I enjoyed reading the book; I feel I learned quite a bit about Canada, especially some of the under-the-radar places. I learned t...
  • Liz
    This is a book written for Canadians, by a Canadian. Anyone reading from outside, have to realize that this book is written with a Western Canadian mentality (which I can identify with, and maybe that's why I feel like i "get" it). The feeling of this book to me is one of a guy who is trying to explain what Canada is and looks to areas most often overlooked by everyone (Even its inhabitants). Takes you away from the most obvious (Montreal, Toront...
  • Debra Komar
    Comparisons with Bill Bryson are inevitable, although I think Ferguson is kinder and gentler - more Canadian, perhaps. An interesting, somewhat choppy overview of the country, with ample attention paid to the north and a lot about the Hudson's Bay Company. The travelogue portions are more entertaining than the history lessons, although Ferguson handles both well. The writing is competent - you can tell instantly he writes for newspapers and magaz...
  • Terra
    Liked but did not adore. I learned heaps of interesting things about Canada from someone who appears to hold it in very deep affection, which is always nice, but Ferguson is a wee bit too self-consciously Mr. Quirky Funny Travel Writer With An Edge for my taste. He didn't have the abandoned, delighted sense of YAY about his subject that makes (in my mind) for a truly fabulous non-fiction writer - it was all a little too patently writer-y. And now...
  • thereadytraveller
    Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw: Excursions in the Great Weird North is a funny and extremely well written book detailing Ferguson's travels "in search of Canada" among the outposts and enclaves of the Great White North during the early 2000's. Whilst the trips take place in a non-contiguous fashion over a period of three-and-a-half years, the quality of writing ensures that each of his excursions melds seamlessly with the next, as he travels from the...
  • Mme LionHead
    This book was a complete waste of my time. It actually feels like a waste of my time as well to write a short review for the book. This is a travel memoir, but the content overlaps with Ferguson’s other book(s). I had just read Ferguson’s Why I Hate Canadians last week. It seemed to me Ferguson did not have much to say in the first place but had to stuff words in between pages to get paid. This was the general impression I got from attempting...
  • Heep
    This is a choice piece of Canadiana - upbeat without being too glib, patriotic but remaining clear-eyed and representative while finding unique stories. Ferguson is a very good writer who spent most of his early career on relative fluff like this book recounting road trips throughout Canada. The lightness of the subject matter belies the author's craft and skill as a storyteller. In a few sentences, seemingly effortlessly written, he is able to g...
  • Caroline Woodward
    One of the most well-written, funniest, and most enjoyable travel books I've ever read! Warning: if you read in bed and your partner falls asleep before you do, excessive jiggling due to escaped or stifled belly laughs may wake him/her up. You may also have, as I did, the sudden urge to see the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba or the ancient Norse settlement of L'Anse Aux Meadows. Or to return to the spa in Moose Jaw. The author's narrative voi...
  • Ann-Marie
    Each chapter is its own self contained story about a certain area in Canada, therefore, I picked this book up and down over the last few months without ever losing track. I loved reading it in during #Canada150 year as it highlighted parts of Canada I didn't know much about (ie: Churchill, Manitoba; St John's Nfld, Thunder Bay, Ont) and now I'm keenly motivated to visit these parts of the country. Reminded me how rich our history is and how even ...
  • Carrie Froese
    Will Ferguson is a funny guy. His writing has a strong, conversational bent and he has lots to say about his travels across Canada. His personal stories are as interesting as the historical background he provides. I finished the book and had the distinct desire to sit down with him in a pub and hear more of his stories. Then it came to me - he reminds me of my uncles and my cousin, Dave. The book gave me a new appreciation of the adventures I've ...
  • Mel
    I love this guy! Here's what I wrote in the jacket: "Oct. 2009 - It started off a little silly and I didn't think I'd like it , but it kind of grew on e and was a nice little bit of Canada. I especially liked Moose Jaw and Churchill. W.F. has a nice way with words, most of the time. He did get sloppy toward the end".
  • Cynthia
    Hilarious! Should be required Can Con reading for all high school students. I immediately booked a flight so I could check out the 'Worlds Worst Mural' in person. The research is thorough and presented in such an entertaining manner that you forget you are actually learning something about this country. Wonderful!
