Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, #10) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, #10)

The explosive finale to the #1 bestselling series! Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, have had enough. Not only do they have to find the 39 Clues first, they're expected to reunite their backstabbing family - the same people who killed their parents. But Amy and Dan haven't survived explosions and assassination attempts for nothing. They have a plan to finish the Clue hutn on their own terms. Too bad there's a final, fatal...

Details Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, #10)

TitleInto the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, #10)
Release DateAug 31st, 2010
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreMystery, Adventure, Young Adult, Fiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Juvenile, Audiobook, Action

Reviews Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, #10)

  • Colin
    I must read this book! the 9th 39 clues leaves a good cliff hanger.
  • Kristine Lopez
    THIS IS THE TOTALLY GREATEST OF THE PREVIOUS BOOKS!!!! :DDDas in like, GREATER THAN THE GREATS!I finished it after 5 hours! and I ended up sleeping at pass 1am. AND FYI, I have classes. SO I am SOOO SLEEPY during our whole CLASS PERIOD! even now...*yawn*BUT OF COURSE...I won't sleep because I want every bit of the story to stay inside my head up until I finish this review. AND HERE I AM...STARTING TO TALK ABOUT IT...right...NOW.39 Clues.Into the ...
  • Mike
    For a kid's/YA adventure book, quite the fitting ending.
  • Nhu
    This is a great ending. I don't know if I will continue with the other series but it doesn't matter because this series is amazing, fun, and short.
  • Keri
    Ah the 39 clues is such a fast pace, thrilling, mysterious, alliances and betrayal, exciting twists and turn series. I really like all of the books. They were all easy, and fun to read. But I just finished the 9th book yesterday and me and my sister heard the lastBook came out a few days ago. So we looked at the library, 18 holds on the book. We COULDNT wait that long. :P so I was out shopping with a friend and my sister went to barnes andNoble t...
  • Lisa Brown
    The final of the original 39 Clues series, and in my opinion, the best book of them all. Amy and Dan have not only discovered that they truly are from the Madrigal branch of the family, but that they must try and reunite the other branches in order to truly win and find the final of the 39 clues. As they search in London for the final clue, the younger generation of each of the other branches begin to mistrust their parents. One by one, they begi...
  • Laura
    Finally, after reading all nine books, I get to the last one in this exciting series… but, wait a minute, I’m not so sure it IS the last one! Apart from the bonus book, The Black Book of Buried Secrets, that is being released on October 26, 2010 (in which the hidden secrets and mysteries surrounding history’s most notorious family are uncovered) the ending of The 39 Clues left some unanswered questions. “Our adventures aren’t over, Dan ...
  • Anastasia Antonova
    Это было отлично. Мысли немного разбегаются, но чаще всего всплывают несколько. Это ведь конец, да? Вполне логический. С ноткой нераскрытой тайны и обещанием эпичного продолжения в следующей серии. Так к чему же одиннадцатая книга именно в этой се...
  • TerryC
    Loved this book series, my favorite part probably being where all the branches of one large treasure-hunting family comes together to defeat the main bad guy. Overall, I definitely would recommend it because of how amazingly the book pieces together. Although you have to read the first book to understand the next, nonetheless, it was still an amazing book.
  • Addy S.
    This book was really good! No inappropriate language:) I was sad that it's the last book in the series, but the ending was good. A considerable amount of violence, to caution you.Can't wait to start on the Cahills VS. the Vespers series!!
  • Dramatically Bookish (ReviewsMayVary)
    This is the last book in a series, I think. The 10th. So, obviously, a lot has happened. But I really enjoyed this conclusion and the level of "reminders" about previous happenings.
  • Ocean Weeks
  • Kate Jackson
    stars: 4.5/5No many words: this saga will stay on my heart.
  • Melissa Snyder
    This is a great youth series with lots of nerdy history tidbits thrown into a worldwide hunt for clues.
  • Joyce Chan
    Prompt: My own prompt:What technique does the author use to make this book more compelling? Focus on one technique and find examples to prove why you think that example was funny.The technique the author to make this book more compelling is using humor. There are quite many examples of this technique in this book and all the others in this series although every book is written by a different author. "Ian had always been taught that truth was a ve...
  • Heidi Olivia
