Lake in the Clouds (Wilderness, #3) by Sara Donati

Lake in the Clouds (Wilderness, #3)

Lake in the CloudsIn her extraordinary novels Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore, award-winning author Sara Donati deftly captured the vast, untamed wilds of late-eighteenth-century New York and the trials and triumphs of the spirited Bonner family. Now she takes on a new chapter in the life of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner--as their brave and beautiful oldest daughter comes of age with a challenge that will change her forever. . . ...

Details Lake in the Clouds (Wilderness, #3)

TitleLake in the Clouds (Wilderness, #3)
Release DateApr 29th, 2003
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance

Reviews Lake in the Clouds (Wilderness, #3)

  • Alec Hastings
    I just finished the third book in Sara Donati's series (first two: Into the Wilderness, Dawn on a Distant Shore). Perhaps it's because I'm older man now (I'm a little embarassed to admit this) but I was getting a little choked up at certain points in Lake in the Clouds. Then I realized that this is what I love about literature. It makes us feel! We live in an age when science has seemingly eliminated all mysteries. Everything can be explained. Th...
  • Lori McD
    I admit that, at first, I wasn't sure about this 3rd book in the series... I didn't like making such a time jump from book #2. I felt as though I'd missed important things in the Bonner's lives.But as I put those thoughts away and allowed myself to become part of the story, I realized that the author is intent on giving us glimpses of the most important parts of their lives. We still have most of the main characters, but this time, the younger ge...
  • Donna
    This took a little longer to get through then I usually like. I've been in the waiting room at our children's hospital waiting for my son to come out of a 6 hour surgery. While it helped the waiting to go by rather quickly, the rest of the day I picked my book up in small increments of time between trying to help keep him comfortable (and I managed to crochet two slouch beanies.) This was still 4 stars because I'm completely enjoying this series,...
  • Tracy
    Another excellent novel. I loved that there was a much bigger focus on Hannah. But in some ways I wanted more intimate details. I feel unsatisfied about how things left off with Liam. I wanted more for him and Hannah in general. I also wanted to understand more about her relationship with Strikes the Sky. But alas that may come in novels ahead. The focus on slavery also made it very interesting. This has been a great series so far. Looking forwar...
  • Delta
    4.5 stars - My favorite of the series, so far.
  • Clmk
    This whole series has captured me this summer! I swear there were days on end when I did only the minimum of work so that I could read, read, read. I was disconcerted by the amount of time that had passed between the second and third book. I spent a good bit of time trying to fill in the blanks. This book seemed a bit more pedagogic - more pedantic than the first two. Although I agree with her points, I'm not sure I like the influence on the stor...
  • Lorena
    💞5 AMAZING STARS💞 Such an amazing book again!!! The stories and characters keep getting better and more impressive every time. I'm loving this series soooo much. On to the next one now, "Fire Along the Sky"😋QUICK REVIEW:Enjoyment: 5/5Writing style: 5/5Storyline: 5/5Hero: 5/5 Heroine: 5/5Secondary characters: 5/5 Chemistry/attraction: 5/5 Romance: 5/5 Hotness/Sex scenes: 0.5/5Angst: 5/5Drama level: 3/5Humor level: 3/5Depth of the book: 3/...
  • Heather (Let's-Go-Pens-We're-Gonna-Take-This-One)
    This book ran the gambit in terms of likability for me.Let me start by saying that I couldn't put Into the Wilderness down when I read it. Dawn on a Distant Shore was possibly one of the greatest books that I've ever read and I'd say it rivalled those of Gabaldon. This book however...When I started reading Lake in the Clouds, I was excited because Shell had just finished it and crazily loved it. Throughout the entire beginning I was beside myself...
  • Mishelle LaBrash
    This installment of the amazing Bonner's, tore my heart out. Hannah as a young woman, blossoming into her own was amazing, and very touching. The insight into the twins as they grow was a neat side story, and of course Elizabeth and Nathaniel. This couple do not require words for the awe they inspire. However, as I mentioned, it was a tear jerker of the first order, burstung with OMG moments, and not always easy to read, but epic in its own right...
  • Laurena
    Great story and interesting historical references. The best so far of the series - 4.5 stars
  • Mary Joseph-Alvarado
    1803 and the story of the Bonner family continues. Wonderful.
  • Adrielle
    Another absolutely stellar novel by Donati. I adore the frontier world and characters she has created. There are a number of twists and turns that I didn't see coming but enjoyed immensely. Walks Ahead has grown up and is the centre of this instalment. Can't wait for the next compelling read.
  • Kay
    Captivating!This author writes books that are very hard to put down! I feel like I am right there, in Lake in the Clouds.
  • Cam
    Continued with the Wilderness series even though I was a little hesitant with reviews saying that the novels detract from Nathaniel and Elizabeth. This one definitely shows signs of the future novels being focused mainly on the Bonner children with a large part of Lake in the Clouds dedicated to Hannah (Walks Ahead).I found myself skimming Hannah's medical schooling but was riveted by her relationship with Strikes the Sky- whom I approved of grea...
  • Camille D.G.