  • Lucy Wilson
    An Ok book - A general overview of Canada as seen through the authors eyes. Also a lots about his family history. Enjoyed the book but would not read again.
  • Les Reynolds
    It was interesting, and mildly funny.
  • KathLe LeGault
    I love Will Ferguson's ways with words. I could read this book again!
  • marissa sammy
    This was entertaining, although I must admit I don't remember much of it a month later. The narrative voice was a bit irritating as the author seemed too enamoured with his own wit, but you can mine out some nice tidbits about Canada if you're not looking for anything too deep or complex.
  • Jennifer Johnson
    How can one resist the book's title... especially when one at one time called Moose Jaw home? Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw: Travels in Search of Canada by Will Ferguson is like taking a literary road trip accross this vast country and stopping to check out all the crazy shit that seems to line our highways. Ferguson chooses to write about small, and in many cases, relatively unknown areas of Canada, and the interesting history they share. History g...
  • sage
    Right, so Will Ferguson's apparently a columnist of some kind who writes occasional books about Canada. This one is a series of trips across the country from west to east. The best parts are where he talks about his childhood and various regions' folk histories. The worst parts are when he invokes any kind of poetry (he is a self-described failed poet) or humor.He manages to be self-deprecating and pretentious at the same time, and I suspect it's...
  • Samantha Adkins
    I read this book because I heard Will Ferguson speak at a Teacher's Convention. He is an incredible speaker and I retold his stories to my husband for days afterward. This book very funny and I love the way he brings Canadian History to life. However, it wasn't the same as having Will tell the stories himself. If you ever get the chance, go hear Will Ferguson!The book begins in Victoria, BC and travels east to L'Anse Aux Meadows, NFLD. At each st...
  • Sean Kelly
    Parts of this book are hilarious. In addition to being extremely interesting from a historical perspective (who knew there was so much about Canada that I could not discuss intelligently?), many of Fergusons vignettes about his travels through Canada (some of which include several of his family members) are absolutely hysterical. Fortunately, the humour never seems forced and it is never funny for the sake of funny. Ferguson has been (I seem to r...
  • Chinook
    I love reading books about Canada and this one is particularly awesome. It covers Victoria, Fort Vermilion, Moose Jaw, Churchill, Thunder Bay, Chatham, Amherstburg, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tadoussac - Lac Saint-Jean, New Brunswick, the Republic St. John's, and L'Anse aux Meadows.Of those places, I've been to six. Since I never did finish this post back when I read the book, I have no idea what my note "cash cars at Eaton's and Woolworths" might have m...
  • Troy Parfitt
    I'm pretty certain Furgusson got the idea for this book from Jan Morris's O Canada! Travels in an Unknown Country. Morris's attempt is superior, but unfortunately out of print. What we have instead is this watery, dumbed-down version, heavy with personal asides (the origin of my kid's name, that song by Smash Mouth I like so much, why I'm so humourous) and light on Travels in Search of Canada. You wonder who the audience is? Teenyboppers? The jok...
  • CynthiaA
    This was an excellent book. One I would recommend both to Canadians and non-Canadians. While it describes travels in Canada, it is much more than a travel book. It is a history book and a cultural book with a smudge of biography thrown in for good measure. And all of it doled out with wit and humour. If you are planning to travel to Canada, this is not a good choice for destinations or sights to see. This book is about Canada, seeing real things ...
  • Christine
    I really enjoyed Ferguson's blunt, direct sense of humor and the west to east progression of his book, as well as the way he bypasses all the traditional stops on a trip through Canada (namely all the big cities). He manages to make such hardscrabble locations as Churchill and Fort Vermillion intriguing. I've been to Fort Vermillion before. It's not the first place to come to mind when I think vacation. It's not even the last place. It just doesn...
  • Emilie
    Hmm...I have to admit I much prefer Bill Bryson's style, it seems less forced maybe? I don't know....some of it is quite interesting and I must admit I did enjoy the bit about Newfoundland which made me smile, but all in all it fell flat to me. A real shame though because I was really looking forward to reading it and revelling in the bizareness that is Canada but I really didn't feel it. It could be that it just didn't speak to my reality nor di...