Solomon's Thieves, Book One by Jordan Mechner

Solomon's Thieves, Book One

A group of renegade knights, back from the Crusades, band together to pull off the greatest heist the medieval world has ever seen. Join Solomon's Thieves for a swashbuckling, medieval action-adventure, based on the true historical events of the order of the Knights Templar.

Details Solomon's Thieves, Book One

TitleSolomon's Thieves, Book One
Release DateMay 11th, 2010
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Historical, Historical Fiction, Comics, Young Adult, Fiction, Fantasy, Religion

Reviews Solomon's Thieves, Book One

  • Heidi The Reader
    I almost flipped out over this series today because I went to request the second book and found that it was never published. Not to be deterred, I used my mad librarian skillz and discovered that, after the release of Solomon's Thieves, the publisher bound all of the issues together rather than releasing them one at a time. The continuation to this story is found in the graphic novel: Templar. Crisis averted. And what is this comic about?Solomon'...
  • Tony
    First of all, I guess I should fess up that I'll read pretty much anything published by First Second -- I completely trust their editorial and artistic choices. Which is not to say I love everything they put out, but that I will give it a chance, and generally come away satisfied. This particular book jumped out at me because the cover art seems to indicate the kind of swashbuckling sensibility I have a weakness for, and it has to do with the Cru...
  • L.D.
    If I could give out half stars I would rate this graphic novel 3.5 out 5 but since that's not possible I simply rounded up. If I were about six to ten years younger this graphic novel would have definitely rated a solid 4 stars. The plot is straightforward enough: manipulation of king leading to arrest of noble and good knights for their money leading to a few knights escaping leading to hidden treasure leading to mystery, adventure, and a quest ...
  • Harold Ogle
    This is a compelling graphic novel telling the first part of a story set during the end of the Templars at the dawn of the 14th century. In telling the story of a few Templars who escaped the persecution, we see the larger story of the blacklisting first of France and then the Pope. It's a tidy introduction to the history, as well as being an adventure story and showing the beginnings of a heist story to boot. The artwork is evocative and express...
  • Joe
    I can't tell if this book was meant for a younger audience or if it's just a little confused.Some of the art style is OK, but some of it looks straight out of Scooby Doo. I swear that one of the characters towards the end of the book looks like a medieval Shaggy with beard.And I had a hard time following the plot as it bounced back and forth between a historical account of the Templars and the individual escapades of a group of ex-Templar scallyw...
  • Kara
    Despite the setting of a massacre, the beginning and the description made it seem like this was going to be a medieval style heist story – lots of planning and robbing the rich and beating complicated security and quips.Nope.It’s all set up – an entire volume and nothing happens. The impetus is the destruction of the Templers, but besides that horrible historical moment, it’s just an elaborate introduction of characters and maybe a little...
  • Arnela
    I'm not a huge fan of books in the religious genre [unless we're talking historical accounts of actions written by the most unbiased party one can find], I just feel like they get a little preachy at times.But I really love this comic, in that it depicts the knights as people; though they joined the holy order they are still very much human, with needs and wants and thoughts that don't always coincide with the what the order wants their men to be...
  • Robyn Hawk
    Using the dissolution of the French Templar's as the beginning premise this tale takes off from the start...swashbuckling adventure, a woman betrayed, and a vow of of course I loved it!!!The art work is rough and dramatic and though set in the 1400's the dialog would be easily followed by teen readers. Fan's of First Second's Prince of Persia and the gamers Prince of Persia Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Offici...
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog Solomon's Thieves is the latest title in the :01 First Second series of graphic novels aimed mostly at teen to adult readers.Author Mechner says in the afterward that he wanted to tell a tale about the ordinary men who joined the Templars and then were later betrayed by the King of France over politics and greed. This is the first in a trilogy by the author of the Prince o...
  • Cindy Hudson
    Solomon’s Thieves is a new graphic novel that takes the reader back to medieval times and the story of the Knights Templar. The Templars came into being to protect pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land. Over the years they became strong and wealthy in their own right, and kings began to see them as a threat. When the king of France accused them of corruption and heresy, he forced the Pope’s hand into disbanding the entire order. Many Tem...
  • Sheila
    Solomon’s Thieves by Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, and Alex Puvilland is a graphic novel about the Knight’s Templar. It begins with the siege and destruction of Acre by the Saracens during the Crusades. Returning to France things do not go well for the Templars. King Phillip has decreed that the Templars are to be arrested on trumped up charges and their properties given to the crown. Martin and two of his friends have left the Templar headqua...
  • Shane
    So I got this from the Amazon Vine program because I thought my 11-year old son might enjoy it. He read it in a day and gave it the "meh". It gets a little better from me but not a lot. It's kind of light hearted and silly but does tell the story of the templars so it gets pretty dark sometimes once the inquisitors get involved.I was a bit surprised that this was marketed as a young adult book but early on one of the templars calls the king's sol...
