Flaskepost fra P (Afdeling Q, #3) by Jussi Adler-Olsen

Flaskepost fra P (Afdeling Q, #3)

Detective Carl Mørck holds in his hands a bottle that contains old and decayed message, written in blood. It is a cry for help from two young brothers, tied and bound in a boathouse by the sea. Could it be real? Who are these boys, and why weren’t they reported missing? Could they possibly still be alive?Carl’s investigation will force him to cross paths with a woman stuck in a desperate marriage- her husband refuses to tell her where he goe...

Details Flaskepost fra P (Afdeling Q, #3)

TitleFlaskepost fra P (Afdeling Q, #3)
Release DateOct 1st, 2009
PublisherPolitikens forlag
GenreMystery, Crime, Thriller, Fiction, European Literature, Scandinavian Literature, Cultural, Denmark, Mystery Thriller, Audiobook, Detective, Scandinavian Lite..., Nordic Noir

Reviews Flaskepost fra P (Afdeling Q, #3)

  • Jayson
    (B+) 77% | GoodNotes: A clever enough crime, though a book of this length needs livelier, less trivial subplots to tent-pole its saggy middle.
  • Phrynne
    I read this on kindle and had no idea it was 500 pages long until I saw the stats when I came to write the review. I can assure you those 500 pages flew by so fast and I enjoyed every moment of them.This is proving to be such a good series. I like that Carl, the main character, has low points like all fictional detectives, but he also has highs like normal people. He works hard at solving his cases despite the erratic assistance of Assad and Rose...
  • Paula Kalin
    This is a terrific mystery series. Well worth the time. The police character studies are what make the books. The day-to-day work life of Carl, Asaad, and Rose are hysterical!The first of the series is still my favorite.
  • Harry
    Book Review:Ok, if you're looking for the 4th in this series...you'll have to wait until end December of this year. And, if you're totally confused as to the actual title of the 4th: look for The Purity of Vengeance. And, if you're looking for a terrible site, go to Penguin.com, where a search for their own author turns up...nothing.The 3rd in the Department Q series does not disappoint. In fact, each installment in this series gets better and be...
  • Terri Wino
    3-1/2 stars rounded up to 4.Another solid entry in a series whose recurring characters are just as interesting and unusual as the storylines.This book had one of the most diabolical and clever villains that I've ever come across in a realistic setting. Meaning, the crimes he committed are things that could actually happen. This wasn't a superhuman that did fantastical things...which made him all the more chilling because of what he was capable of...
  • Jamie Rose
    This felt like hard work...Maybe I'm missing something... The book is over 600 pages long. I don't mind long books, however...The actual crime part is probably half of that. The rest seems to be utter nonsense about the various individuals employed by the police and those involved in Carl's life. These digressions into his personal life seem to have no point and certainly little or no relevance to the story overall...I don't know if the Danish ar...
  • Jaksen
    Wonderful mystery.Carl Morck of Department Q, is once again given a cold case to research, and this one is tantalizing from the start. Based on a note in a bottle found in the waters off Scotland, then traced to events in Denmark, it's a chilling story of a serial killer-kidnapper who targets the families belonging to reclusive religious sects. He kidnaps two children, demands a ransom, then kills one of the children to maintain the silence of th...
  • Wanda
    I like Detective Carl Mørck, despite a couple of his unlovable characteristics—he is quite a prejudiced guy, not really giving his assistants, Assad and Rose, much credit. He is also a gold-bricker, trying his very best to sleep through his final years in the cold case division before retirement. Despite his intentions, the case of this mysterious letter, written in blood and pleading for help, eventually galvanizes him into action and even in...
  • Jean-Paul Adriaansen
    What a great combination of action, suspense, and humor. Jussi Adler-Olsen is a master in the art of writing police novels. This book is even better than The Keeper of Lost Causes .An old message in a bottle puts Department Q in full swing. While Carl Morck has to deal with personal issues (ex-wife, friends, and his dream woman Mona), his work at the office gets "kind-a-complicated." Assad and a new assistant are overly eager to solve the case a...
  • Bettie
    (view spoiler)[ Bettie's Books (hide spoiler)]
  • Paul Secor
    This was not a bad police procedural/thriller (which is why I gave it three stars), but there was too much going on for it to hold together. There are loose ends - characters meet up with violence and are dropped; several ridiculous occurrences that don't ring true and were obviously included to move the plot along; and characterizations that are never fully developed (though I suppose that's a teaser to get readers to read other volumes in the s...
  • aPriL does feral sometimes
    Denmark's Department Q, responsible for special and cold police cases, is in a state of chaos! Asbestos particles and flies are floating around in the basement offices where Carl Mørck heads the Q department, Rose Knudsen is gone temporarily in a huff and instead her even more annoying sister Ysra has come to help in her place as secretary, and Hafez el-Assad has unexpectedly discovered a clue on deadly arson cases which the rest of the police f...
  • Erin *Help I’m Reading and I Can’t Get Up*
    4 stars!This book was miiiiiiiles ahead of the second in the series, which was excruciating. PROS:-The religious aspect of the central crimes was fascinating.-Carl continues to be an only-somewhat-lovable dbag, which is refreshing. No secret good qualities here, folks. Carl just sucks (#realistic), but you're on his side because he's ultimately on the good side.CONS:-WAY too many competing mysteries, some of which I will detail behind this spoile...
  • Andy
    Back in bed with the Q Department! My fav Nordic Noir of late.New additions to the “gang” are Rose’s "twin" & also Hardy has moved in with the “family” after much humming & harring in the previous read. All add to Carl’s demeanour & obvious stress levels which does entertain as much as his colleagues exasperation at his criticisms of them all. Dysfunctional at Home & at work is the appeal to this series for me as well as a darn fine m...
  • MyGoodBookshelf
