Sleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition, #4) by Ron Roy

Sleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition, #4)

More adventure, more illustrations, more Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. . . . A to Z fun keeps on coming!Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are spending Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, home of the legendary Headless Horseman. They are going to sleep in an old cabin, take a haunted hayride, and check out the Old Dutch Church. That's where some people say they've spotted the ghostly horseman. But strange things start happening that don't seem to be part of the plan...

Details Sleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition, #4)

TitleSleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition, #4)
Release DateJul 27th, 2010
PublisherRandom House Books for Young Readers
GenreMystery, Fiction, Childrens, Chapter Books, Holiday, Halloween, Academic, School, Kids

Reviews Sleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition, #4)

  • Noah Rucks
    Personal Response:I read the book Sleepy Hollow Sleepover. I liked this book because it always kept me in to the book. I liked how this book had some picture to also explain what was happening in the book.Plot:They are from a town called Tarrytown which it is now Halloween. The bank is have a hay ride with a mechanical headless horsemen. They are going to sleep in an old cabin, take a haunted hayride, and check out the Old Dutch Church. Some peop...
  • Nielson
    In this super-edition, the adventures of Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose continue! Celebrating Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, NY, the threesome is in for a spooktacular time! Sleeping in the "Haunted House" cabin, going on haunted hayrides, and participating in a spooky carnival is just the beginning of their adventures! When someone burns down the hayride wagons and slashes the police mens car tires, the threesome follow the clues to solve the mystery, b...
  • Krista
    This book is a must have for a young reader's Halloween shelf. The story is good and the extra puzzle to solve finding a letter in each illustration to reveal a message at the end is great fun.
  • Fatima
    Sleepy Hollow Sleepover, was an okay book. I didn't really like it that much because I thought that it would be more interesting then this, but it just bored me and didn't give me that much of an excitement that I was looking for. Over all I would recommend it to kids you are in grades k-5.
  • Tara
    I always thought one of the scariest stories ever was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow so it was fun to read this mystery. As always, this is a great kids’ mystery that has great characters and an interesting plot.
  • Dog Love (Lizbeth)
    A very good mystery.
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Definitely a fun read for Halloween. It wasn't my favorite of the children's series that we have been reading, but my son thought it was a lot of fun. I loved the Sleepy Hollow references.
  • Deepthi Herga
    My 7 - year old has finished the entire set of the A to Z mysteries (including all the super editions). The super editions are lengthier and more satisfying. I started reading them because I wanted to find out how good these mysteries are and after I started, I finished the entire set myself. This will be a common review for all the books in the set (so please forgive me if you see this repeated under another book).First of all, the mystery part ...
  • Dolly
    We have loved the A to Z Mysteries series and have read them all. We love that Mr. Roy has written several extra "Super Edition" stories with the same characters. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose feel like old friends to us. This was a fun story with a Halloween theme and provides a little background information about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. The story is fun and exciting (and a little dangerous, too. Our girls loved it and we re...
  • Peyton Bell
    This book is about three kids who go to a Halloween festival in a town where the Headless Horseman supposedly lived and went missing. The kids end up getting involved in a robbery and trapped where they have to get themselves out of a hole (literally), to stop the bad guys from stealing a lot of money. It is full of mystery and mayhem, things that of course would happen on Halloween. I really enjoyed this book. I love how you just never know what...
  • Penny
    My daughter loves these books, this one especially because of the headless horseman. We both loved the way the town and original story were both incorporated. The story is about a mysterious sequence of events that happened one Halloween night. It took me a little llonger than it should have to figure out the criminals, but it was still fun. These books are getting a bit too predictable for my daughter because she was able to anticipate most of t...
  • Brenda
    Even though I grew up in the South, I have never been on a haunted hayride and after reading this book, I really want to, even at my age, I think I'd find it fun. This was a great twist on a famous tale, one of my favorite tales at that, and I loved it, I say this is a must read for any mystery fan.
  • Raja99
    This is another fun little mystery by Ron Roy. It's aimed at kids so it's not too hard to figure out. There are some nice descriptions of a haunted hayride. There's also a message hidden, one letter at a time, in the pictures; even after reading the message, I still can't find some of the letters.(Finished 2013-03-21 14:11:54.5 +/- 0.20s EDT. Approximately.)
  • Sean McBride
    This little book reminded me of the Hardy Boys, just a little younger and without that fifties pizzazz (They drove cruisers instead of Jalopys). Lots of fun and getting my head slowly into the Halloween spirit! It seems to me that Halloween seems more about nostalgia than horror and I'm having a load of fun reading these kids books before I go to sleep!
  • Jami Howe
    This book is about a group of kids (Dink, Josh & Ruth Rose) that are on a Halloween adventure. They begin by taking a hay ride into the woods for a Halloween party put on by the policemen. A wagon is started on fire & they mystery begins. My 3rd grade class was into the book, but I thought it was somewhat cheesy.
  • Shannon
    This series is another favorite of my eight year old son. I usually read them out loud but he was so curious to know the ending that he read the last few chapters himself. He loves the characters and all their adventures that contain some sort of mystery to solve. Great series for kids who are beginning to read chapter books.
  • Sydney
    when dink and his friends hear the legend of the headless horseman and people say that they saw a ghost of the headless horseman they don't really know if there's a ghost of the headless horseman coming.
  • Melissa Namba
    my niece will love this because she loves being spooked. it is a fun Halloween story that take place in Tarrytown. I'm glad they had a parent with them this time. not sure that I buy that hanks partner could really file a missing persons report after missing someone for a couple hours. ..
  • Tasha
    These are great to read with your kids especially the Super edition ones as you have to find the hidden letters in the pictures throughout the story and solve the hidden message at the end of the story. This was a scary spooktacular read during the Halloween season, my son loves these books :)
  • Lisadunbar22
    My favorite is when they found out where the money went. I like when they found a way to get out of the hole under the barn. I liked Josh best because I have freckles and he has freckles. If he had brownish blond hair like me then he would look exactly like me. Review By Evan
  • Lil
    My son's favorite of this series.
  • Ann Babcock
    It is a cute book about my favorite holiday-Halloween! Great story!
  • Luca
    THat was a really creepy one, especially the answser on the back 'THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN RIDES' or something like that.
  • Anna Delgado
    I love the way Ron Roy took the characters feelings and made them real
  • Robandsuzie
    Fun to read with Caleb.
  • Marian
    liked trying to find the letters hidden in the pictures in order to figure out the mystery
  • Amelia
    It was scary and cool!
  • Robert
    From Owen: "I loved it"; "It's from when I started to like A-Z mysteries and I like scary non-fiction stories."