    It's 39 clues but only 10 books - I kinda expected 39 books. And Book #11 is not just by Rick Riordan but a combi of 4 authors and not about Amy & Dan (yup, I peeked after realising that this one ends Amy & Dan's adventures - all secrets revealed, all their enemies become friends, excepting the evil Isabel Kabra. This final book takes them to London, the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare and Stratford-upon-Avon, culminating in this uncharted isle off th...
  • Lady Flo
    One word is enough to describe. PERFECT. However, I am gonna say some more. Till previous book, each book was equal to one clue. From previous one, first, branches began to share clues among themselves, now whole family shared their clues. Actually, all clue hunting was for to reunite five branches as accomplished in this book. Scenes of family unison with young generation, except Uncle Alistair who was older all of others, was so touching becau...
  • Tarissa
    Fantastic! Love this middle grade series. On the whole, the series introduces kids to history and important people. Although it might warp the true facts a bit, I don't mind for the sake of adventure and intrigue.Book 10 is positively epic. I can't imagine what even takes place in the final book of the first 39 Clues series. Guess I'm about to find out though!After reading this one it really got me to thinking. The 39 Clues would make for an awes...
  • Tori
    Excellent plot, not the least bit boring!
  • Suzan
    I love the principle characters of this series and I love that though it is a childrens series it's an intelligent childrens series that doesn't assume kids to be ignorant as it includes a lot of educational facts as well, with this book focusing on Shakespeare as a Cahill ancestor and the key to the final clue in the clue hunt. I loved the Kabra kids finally took a good look at their mother and decided to break away and not allow themselves to b...
  • Cathy
    Really a 3.5, but I had to round up because I enjoyed the series as a whole. Wrapping up a 10 book mystery is quite a task. Doing so when you aren't the author of the first 9 books was probably harder. Overall Haddix did an OK job. I didn't feel like the kids' voices range particularly true, especially the supporting characters. And having to wrap things up caused a lot of points to feel overly simplified, minus some of the depth and emotion I'd ...
  • Isabella M
    Into the Gauntlet, 39 Clues, is an adventurous book about how two kids, Amy and Dan Cahill, who are nearing the end of their quest to find the 39 clues. Now that they know their objective as a Madrigal is to bring the family together, only one person stands in her way. Isabel Kabra. She will do anything to get the secret formula, including trying to kill Amy and Dan Cahill in the worst possible ways, Even shooting her own daughter and threatening...
  • Dione Basseri
    So, it was pretty obvious where this was going several books ago, but it was still pretty satisfying to get to the end! After several books looking at the four original Cahill branches, we finally learn about a Madrigal: Shakespeare! Dan, Amy, and Nellie jaunt about London, gathering the final clues, while the other teams simply follow them. But alliances are shifting and people are beginning to realize whom their family members really are. This ...
  • Jon Cox
    This was a decent end to a long and sometimes enjoyable series. I did enjoy the human side of the story where the younger generation, plus one old person decide to follow their consciences instead of the past behavior of their elders. Plot wise, however, there were obviously some fairly unrealistic events that occurred. That's par for the course in this series. But I wish that Haddix had researched her rock climbing sequence a bit better. There a...
  • Dj
    This was such a good book. It has such a dramatic ending. I'm sad that I finished the series now. When they travel to 0 North longitude and 0 West latitude. The pilot says there's only ocean there. His gps does too. But when they reach their destination... They discover an unmapped island. As they travel deeper into the gauntlet along with the other teams. They make peace with the other branches fulfilling the madrigal quest. But will it last. Th...
  • Matthew
    This book was about the brother and sister,Dan and Amy, arriving at the "end" of their quest. But all of their rival relatives are there. they all race to find the last clues and some would do anything to obtain it. The kids uncle gives the recipe for the potion to make someone the most powerful cahill at gunpoint but as the rival woman makes it she is disrupted and it is destroyed. at the end, everyone gives the recipe to Dan and Amy and they fi...
  • Heather
    A very good ending to the series, though I wonder if there will be more in the future. The option was left somewhat open. I am intrigued to see how they will cram this whole series into next year's movie. That should be fun!
  • Jerry
    A Quickie ReviewA bit longer and more "epic" than the previous volumes in this series, this installment dishes up the usual thrills. Fans who have read The 39 Clues up to this point should definitely keep reading.Score: 4/5