  • Erik Eckel
    Just this summer I discovered First Second, the publisher of many wonderfully drawn and narratively compelling graphic novels. I’ve read approximately six of the publisher’s titles to date, and I’ve loved most every book. More sophisticated than a comic and each an omnibus equivalent, the graphic works often prove a welcome respite from a hectic work schedule, demanding life responsibilities and even seemingly relaxing traditional novels.So...
  • Kyle McCreary
    I don't often read graphic novels these days. But when I received a copy of Solomon's Thieves through the "First Reads" drawing, I immediately slipped it close to the top of my "to read" stack. I've always been a sucker for a good Knights Templar tale. And this first offering of a new series certainly did not disappoint.Writer Jordan Mechner did a wonderful job of taking the history of the downfall of the Temple of Solomon (the Knights Templar) a...
  • B.C.
    I would probably give this 2.5 stars because the writer did a good job a story in the Templar world without it being some conspiracy that disproves Christianity. That was well done. The art was meh, not bad, but not great.The panels were not really used with purpose.The writing was decent. I have no complaints.The main value is the how the author used the historical setting as history teaches it (yes, I said it that way so any conspiracy theorsts...
  • Stuart
    Jordan Mechner creates an engaging narrative of 14th century Europe in the aftermath of the Crusades. This is a promising start to what will be an excellent series. The story foces on a Knight Templar who fought at the tail end of the Crusades thru the betrayal of the Templar in 1307. On a Friday the 13th in 1307 the Knight Templar were targeted for elimination by King Philip IV of France the book does a great job laying out the events that led t...
  • Francis S. Poesy
    If there are Templar Knights involved I'm always up for checking a book out and I'm happy to say this treats the true history of the Templar Knights very well while also being a funny, serious, exciting, and touching ripping yarn in the vein of the classics like Treasure Island and The Count of Monte Cristo. I'd write more but I have to find out if Book Two is out yet so I can find out how it turns out.
  • Rob
    This is a solid if unremarkable graphic novel about the Knights Templar. The illustrations are well-crafted in that casual French style and the coloring adds a lot to the atmosphere in recreating the period. Despite these likeable qualities, the story itself was pretty standard fare and didn't do much to get me invested into its characters.
  • Ashley
    Follows the arrest and, eventual downfall, of the Templar Order. The plot jumps around and it is hard to follow. Not much context is given. The illustrations seem very cartoonish and basic. I'm still a lover of the Middle Ages and am intrigued where the storyline might be heading but, overall, I was a bit disappointed.
  • Beth Kakuma-Depew
    A fun indie comics in a medieval settings with action and intrigue. BUT. The story doesn't have an overarching theme or plot, and is episodic in a meandering way. And the main character is not well-developed. I love LeUlen Pham's picture books, but her illustration style here looks cluttered and cramped. But that's me being picky; I still liked it.
  • Anurag
    I will not recommend this book!The reason behind it is that this is the first book in a planned trilogy. However the next two books never hit the market. The story starts well but loses its track somewhere in the middle and as it is supposedly the first book of a longer story line, it ends abruptly.I like the art though, especially coloring which sets the correct mood.
  • Jan
    This book was a goodreads win. Thank you. The story of a love lost and the home coming of the Knights Templers, and the betrayal of a King and Country, all told in easy to read comic book writing. Well done. The Author gives one lots of further books to read at the end of his story, if one so wishes, to pursue their quest, to further their education on the Knights history.
  • Deborah
    From the team that produced Prince of Persia (my first graphic novel), a teen graphic novel about the Templar and their demise. I finished the last page which said "End of Book One" and immediately checked the library for Book 2 with no luck. Apparently, I need to chill out because this volume was only released last year. I'm totally left hanging here, though...
  • Patricia
    This is a new title by Jordan Mechner, the creator of the Prince of Persia game & graphic novels. It's based on a true story about the Templar Knights who were slaughtered after their return from the Crusades- something about the Crusades & French history that I knew nothing about! For older teens & adult gn readers.
  • Robin
    Really cool action adventure tale based on history. It may not appeal to everyone but there are sword fights and romance and mystery so, really, what's not to like? Brought to you, once again, by the good folks at First Second Publishing, a division of Roaring Brook Press!
  • Maria
    Nice glimpse into the lives of the Templar Knights as they fell from their days of glory. Makes me want to read more about them. I wish the author had given more backstory and had given more at the end of this volume.
  • Satia
    I wanted to like this more. Perhaps I would have if I could figure out who the target audience is supposed to be . . . or if it were not so full of cliches. For more:
  • Jennifer
    What really happened to the treasure of the Templars in 1307? More importantly, what happened to the Templars?Oh, this is good. Like the best of Alexandre Dumas mixed with some Robin Hood with a dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.
  • Jeffrey
    M.I.T.N.G reviews Solomon's Thieves Book One
  • Sonic
    Great adventure story of renegade templar knights, superbly executed/ The story that is, not the knights, though King Philip and the Pope certainly want them brought before the inquisition.