    The third book in this Scandi-crime series was one that I’d really been looking forward to reading. Needless to say, I wasn’t at all disappointed by its contents. Redemption had a gripping, fast-paced storyline and was well worth the wait; in my opinion is by far the strongest Department Q novel to date. Grumpy Police Detective Carl Mørck comes across as pretty lazy the majority of the time. In fact, on most occasions it is actually his assi...
  • Bonnie Brody
    Carl Morck, head of Department Q, is back at the closed files again. Along with his eccentric sidekick Assad, and his more eccentric secretary, Rose, they try to solve the crime of a serial killer who targets children who come from families of unusual and small religious sects. The killer tells the parents that he wants one million kroner in ransom and if the police are called or anyone is told of the crime, the other children in the family will ...
  • Sarah
    This was a phenomenal book. Adler-Olsen does a truly brilliant job of creating complex characters that puzzle me with their behavior. Inevitably he explains it really well and I'm kind of left amazed.This book involves a man who is targeting people who are a part of very closed religious families. Is he a serial killer? A kidnapper? It takes awhile to get that answer and we get glimpses into his past as well as his present day life along the way....
  • Charlene Intriago
    It's crime at its darkest - standard fare from most of the Scandinavian writers - and one I was going to give two stars to when I first started reading but only because of the nature of the crime. But, of course, as I got further into the book, I was hooked. Detective Carl Morck of Department Q works the old cases, the cold cases, the ones others have given up on, and this case is old. A bottle found by a fisherman who turned it into a policeman ...
  • Mackey
    Other reviewers have mentioned that they felt Adler-Olsen's books began to drag toward the 3rd and 4th in the series and then pick back up again toward the more recent releases. I don't agree with their assessment. In fact, I have enjoyed this third installment in the Department Q series and believe it is my favorite to date. The characters are finally being developed more thoroughly, there are multi-faceted story lines and the core mystery is al...
  • Judy
    It’s been so long since I’ve read the first two of this series by Adler-Olsen, I needed to go back and read the descriptions and my reviews before I began reading this third of the series. As I mentioned before I enjoyed the interplay between Carl and his assistant, Assad. Not enough credit is given to Assad, who functions in an unorthodox manner, but solves some of the questions of the case. There is more of Carl’s personal life in this bo...
  • Steven Z.
    A Conspiracy of Faith by the Danish mystery writer, Jussi Adler-Olsen is the third in his Department Q series centered on police headquarters in Copenhagen that I have read and immensely enjoyed. The lead detective remains Carl Morck, who is assisted by his somewhat eccentric sidekick, Hafez el-Assad (not to be confused with the former murdering dictator of Syria, who is the father of the current murdering dictator of Syria, Bashir el-Assad), and...
  • Sebastian
    I wouldn't exactly say that I had a rough start with this third Carl Mørck novel because it was easy to get into the story but somehow I was torn for quite a while between enjoying this book and being annoyed by several smaller things that bothered me.The case itself was quite interesting right from the start with an old message in a bottle that was once written by an abducted child and after more than a decade found its way to Carl Mørck and h...
  • Donna
    4.5 stars....loved it!I just love Jussi Adler-Olsen. He is a Danish author who writes great suspense thrillers. He usually is a little dark, but in a 'creepy kind of good way'. I never know where his stories are going. I highly recommend his Department Q series to anyone who enjoys suspense thrillers. Just one word of caution though. I did the audio for the first book in this seriesThe Keeper of Lost Causes, and if you have a problem with really ...
  • Linda
    Three books in and this author is top equal on my favourite authors list! The other author being Mark Billingham and it is no coincidence that I like them both, as these two authors have a similar writing style. The down on his luck detective, the funny and irreverent side kicks, the unlucky in love aspect and the whole tone of the novels.Redemption starts in Copenhagen, with two captive boys, awaiting their fate. One of the boys, using a twig an...
  • Gloryvette
    I am completely hooked on this series about "Department Q" and it's motley cast of characters. This book was published under a different name, so don't be confused.If you can, be sure to read this series in order. The plots begin in such a complex manner you think circumstances can not possibly be linked. But sure enough,in a very plausible way, they all do. #1 - Keeper of Lost Causes. #2 - The Absent One #3 - A Conspiracy of Faith #4 - The Purit...
  • Tom
    I would actually give this book 4 1/2 stars . It had a great plot,interesting characters ,suspense , and elements of humor.
  • Suspect X
    I am really enjoying "Department Q" series. If you have read the previous books in the series, you should definitely pick up this one as well.
  • Jenni
    This is really somewhere around 3.5 stars, because there were parts that I liked a lot, but then there were parts that were pretty meh. The main plot is good, and interesting, but I wish there had been more focus on the victims; now they felt very superficial characters even though they were supposed to play a big role. The perp wasn't all that interesting in fact, which is weird because religious violence is usually an interesting subject. Mia's...
  • Catherine
    A message in a bottle washes up in Scotland and takes years to make its way back to Denmark, where it's determined to have originated. And despite being written 13 years earlier, it leads Carl and Assad to solve a crime currently being committed. Department Q is supposed to be dedicated to cold cases, but so far they've all been alive and kicking. Between the killer, his unfortunate wife, Carl, his many coworkers and housemates, there's a lot goi...
  • Erin
    I have said it before and I will say it again. I just love reading Jussi Adler-Olsen. This time Carl, Assad, and Rose are trying to put together the mystery surrounding a glass bottle with a note hidden inside. The interaction between Assad and Carl is fantastic. I didn't like this book as much as the other two books in the series because there were other sub plots taking over.