    This book is my favorite on in the series, thus far. Hannah Bonner walks between two worlds and finally finds her place as a doctor/wife, Walks Ahead/Hannah. An interesting exploration of struggling to belong.
  • Billie
    The 3rd book of the Wilderness series kept my interest with the characters the author introduced from books 1 & 2. The conclusion has encouraged me to read the next book from the author. Great historical fiction from an adventurous era!
  • Leea
    You learn more about the Bonner family. The children who are much older now come into the story more. I was so pleased to learn more about Hannah and her new romance. Can't wait to see how that turns out.
  • Candace
    I thoroughly enjoyed Donati's third book in the series. So much happens in this novel that this reader did not want to put the book down. It is a definite page turner. Enjoy.
  • Julia
    I can't stop reading these books, fascinating family and history.
  • ~*~JenJenBoBin
    Re-Read 9/15 .... still LOVED IT! :) "5 Stars!!"Review Soon
  • Chris Meads
    This is the continuation of the Wilderness Series (#3). After the typhoid epidemic, Elizabeth and Nathanial Bonner continue their lives at Lake in the Clouds. Their daughter Hannah has become skilled as a healer and the doctor in Paradise wants her to go to New York City to learn how to vaccinate against small pox. Hannah learns what it's like in the big city--the hordes of people, the stench and the sickness. She also learns more about the savin...
  • Marian Stauffer
    This is a continuation of an excellent series set in the early 1800's in upstate New York. It follows the descendants of Hawkeye from the Last of the Mohicans. Nathaniel & Elizabeth are back in Paradise and it's 8 years after the last book. Hannah Bonner is 18 and working as a physician, administering to the residents of the community under the tutelage of Richard Todd. Diseases of small pox & scarlet fever are ravaging the town, so Todd sends Ha...
  • Donna Sundre
    This is the third in this book series, and I really loved it. I so enjoyed seeing the characters mature and grow. I was a little put off by the 5-6 years that elapsed between books, but i got over it pretty rapidly. There was plenty of adventure and a good deal of accurate history involving New York and Canada, as well as the status of modern medicine in 1802. We need to be reminded of the horrible status of public health and welfare during that ...
  • Annette
    Book three in the six book Wilderness series. These books weave together frontier life, historical tidbits and romance. This book centers around Hannah, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Bonner. Hannah is a gifted healer. She is sent to New York to learn how to extract and administer the small pox vaccination. But it is her decision, prior to leaving for New York, to nurse and heal a runaway slave that plunges her family into new dangers. Bounty hunte...
  • Renee Magrum
    Steadfast continuing storyThis book faithfully continues the story of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner and their family and friends. There are many historical facts and locales that gave the story the kind of legitimate accuracy that enriches the story. The characters are richly drawn and completely believable. Much of the book deals with Nathaniel's daughter Hannah. Hannah's adventures are both fascinating and frustrating. As a woman who is half I...
  • Marcia
    In this continuation of the Bonner saga, we learn more about Hannah, the beautiful half native American oldest daughter of Nathaniel. She has inherited a talent for healing from both her Scots and Mohawk grandmothers, she is training under Richard Todd and is absorbed in learning as much as she can from all traditions. A chance meeting with a runaway slave in desperate need of medical help introduces the Bonner family to the clandestine movement ...
  • Laura
    I would like to give this 3.5 stars, because this book is considerably better than the first two books in the series. Donati and her characters seem to be coming into their own and relying on themselves, not other books or authors to carry the book and they generally carry it off. Part of what makes this book better than the earlier books in the series is that the focus is off of Elizabeth Middleton, who was not a sympathetic or particularly beli...
  • Carolyn
    Another great book in the series. There was so much nail-biting in the last book, I was all prepped to lost a few nails with this one too. But it is calmer: the drama is more local to Paradise, though there are still adventures through travel. Calmer, but not boring. The NYC/vaccination stuff is really interesting, though heartbreaking.If there is any negative, it's that the ending left more unanswered questions than usual. Hannah's departure was...
  • Bookwurms
    I have to say this is the book that I've liked the best in the series so far. It's less of the historical romance and more of the meat and potatoes of the story of the character's lives. IMO it is much richer in content, with the Hannah becoming a doctor, her overcoming the barriers set by society for her sex and the skin of her color. Very well written, and heartfelt. The rampant diseases wiping out the town and conflicts in the face of white an...
  • Anji Thompson
    Wonderful readBeing the third in a series this book is as absorbing as the others. It's the story of a mixed native and European family getting through in a small village on the New York State frontier at the beginning of the 19th century. All the fear of the new and the hope for the future is told and the community is just like any other, containing all kinds of people, mostly just trying to rub along together and survive in this harsh enviromen...